Weight… it’s a weighty issue that is surrounded with a lot of myth, lies, and untruths

I don’t claim to be an expert at weight loss. After all my own weight is somewhat unmanageable, yet, I’d like to contribute to the issue, and maybe make a difference in the process.

My weight history: I was skinny for two long periods in my life: till age 9 and between ages 24 and 41.

The first period was where I had a natural distaste for food that didn’t work for my body. That meant most foods, especially the kind my family ate. I got beaten for not eating what was on my plate, but it didn’t matter to me.

The period ended when my hormones went crazy. That brought on a long period of struggle, eating with my mind, and eating for emotional reasons. Hormones do cause emotional reasons, but as you already know, I was also an unconscious empath… which means everybody’s emotions were my reason to eat, eat, eat.

Then at 24 I started to work as an architect, and was at work most of my time, or working for my second, third, and fourth degree, so I wasn’t near food. The places where I worked had a cafeteria with a menu, and I ate my meals there.

This period lasted till I finally permanently quit gainful employment, and became a home-worker.


When you work at home, you need to have more motivation, you have no one to talk to to reduce anxiety or tension, so I eat. I eat because it reduces tension.

I don’t even need a dining table, I chain eat. The only way I can manage my weight if I don’t have anything, in any quantity, in the house that I should not eat.

So, what are the reasons we get fat? Because if we can reduce or eliminate those reasons, naturally we’ll get to normal weight that can be maintained indefinitely.

I have noted a few reasons that I did not hear from other people: they are my own experience, that I have tested with others:

  1. Emotional not breathing deeply enough. My Heaven on Earth is a life-saver here.
  2. Not being in the present moment: i.e. being in a state of yearning, longing, wanting. The Get Back to the Present audio activator is a godsend
  3. Being guided by “science” read about on the Internet, or other news sources: those scientific facts were financed by food companies and/or pharmaceutical companies, and are a pack of misinformation
  4. Being toxic. My cleansing energies are really great for this, although I do not offer colon cleansing, or kidney cleansing: I don’t know how to do that energetically. The Cleansing Event will be a great introduction to energetic cleansing. In the upcoming article I’ll point you to the right source for cleansing the colon and the kidney as well.
  5. Cravings for sweet stuff that can’t be satisfied because the sweet stuff doesn’t have what you are craving.

I am going to dedicate an article to each of these causes, but for now, just identifying these causes should suffice. I don’t want to write another long article here.

After all, I am busy preparing the Cleansing Event on the 16th. By the way, if there is enough interest, I may make it a regular feature… we shall see!

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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