Emotional breathing is one of the possible causes of your weight gain

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Emotional breathing is one of the possible causes of your weight gain

Breathing should be controlled by your physiology, but because in “modern” man the mind has taken over most of your physiology, your hunger, your breathing, your sex, your breathing has also been controlled by your mind.

Mind contains your thoughts and your feelings. It is true that you have bodily feelings, just like any living being, but it is the mind that decides for you what they mean.

The mind is a meaning making machine. And lately its main, self-assumed function is to say if something is negative or positive.

Let me give you an example: you sit at your computer and you suddenly have a stab of pain on the right side of your chest.

Depending on your predisposition, your mind will decide what the pain “means” and then start dictating your actions.

Most actions will go in the direction of shrinking, in the direction of dead…

That stab of pain probably means nothing. Why? Because your body is alive, you are alive, and a live system has millions of signals a day, just visit a command center of a large enough organization, and you’ll see that the lights continuously change, change color, change on/off, etc.

So is your body, but your mind, unfortunately is a two-bit janitor in a complicated command center, it only knows good or bad, and starts turning off and turning on the little switches according to its two-bit understanding.

One of the symptoms we need to deal with, in this article, is your breathing now completely under the two-bit command of the mind.

The nature of emotions is to move. An emotion that stays, a feeling that stays the same strength at the same location is not a feeling any more: it is the memory of a feeling perpetuated by the mind.

This unpleasant feeling is rejected by the mind, which perpetuates it, and then the mind tells you to hold your breath to avoid that “painful” area.

You listen to something, and you hold your breath, as if the breath had anything to do with hearing.

You write a memo, an email, something, and you hold your breath as if holding your breath made you smarter.

I ask you to feel your liver, for example, and you hold your breath.
I ask you to feel your tangerine spot, and you hold your breath.

Anything that your mind considers “negative” also makes you hold your breath.

Now, what does, holding your breath, have to do with your weight?

We’ve dealt with emotional eating, so I won’t talk about that here, but just know, you eat more when you hold your breath.

But the real and essential connection is: your food enters an emotionally blocked system that is unable to process your food correctly. Your digestive juices don’t flow, your life force is stagnant, and your food turns into a toxic sludge as a result: undigested rotting putrefied sludge.

So the body does what the body can do: it dumps that toxic sludge into fat. How do I know for sure? Isn’t this tree of knowledge stuff? It was until I experienced what I am going to share with you:

About two years ago I was about 30 pounds over my self-imposed weight limit, and no matter what I tried, the weight wasn’t doing anything, it was just sitting there.

I found an article about hcg, and I ordered it.

Hcg tells your body that you are pregnant and that the fetus needs the same amount of nutrition in your blood, regardless whether you feast or famine…

After about a week on this hcg diet, that is, by the way, coupled with a very restrictive diet, I started to feel very ill. I even had to spend five days in bed. I felt like I was dying.

The cause of that illness was the toxins that suddenly were released by my body when it consumed a large chunk of my flab.

After the five days, apparently the toxins were cleared, and I was better than ever. I was also down five pounds.

This repeated itself a few more times, each consecutive time the illness lasted a little shorter than before.

This, to me, is proof positive that the fat is there to store toxins. Especially the fat that doesn’t want to move.

I knew a girl who was skinny and beautiful above her waist line, and huge below. Unfortunately she died before I could have shared with her the hcg secret that would have melted the fat away on her thighs while leaving her face and her top untouched.

Now, let’s compare this with an earlier time when I dropped the exact same 30 pounds, by just doing a breathing regimen.

The situation was the same: the fat wasn’t butting, so I found an off the wall method, a method others actually criticised and the originator was even sued for fraud, which she wasn’t.

The method works, but it is not easy. Why? Because you need superior control of some of your muscles.

The method is called body flex. I dropped 30 lbs in six weeks with it. I also taught my Landmark Education friends, and they each dropped 20 lbs, and then stopped. It is scary to be attractive so fast… they got scared.

They learned correctly, because I taught them body flex. They didn’t learn from a book or from a video, they learned from an empath (which I didn’t yet know at the time). An empath feels what you are doing with your muscles, and can guide you.

The biggest mistake people made is that they didn’t block their breath completely in the phase where it was supposed to be blocked.

The system makes you breath in a way that you create an oxygen starved state (caused by the blocking your breath when your lungs are completely empty for 6-10 seconds) and then take a very deep breath, then do it again. This effectively oxygenates the body and puts it into fat and toxin burner mode for a few hours. The exercise takes about 20 minutes each time you do it, but I think that it gets into fat burning mode in about 5 minutes. The fat burning mode is accomplished only when your body feels oxygen-starved, that is the moment it goes into aerobic mode. Most exercises don’t burn fat because the exerciser NEVER goes into aerobic mode. Running, trampoline jumping achieve this fat burning mode after about 20-40 minutes, but by that time you are exhausted. But most people never enter aerobic mode, they are too self-sparing, too lazy or simply too fat… Catch 22.


During those six weeks I didn’t experience any of the sudden toxin release I experienced 7 years later.

Why? My guess is that the oxygen that burned the fat, also neutralized the toxins, so they didn’t poison my body.

And this is my point: when you breath regularly and normally, the food you eat has a chance to digest properly, and the toxins that come out of the food, or your environment, are oxidized and neutralized by your oxygen rich deep breathing.

So, what do I recommend?

If you haven’t, order my Heaven on Earth. Take it the way it is directed: consciously.

The Heaven on Earth is an energy bundle of 40 energies, matching the 40 “negative” feelings a human can have.

The energies become active in the same order that I put them into the liquid, one after the other. If an energy has nothing to match and eliminate, then it goes through you without any action.

An energy that meets its doppel-ganger, its match, will fight it, but the Heaven on EArth has run out of energy. You need another sip.

You have about 4-5 different negative energies, blockages present at any one time, so you will need to “zap” them all if you want to be able to breathe freely.

So, the way to take Heaven on Earth is to consciously witness its actions, feel when a blockage is gone, and do it again, until all the blockages are done.

You put your two squirt of HOE in a big bottle of drinking water, and use it throughout the day. I would be a wreck if I didn’t have it! Once, for a whole week I thought I had it in my water, but didn’t… I put on ten pounds that week! And felt miserable to boot.

This is why my student from Serbia dropped about 28 pounds, and all her friends are now ordering the HOE remedy: to lose weight.

They don’t know how it works, they only know that it works. They breathe better, that’s how.

If you have saddle-bags, a big belly, a fat upper arm, then I think you could do well with the hcg in addition. It is not available in the USA, you need to order it from another country: it threatens the billion dollar weight loss industry’s self interest.

One of my students sells a homeopathic version of the stuff. She swears by it, but it may not work: it has no hcg in it.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “Emotional breathing is one of the possible causes of your weight gain”

  1. As I was reading this article I became aware that I was holding my breath. Even now, I have to remind myself to breathe. I train with High intensity Weight training 3 days a week and I love it! It has changed my body for the better, but I have hit a plateau, and my trainer keeps telling me to stop holding my breath…I think I will try HOE and your breathing technique at my next workout and see if that makes a difference. BTW I just told myself to breathe again…this is going to be fun.

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