Headphone special offers… limited quantity. USA address only.

Have been thinking of getting something for yourself?

I have two limited special offers for you:

I just re-ordered a bunch of headphones… and have only one, a black one… So I won’t have this available unless you are willing to wait…

Deal #1:

Get get the whole 67 steps on a chip shipped to you with the best headphones I have ever owned

  • 67 for Tai’s 67 steps program: $67 (I buy the program for you. You’ll have your own login… )
  • $10 for the chip
  • $12 for the headphones It’s 19.99 right now… They have a sale occasionally.
  • $8 for shipping and handling in the USA…
  • Total: $100

This is what it cost… so let me make it a special: you can get any of my audios included. ($20-35 depending on what you choose.) Or if you qualify: get two weeks of free coaching in the 67 step coaching program.

All for a total of $97.

I am putting the audio files on a 4 gb of micro sd chip

Deal #2:

Get the Water Energizer audio prepared for energizing your water 24/7 on mp3 high quality headphones

If you already have the Energizer audio, then just take off $60…
Here is the button to pay:

Once I run out of the headphones, I close this special.

  • If you are in the 67 steps, or if you’ve bought the program through my link,
  • If you have the Water Energizer and the Heaven on Earth

Then of course these deals don’t appeal to you.

So what can you do?

You should buy your headphones on Aliexpress, like I did. They accept credit cards, and my experience has been good with them. I get no commission.

And then you MAY ask me to make a chip for you. Most of you are unequipped to do it for yourself. Please contact me and I’ll tell you what and how much. It is my interest that you use my products, that you become an expanding human being.

If you are not in the USA: the shipping itself is $25… If you really want it, let me know.

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