Scientists are trying to keep you on the 15th floor. Why? Because it is super easy to influence you on that level.


Suddenly I am noticing the many articles that try to access your emotions, the advertising, the movies, all to keep you stuck on the 15th floor of your being. 1

Your emotions are moldable, like clay, and there is nothing that you can do about it... on that level. Because your emotions is the 15th floor, it is entirely controlled from the 13th (feelings) and the 14th floor (words).

Marketers, your church, your politicians are taking classes from the psychologists who get paid by your marketers, your church, and your politicians to do research on how you'll react, predictably, to their input.

And then they hire writers, and they hire movie makers to make the connection strong and steady. So you do exactly what they say you should do from each input.

I think this has been the case for thousands of years.

The exploiters of the indefensible state of the 15th floor are not necessarily the criminals here... the problem is in the system.

It's the system, stupid. And it's worldwide. For humans...

So it happened before our ancestors left Africa, or it is a glitch in the software that is running humanity.

On the 13th floor that we largely share with the animal kingdom, maybe even with plants, it all worked perfectly: we got accurate information from our bodies, from the environment, and we were thriving.

The hardware type needs, are the ones that work perfectly, predictably, for our benefit 2 .

"When I say hardware type needs, I mean the needs that are part of our “factory settings”, i.e. the genetically encoded needs of human beings. These are the needs for energy supply, information, safety, reproduction and group.

In the case of software type needs like the need to meet others’ expectations, the need to meet our own expectations or the need for self-realization, we do not find indicating feelings. These needs are only activated under special circumstances. One of the big problems of human beings living in developed economies is that they do not use the cylinder of orienting feelings for its original function. In the olden days, the cylinder of orienting feelings was only an aid for satisfying needs, whereas today it is also the means of getting pleasure: something we cannot use unpunished. You can see that the cylinder of needs and the cylinder of the orienting feelings constitute an indissoluble unit. If we immerse ourselves in the pursuit of pleasure, it will have its physical consequences. Think of gaining weight, for example. What do you think you buy when you walk into a cake shop? Cakes? No! You buy pleasant orienting feelings disguised as cakes. Cakes are not primarily meant to satisfy the need for energy supply but simply serve the purpose of finding pleasure instead. Well, this seems to solve the riddle of the apple pie. We do not feel love while eating the apple pie. But what is love then? Soon you will be given an answer, my dear reader."

I am quoting, generously, from the Feelings book... (ground breaking new book "Feelings" by Margoczi) the only book that even considers what is under the hood.

And as with everything: what is under the hood is what runs the show. And where you can regain control.

I have come to realize something really important: all the unpleasant, painful feelings I experience from people on calls, come from a software type need: the need to meet others' expectation.

How and why did it get so strong and overpower the hardware needs? I think that with the sudden explosion of "closeness", of being able to see how others live, how others seem to be thinking, our sense of what it means to meet others' expectations got out of hand, out of scale, run amok.

And of course advertising promotes that. Because of people out of balance are going to do stupid things. They are going to try to be something that is unattainable for them, to feel that they fit it, that they are good enough.

My hunch that 200 years ago children didn't think they were not good enough.

Today, when I examine what is underneath the misery people experience, the base issue, 100% of the time, is a sense that they are not good enough, that somehow they can't meet the world's expectation of them.

And when you can't meet the world's expectation of you, then you cannot even go to the next software based need: the need to meet your own expectation of yourself... because you have already failed.

And no matter how many memes say: you should only compete with yourself, or you are good enough, and all that... what they fail to mention is that the issue is one level below... as it always is. Or sometimes 2-3 levels below, but it is always below when all the solutions don't seem to eliminate the problem, but in fact worsen is.

When your whole inner world is informed by the notion that you are unable to meet others' expectation of you, you have absolutely no use for those memes.

So this software level is where all the mischief happens.

The question is whether our grass roots work can counter the trillions of dollars strong work of the powers that be.

How, you ask?

It's actually very simple.

Here are the steps as I see it:

1. You need to learn to center yourself on the 13th floor: on the level of your feelings. The faster and more securely you can do it, the faster you get out of the grips of emotional manipulation.

Reading the Feelings book and practicing the moves I ask you to do in the Feel your Feelings webinars (the recordings are posted in the free subscribers' area, but you need to register to be a member and get the recordings) will get you to the how... and your practicing it will get you to speed of execution.

2. Once in your feeling center, you can see that you are manipulated. And that you are, yourself, setting impossible standards to meet... something you would not think of asking of another... or of yourself.

You are asking yourself not only to be perfect, without fault, but that you be an Olympic athlete in all areas of life.

No such thing, and therefore it can be only the result of some manipulation.

It is like telling the rabbit that unless it can swim, climb trees, and fly, it has no right to live...

See how silly you've been?

There is a meme that has been bringing in tons of visits from all over the world: "Now that You don't have to be perfect, You can be good"

In a world that seems to demand of you to be more, better, different than you are, depending on your base nature, your soul correction, you are going to have different ways to meet others' expectations of you... given that you can't survive unless you do... It's a need that cannot be denied and live. Cannot be denied and be happy.

