Sadness. Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge… more about what gives you what kind of life

I just exchanged emails with the author of the Feelings book, Gyozo Margoczi.

Gyozo means Winner, or Victor in Hungarian… someone who wins over something or someone.

My name: Sophie, means Wisdom.

Names can be taken two ways:

  • 1. you are that
  • 2. you need to become that

He wrote the books. Major accomplishment. Big win… mostly like a tree falling in a forest that didn’t make a sound because there was no one to hear it… until I came along.

Now I am taking what I learned from him, and still learn through the emails, and I am running with it.

He is stuck in his 9-5, family, financial obligations.

I have only one job: this.

I wrote to him saying that it seems it is my job to take the baton and run… And I hope I won’t bring shame on him and his brilliant science.

As I am sitting here, I feel profound sadness… weeping.

It’s his feelings. Crying for his baby. His whole being, on the 13th floor says: don’t let go. Result: sadness, weeping.

If he can keep it on the 13th floor, it is very cleansing. Pure sadness. Life affirming. Affirming that what you created is useful and now doesn’t belong to you. Like a child.

You created life. You can help it, direct it, but it is now independent from you. Beautiful. And sad.

Pure feelings are beautiful.

Emotions, the 15th floor, are ugly. Because they are not pure. They all come from the Tree of Knowledge. And the Tree of Knowledge is ugly.

All the things we know accurately (not much, judging from the low vibration of nearly everyone alive or dead) can be known from the Tree of Life… and result in pure living, the thousand years of peace.

That is what I am working on: the trimtabbing method of turning this seven billion plus monster of a ship around in a really tight bay.

That is what Life wants me to do.

Postulate, test, postulate, test. Postulate means suggest or assume the existence, fact, or truth of (something) as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief.

It can be a fact postulated, or a method postulated.

My job is to be a researcher of a path… of trimtab methods…

You can’t do this job without first turning yourself around.

And having turned myself around: this Tree of Life access through the 13th floor has allowed me to even feel others’ really bad feelings and not be much bothered.

They feel bad… they make me not be able to breathe, to weep, to almost choke to death… or all at the same time.

I can look at it as the weather.

I have spent the past few years toughening up, getting healthier than I have ever been, and enjoying what I have instead of craving what I don’t have.

I don’t even get rattled by hate-mail… which I still get regularly. One this morning.

Or by a self-declared friend who envies me and therefore hates me.

Envy is a tricky construct. It says: someone is more, better, or different than me. I want what they have. Let’s kill them and take it for ourselves.

Showed up like a psychic attack on my end: limping like I hadn’t since October. Debilitating pain. The moment I cloaked myself, it went away.

Homo homini lupus… man behaves like a wolf against another man… Are wolves really that nasty?

If we asked the wolves, they would not know what we are talking about…

But humans are meaning making machines (that is the essence of the Tree of Knowledge, by the way, that we make up meanings) and then make the meaning mean something. The name, the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil refers to this second meaning: we attach feelings to the meanings, and the result: we are completely puppets on a string, pulled and pushed by those marker feelings… and there is no Self, or better said: The Self is powerless in a sea of marker feelings.

A student asked a brilliant question yesterday

A student asked a brilliant question yesterday: ok, wanted to ask a brilliant question: her internet was choppy… so I filled in what she didn’t say: but what about our memories?

Our memories are all Tree of Knowledge. The moment something happens, or later when you are licking your wounds, or later when someone reacts to your memory, you attach words (14th floor) to what happened, and the words are your memory now… that you keep repeating the same way… as if what happened and your words had anything to do with each other.

Some people get lucky, and I am one of those lucky guys: in 1996. A friend/naturopathic doctor just learned about a “truth” method, called the “crystal” method. The theory said: you store bad memories in your body, in distinct points, that may even block some meridians and make you sick. You can release the blockage by pressing that point and letting you relive the memory… re-live the 13th floor memory… I can add from current knowledge.

I have had trouble with my Thyroid gland, so he looked up where is a good point (meridian) for the Thyroid, that he can press. He settled on a point on my big toe. On the right foot.

When he pressed it, it hurt. Basic acupressure point, I guess.

Anyway, he kept on pressing it, and kept on asking me to relive the memories that came up.

all roads lead to Rome if you are willing to accept the baton handed to youAll roads lead to Rome… doesn’t matter where you start 2

All roads lead to Rome… after some light memories I arrived to my “home page”, when I was three and a half… the summer before my fourth birthday. A few months after my baby sister died. A traumatic year. 1951… before most of you were born.

Anyway, it felt like hours, and it was hours: it was late at night when the point on my big toe started to cool off.

He had a burn mark on his thumb… I was light as a feather, even though I was exhausted… Empty.

As he made me go through the memory, back and forth, wider angle vision, narrower angle of vision, I could see that all the meanings were not part of what happened, they were appended to it, like ornaments on a Christmas Tree.

And like the Christmas Tree: the what happened got thrown out, and the ornaments kept…

Things don’t have a meaning. They have a dynamic, they have all kinds of things… but meaning: meaning they don’t have.

The meaning is always attached… it is not part of the thing, the happening, anything.

I had been hearing it since 1987, my first Forum, but it only came alive after I read the Feelings book. I looked at the phenomenon of Trump, my fear, my wanting to run into safety.

And I started to detect the layer upon layer of meaning.

It doesn’t mean this… oh and it doesn’t mean that.

Now I am not running.

The guy is a clown, the guy is a little boy in long pants. Doing what little bullies do. Intimidate, boast, twist fingers, no big deal.

That he can promote and condone the merger of two industrial giants that are hellbent at destroying humanity? It is us, ordinary humans, who allow those companies to profit… our greed, our shortsightedness, our being a puppet operating on the Tree of Knowledge that allows them.

The Tree of Knowledge allows you to cut your nose in spite of your face, or cut the tree branch right under your foot.

Who am I to tell you, and spend my good time on telling you not to do it?

You can’t even hear me. There is no way you can hear me from the Tree of Knowledge.

Want to get off that tree? Read the book “Feelings” by Margoczi and come to my feelings webinars… you can do the exercises through the recordings. Free. You just have to be a logged in free member on the subscribers site, and be willing to receive my infrequent emails.

Something for something… There is no free lunch.

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  1. if you are willing to accept the baton handed to you and run like hell with it
  2. if you are willing to accept the baton handed to you and run like hell with it

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