How is mindfulness meditation different than other kinds of meditations – a Quora question I answered

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I sometimes participate in Quora, by answering questions. I like to be challenged, it is the spice of life, and I enjoy being forced to think, solve problems, get out of my little box.

I don’t enjoy reading the answers of others, though it gives me a cross section of what so called intellectuals think and teach and live… Sad story.

I thought you would enjoy reading my answer:

Mindfulness meditation is, in fact, an oxymoron of some kind. Meditation’s purpose is to lead you away from the mind. But the reason some people use this expression, because what they want to say “awareness meditation” and they don’t understand that awareness is not a mind-function, awareness is a consciousness function. Awareness is bigger than the mind, and it is also bigger than you.

Awareness can observe the thoughts, mostly the fact that there are thoughts, but it can even look at the content of the thought… although for most people this means that they jump into the mind, out of awareness.

I observe other people’s thoughts (It is easier for me to see what happens when I am looking at other people’s stuff, because I am an empath) and can see the fact of thinking, and even guess the content of the thought from the domino effect: the emotions that come from the thought, the muscle tension that comes from the thought, and I can effectively guide them to let that go.

Being self-directed in this process of bringing pure awareness, an observation, an impartial third to the process of thinking and reacting is very difficult, even for people that have strong “self-awareness” especially if their Self is weak and atrophied, which is the case for 99% of humanity.
Most of the thoughts that are in the mind are not yours. They come from the outside, and your fake self listens to them as validation, invalidation, guidance, and thus you are trapped in the mind. A sad story, but luckily it is reversible, at least that is my experience with the users of my activators and my students.

Life lived in the mind is a life of sheep, a life of dependence, a life of a beggar.

I used to live there and be totally miserable. I got out and now I teach others. But I wouldn’t call the method mindful meditation by any means. The mind is not your friend. It is an enslavement device.

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