Depending on your "temperament" you'll cheat, fret, lie, or effort.

But because the ball society seems to ask you to catch so you can be acceptable, good enough, is an uncatchable ball, you have already lost before you started.

Uncatchable ball... 3

It started in the cradle... Your parents, your caregivers are dishing out what they got.

You are a nuisance, you are not how you are supposed to be, you are supposed to be different. They express it with their faces, their energy, their demeanor...

You are hungry, you need comfort, you need love... and what you get back is belligerence, and reluctance, and being forced...

But what can you expect of a mother who feel they are not good enough, who feel that they can't meet the expectations of others?

They are tense, they are less than they should be... and they put that reaction on you, the child.

And if you are a mother: you did the same thing with your children.

If you watch a mother cat, a mother dog, or any mother animal, they do mothering emotionless. They allow, they take care, but don't dump their own grief on their pups.

Human mothers do.

It is not their fault. It is all the problem of what floor someone lives on. On the 13th floor meeting others' expectation of you is simple: do not steal, do not violate another's freedom to be, have, or do, keep the laws.

You don't have to be good enough, because on the 13th floor only life will challenge you. And you'll either meet life's challenge or you won't... life is simple.

On the 13th floor you won't eat, you will have pain, or you'll die.

No prestige, no prettiness, no losing weight, no rock stars.

That all happens on the 14th and the 15th floor.

There is a Hungarian "joke": There are two paths for intelligentsia: one is alcohol, the other one is not passable.
And Werner Erhard said: if you don't feel you can meet others expectation of you, you have two options: 1. become a criminal, 2. remain a forever teenager.

But if you wake up, for a moment, from this worldwide hypnosis and look around: Life is not stupid. Life is not reserved for the Bill Gates, and the prettiest girls.

Life is for everybody.

Life never needed you to be different than you are.

Your mother never needed you to be different either... except they thought they should be different.

But trillions of dollars are made from you being out of balance, trying to be different than you are. And wars are organized. And tyrants are elected president.

Or in our case, a baby tyrant: remember, forever teenager playing president of the United States of America. Loving the game... and not caring about anything else.

What did you expect from a child? A child that if you got close: he could never meet the perceived expectations of him either...

No one is spared from this misery, only people who are firmly centered on their 13th floor and can see through this artificial world of unrealistic expectation.

And here is another piece that you never considered:

Unless you are O.K. on the level of meeting others' expectations of you... meaning you feel you meet others' expectation, you can never "graduate" to meeting your own expectations of you... and then, meeting your realistic expectations of yourself... graduate to the level of self-realization. 4

Personhood begins on the level of meeting your own (realistic) expectations of yourself.

When I ask you who you are... the Self... that's why you don't know. That's why you don't have a Self... yet.

Once you look from the 13th floor, you have met others' expectations of you ages ago. So you can graduate... and start examining your own unrealistic expectations of yourself.

Do you really need to become a billionaire? or a rock star? or a size 1?

Really? Are you consciously stating that unless you become something that is impossible for you to become, you won't meet your own expectations of yourself?

Sit with that a little bit. And feel silly, feel stupid... but get that happiness is wanting what is and coming from "nothing is missing"...

From that space you can build things if you want, but you don't have to. You can.

This, the down to earth, sensible Tree of Life is what humanity missed when they went for the forbidden tree of knowledge. Resulting in 200,000 years of misery and wretchedness.

And our generation is the generation to turn it around.

This is the meaning of the thousand years of peace. Inner peace... resulting in a world of peace and prosperity.

Are you up for that? In your own person?

Getting acquainted with and centering yourself in your 13th floor? We shall see, won't we?

This is the true meaning of impervious... when you are home in yourself, you cannot be manipulated. Yaay!
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Memes also spew 14th and 15th floor duping mood and words! Observe how they play with your emotions... the 15th floor...


  1. unless they get distorted by any of the mind-based traps, like the fear trap, or the desire trap
  2. Here are some articles where I talk about the uncatchable ball... very educational.
  3. "Sometimes I'm going to disappoint people and my best won’t be good enough, but it doesn’t mean I'm not good enough."

    This was the lesson I had to teach myself a few years ago….

    I’d been under a lot of stress and was having some health problems. But not many people knew what was going on. Until it started to affect them.

    One afternoon I got an email from someone telling me how much I’d let her down on a project we were working on together. Honestly, I knew she was right. And I knew I’d done all I could, but it wasn't good enough and some important details fell through the cracks.

    I apologized and asked for forgiveness, and she graciously gave it to me. I had that awful pit in your stomach feeling for a while but I had to remind myself, I was giving all I had to give.

    I decided to cut back on some commitments so it wouldn’t keep happening. Sometimes I think that is the smartest thing we can do. We've got to give ourselves grace and accept that sometimes we’re going to disappoint people and our best won’t be good enough, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t good enough it may just mean we need to make adjustments and leave ourselves some room to breathe.” - Renee Swope

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