Vibrational Review: Life Force Generating Machines, Bovis Scale, Energizing Water

Vibrational Review: Life Force Generating Machines, Bill Wernet, Bovis Scale, Energizing Water, Wilhelm Reich,Orgone energy

I see people searching for “bovis energy scale” “bovis scale water” on the site, and I get intensely curious.

I used to buy my water-energizing products from Sante in Florida, until the store defaulted with a large order and the money held back.

I looked for the “real” owner, Bill Wernet (vibration: 210), who was 90 years old a few years ago when I contacted him by phone.

He “owned” Sante Water’s method of turning purified water into energized water. At the time I didn’t find anything that would explain how to do that, though, based on today’s experience, I think I was asking the wrong questions… oh well, don’t you recognize yourself? Asking by the Tree of Knowledge.

The price of the refill went up, and I wanted to know if I could duplicate the results. I asked Source (muscle tested). Questions: Do you know how to raise the vibration of the water? Can you duplicate it? Would you? Can I have it? Can I call it down just by calling this name: [name invented]?

The answers were yes, and thus the “Energize” energy was born. I wasn’t particularly concerned with the internal process of the water, I made energized water for myself, for my own use.

But after I shared, people wanted to have it.

Now, this leads us to the question many people ask me: how does my water rate on the Bovis Scale?

The Boris Scale purportedly measures the Life Force of any object.

The Sante Water site says that it rates 2 million on the Bovis Scale. Under 65,000 water is damaging, leaching energy, above 65,000 it is energizing, adding energy to the body.

Translate that to the vibrational scale (logarithmic or exponential, I am still not clear).

  • The body needs water to be on or above 300 on the vibrational scale to be energizing.
  • The “Sante Water”, when fresh, is around 500 on the vibrational scale, and it gradually loses its charge. The few bottles I still have measure 400 on the vibrational scale. They are still in the carton..
  • The energy water made with the energizer is 653.

Other differences: the Sante water is not sensitive to Dark Side energies, unfortunately the Energy water is… that is why I don’t ship it to Canada: though I haven’t tested it this year, maybe it was a special attack year last year.

Now, let’s look at the Life Force generating machines, that cost between 3 and 12 grands a piece.

I don’t know how they work. They generate “Life Force energy”, Orgone energy is the name given to it by Wilhelm Reich.

Based on Wilhelm Reich’s (vibration: 200) theory, I think, Orgone machines were made, (example: The RAD 5 Orgone Radionics Device –

People greedy for stuff or for feeling good (greed is greed, no matter what it is directed at. it is a very bad feeling, it re-generates itself even when it is fulfilled, thus putting you on the treadmill… or mouse-wheel… running, running, running.)

I also see that they are advertising that these machines are the fulfillment of every Law of Attraction teacher’s dream: the student spends the money and the energy that attracts the good fortune, health, love, adventure, fame and fortune, gets delivered to them. Hogwash.

Now, with that said, let me see if this system passes Source’s “muster”. OK?


1. did Sante water (Bill Wernet) use Chi machine or Orgone machine, or Rad5 to energize their Sante water? Muscle tested that Bill Wernet uses the Rad5 (3400 dollars plus shipping.) How long does Bill keep the water in the machine before he says it’s good enough for folks like you? 15 minutes.

2. Does this mean that the Rad5 effectively energizes water? yes. To what vibrational level does it raise the water placed into it? 500.

3. Does the Rad5 machine raise people’s vibration? No. Does the Rad5 machine raise your environment’s vibration? Yes. Does this rise in vibration influence your mood (no), energy (yes), peace of mind (no)?

Now, let’s compare this with the system I have been given by Source to energize your body and your self, ok?

What is this system? Here are the components:

  1. Energized water, or energy water (vibration: 650)
  2. Heaven on Earth (vibration: 900)
  3. Cleansing System (brain, sinuses, liver, pancreas, sexual organs) (vibration: 400. why so low? It’s incomplete: no method yet for colon cleansing and kidney cleansing.)
  4. Avatar State Audios (vibration: 900)
  5. Soul Correction Workshop (vibration: 600. why so low? it’s NOT energetic.)
  6. Learning to connect to Source
  7. and the articles.

What’s the main difference between the two systems? The RAD5 system endorses your greed, and doesn’t require you to have any transformation whatsoever.

What raises your person’s vibration is transformation. Unless your world view shifts, your vibration won’t rise.

All the components in my system require your participation, your co-creation. Even the Heaven on Earth. If you drink it like medicine, it won’t do much.

What is the cost? If you are willing to do the work, my system should cost you about 600 dollars, total. You can spend it in a year, or stretch it out to years…

The Rad5 water energizer system, the smallest, is 3400 dollars and it energizes your body, and gives you energized water… but doesn’t raise your vibration.

Do the math.

Links to get the components of my system:

  1. Energized water, or energy water (vibration: 650): Link: and some articles… all over the place, sorry about that.
  2. Heaven on Earth (vibration: 900). I still use it every day… it soothes the ups and the lows.
  3. Cleansing System (brain, sinuses, liver, pancreas, sexual organs) (vibration: 400. why so low? It’s incomplete: no method yet for colon cleansing and kidney cleansing.)
  4. Avatar State Audios (vibration: 900) Start with either the harmonize your vibration audio or the Get into the present audio
  5. Soul Correction Workshop (vibration: 600. why so low? it’s NOT energetic.)
  6. Learning to connect to Source
  7. My coaching programs, Playground, or the Coaching Program or the Happiness program

Take it slow, don’t get anything you won’t be using within 3 days of your purchase. Make that a rule in your buying decisions, it works, you’ll spend less, and will have less junk.

Let me measure your vibration?
Click on the link to request a vibrational reading…
The Map of Consciousness will show you what it means.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Vibrational Review: Life Force Generating Machines, Bovis Scale, Energizing Water”

  1. There are energy attunements called “Prana (formerly Tachyon) and Prana Source” by Ole Gabrielsen. After getting attuned you can either “charge”, make Prana antenna or Prana Source Antenna out of anything including water j ust by intention. Please do share your perspective.

  2. If you have read my earlier posts, Source (muscle testing while connecting to Source) say “not true” or “not real” or “not working” to attunement. And that is the answer to your question: being “attuned” takes no work on your part, no transformation, no ownership, no earned anything, therefore it is against the order of the Universe.

    But you will believe what you will believe. Underneath of all the “attunement seeking” people is the unwillingness to do what it takes. THIS, muscle-test as YES about you. UNWILLING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES.

    I am working on an activator for that… so you may be able to move out of the 98% of humanity after all.

  3. Sophie, any thoughts on developing one’s Chi? Can you do a vibrational review of Robert Peng, Chi Master?

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