Day 1-5 of Activation of All Humans on The Planet

activation of your Original Design Project: Full Activation of All Humans on Planet Earth
Phase 1
Target vibrational frequency: 299
Standard vibrational frequency before the activation: 151

From my journal:

Sunday morning I called N. in desperation. I felt alone, I felt desperation and hopelessness. It didn’t seem possible to cause a planetary shift even if I prepared a network powerful enough to support millions of people participating in it, at any one time.

As I was sharing with N. it occurred to me that maybe I have been looking in the wrong direction. Maybe I have already had the way.

I tested it on her, and by God it worked. She is the first person to ever experience full activation of the Original Design. Suitably she got really ill… darkness won’t give up easily.

I repeated the process with 3 more friends of mine, and at 10:30 pm I did it with myself.

Monday: A few more people, Syracuse, NY, the Obama family, the Clinton family, New York State. Israel, Norway, Martha’s Vinyard.
Tuesday: Tr. won’t take the activation, but Master Gopal does. I am looking forward to a synergistic effect there.
Wednesday: Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland.
Thursday: India is done. I have New Jersey and France on the schedule. I am exhausted after India. It was the hardest few minutes ever. I sobbed for minutes afterwards. After India New Jersey and France should be a piece of cake.

I have encountered the first resistance today. S. thinks that this will interfere with her belief system. I let her be.

Even using the Indian word for circuits, 10 billion nadis did not impress her.

I see why it was so trying doing India. And I am glad I didn’t have to ask permission from each and every one of them.

Most of the pioneers are above 250 now. They all started at 150. Even V. who lives in India.

I realized today that this is only phase 1. I will still need to do the original work to raise those that are willing to 499. I will be, I think, easier after the whole Earth reaches 299. Source agrees with that.

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