Abundance: finally I figured out how to teach you!

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I have been promising for months to come out with an abundance product of my own. But, as you already know, I am not into repeating what other people have said, and I did not have enough data, enough personal experience to teach anything useful to you.

I have been experiencing abundance for quite some time, and one-sentence in an Osho book, I got into complete and irrevocable abundance. But most of it was unconscious, I failed to witness the process, and therefore there was nothing I could have taught then.

But today I had a sudden flash of insight: you can’t teach the mindset, you can only teach what to remove…

Just like in most any issue that plagues a human being, the only effective and non-symptomatic approach is to remove what is unnaturally there, so one can return to the natural state of a human, which is health, joy, and abundance.

And because what’s been happening in the past ten days, I am starting to see what I am going through, and therefore I am starting to see what I can teach.

Not many of you know that the report, Effortless Abundance, is not my writing. I wrote the publishing rights to that report, for a lot more than what you paid for it.

I chose to republish it because it had most elements of truth, judging from my own abundance experience, and because it gave steps that are almost impossible to integrate, so it was a great product with a huge development potential.

I know that in this day and age, abundance and prosperity is very important to people. For many, it is important because they barely eke a living out for themselves. And for some because they want to have it all.

But no matter what is your starting point, true abundance, true prosperity is available to you, and I can teach you.

Now, although I am a good business coach, I am not going to teach you how to make more money, how to double, triple, your income or your net worth: there are plenty of teachers and coaches for that.

But a larger income, or a larger net worth isn’t abundance. Abundance is a sense, an feeling, a perception of your life and what you have, and although you think making money is hard, attaining that sense, that feeling, is much harder, because you need to be awake, need to be aware, self-aware, and you need to practice being… probably a lot.

I don’t know anyone who can teach that. The incantation-people, let me not name them all, but some: Christie Marie Sheldon, and maybe even the Morrells, do not cause transformation. Transformation means: suddenly the same thing alters in front of your eyes, and becomes something else… that is transformation.

Without transformation you stay the same, and you manipulate the outside. Transformation is an inside job, and none of the politically correct stuff out there is very effective at it, including the inventors of transformation, Landmark Education.

When the teacher’s own world view is faulty (very different that how it really is, by the Original Design) then their teaching is going to be faulty, and will produce sporadic, flash-in-the-pan at most, results.

The Effortless Abundance author has a sound and healthy world view, lives abundance, (I know him) but he cannot teach it. Why? Because for teaching it you need to know a lot more distinctions than he does. Besides, he is a marketer (a good one) and not a spiritual teacher.

So, as I originally planned, I am going to teach you to be able to land in the mindset that produces a sense of abundance, regardless of what you have.

I am going to have a pilot program that is by invitation only: only people that bought the Effortless Abundance report are eligible to participate.

When? Probably late May or June… how often? Probably once or twice a month. How much? I don’t know yet, probably I’ll have a per session price, because I have no idea how many sessions it takes to take you there.

So what should you do now? Buy the Effortless Abundance report, and if your vibration is above 200, buy the Abundance activator… it will start the process for you, and you will be ready to hit the ground running when the course starts. 2

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  1. Important!

    If I told you to use a specific activator, don't switch. There are more ways than one to skin a cat, and your way is your way. I have muscle tested and that's how I came up with my recommendation.

  2. Important!

    If I told you to use a specific activator, don’t switch. There are more ways than one to skin a cat, and your way is your way. I have muscle tested and that’s how I came up with my recommendation.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Abundance: finally I figured out how to teach you!”

  1. Is the Abundance Activator you refer to in the article the same as the one I have, which is “Abundance Mindset Activator Subliminal?” I have been listening to the Universal Love Activator; should I stick with that or listen to the Abundance Activator.

  2. I don’t have any subliminal audios, subliminal is a totally different category of tools, and they don’t work. They try to do stuff through the mind, the Avatar State audios are energetic.

    In the beginning even I didn’t know what I had, but since Christmas, when they were first discovered, I have gathered so much knowledge, that I am now quite authoritative about their workings.

    You are making decisions from your mind, still, and what I’d prefer that you actually ask me which activator would take you higher in your vibration and closer to living a life of grace and ease AND abundance…

    But I need someone to do it through a donation. I’d rather have a few people who are humble enough to accept guidance than all the headstrong ones that condescend, humor me, or are ready to argue… I hope you understand my preference.

    Ever since I’ve been offering this service, I have noticed that the muscle test approaches the subject differently from how my mind would. It pays attention to the already existing openings in the person, and how to best use their energies to cause transformation.

    Quite remarkable, and I am still in wonder.

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