Why do you want what belongs to another? Why do you envy, why are you jealous? Do you know?

and a diet coke

Note: although I am talking about myself, you WANT TO recognize yourself. If you have a struggle with weight, or with anything, the answer, surprisingly lies here… and once you get this monkey off your back, you’ll get the weight melt away, you will start getting what you want, by going for it.

A phenomenon is starting to emerge around me. Something I experienced some 40 years ago, but haven’t again until just now.

jealousyPeople want what I have. They want to energize water, they want to teach people to cleanse their organs, they want to conduct large webinars and in an hour cleanse the whole thousand people. It has prestige, it is elegant, they want it. They want it too. They are angry, they feel hatred, they have the evil eye for me…

Some of my friends are like this. With friends like that who needs enemies?

They also want the technology to create avatar state audios, to know how to use them. They want to pull attachments. They want to advise people what food to eat, what supplements to take.

What is in common with all these people? What is in common is that they are unwilling to pay the price. They want what is mine.

They say: I am as good as you are. I am a human, just like you, teach me how to do it. It is not fair that you can do it and you don’t give it to me.

Or they say: How come you can do it and I can’t? What’s so special about you?

Or they say: Why don’t you just give it to me?

If you read what they say aloud and pay attention to your feelings as you are internalizing what they are saying, you’ll notice a a tightening of sort., especially around the throat. You’ll notice that your voice either goes hoarse as you read, or the pitch of your voice gets suddenly higher. 1

The unwillingness to pay the price, the unwillingness to do the work necessary to get what you want is called greed.jealous


Greed, depending on what area you have it in, can show up as

  • jealousy,
  • hate,
  • wanting,
  • yearning,

…and they all press on your throat, they are insistent, and deadly. We could say that the feeling got you by the throat.

The pressure is such that it needs to be released. Yelling, cursing, gossiping are “wonderful” releases. So are eating, drinking, shopping for things you don’t need.

I watch people (there are way too many!) that shop for books, courses, and such, but never really use them. They are shopping to get rid of the pressure in their throat created by not being willing to do what they need to do for what they want. But it is near-impossible to identify this, unless you are an observant empath, so they continue being a puppet on a string, jerked around by this unidentified unwillingness, so they can never address it.

One could say it is an entitlement attitude, and often it is, but the attitude is an effect, not the cause! Remember, we are not dealing with effects, we are always attacking the seed level, the cause!

“Just because I want it I should have it!” the attitude says. But it comes coupled with a very low self-esteem, a strong knowledge that you don’t deserve it, that you are no good, that you are defective in some way and you can’t ever change that.

My hunch is that the unwillingness is a natural fallout of that certainty that “no matter what I do, I can’t, I won’t, I am not allowed, I am locked out, I am locked into my smallness, neediness, nerdiness, whatever…”

As you can see, it is layer upon layer of untruths, strongly connected with a faulty logic, and a mistaken belief at the root, at the core of it.



smiliesIn my world, greed, this wanting, is the most unpleasant feeling of all the feelings a human can feel. I can cope with grief, with fear, with anger, with hate, with even hopelessness, but greed wants to kill… wants to choke you, it completely takes over your entire person, and that I can’t easily be with.

social-outcastYou can be greedy for peace of mind, for love, for money, for prestige, for fame, for spirituality, for enlightenment, the unattainable is immaterial. Unattainable, because you are unwilling to do the work. And you are unwilling because you KNOW that no matter what you do it won’t work out. Circle closed.

If you live in human society, you have this, stronger or weaker, but you do have it.

If you are one of my students, you probably have enough of it to kill you.

So, what do I have to offer you to make your life better?

If your vibration is below 200, ask me whether it is the “Get into the present” or the “harmonize your vibration” better for you. These are the two “under 200” avatar state activator audios.

If your vibration is above 200, you can choose the activator that resonates with you. But judging from my “Custom Avatar” sessions, the one that you really need does not resonate with you: it is like trying to see the back of your head: not very easy.

So you have two options:

  1. go by what feels right
    2. Sign up for a custom activator session. Without a membership in the Soul correction workshop: $100, includes a non-exclusive copy of your custom activator that will fit you like a glove. You need to email me first so I can decide if you are ready and if I am ready to spend time with you… sophie at yourvibration.com. If you pass, I’ll email the payment link to you. no longer available
  2. Have me pull your attachments. One of those is your dominant belief, and I pull that too. In my report back to you I’ll tell you exactly what you need to use and do to start living a life that is free from this unpleasant and damaging phenomenon, greed, envy, and jealousy.

These are the two new activators, just made… very good choice for all the people that have yearning, longing, wanting, yet not doing anything to write home about… which is almost everyone, so don’t feel bad.

Put all power in all actions

Both attack the unwillingness to earn what you want issue.

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  1. This is how I identify the underlying feeling, as an empath, by the way!

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Why do you want what belongs to another? Why do you envy, why are you jealous? Do you know?”

  1. Yikes I can see me everywhere in this. Even though I like to tell myself that I don’t want to be anyone else – I really do want to have what other people have – and I definitely want to have it without the work. I have never distinguished greed in this way before. It feels icky. Probably because I am still not totally committed to changing it.

    Self-discipline has been helping me so much with being able to disrupt my standard pattern of talking myself out of doing the work. I have been taking more responsibility for where I am at and what I am creating in the last few months than I have in a very very long time.

    Do you recommend I switch it up?

  2. Julie, I think you are still doing great with the self-discipline activator. The time to switch is when the previous activator wasn’t working any more.

    I definitely see, from browsing the internet, that you needed an empath to identify greed, differently than the mind does, based on the actual feelings pattern.

    I have even looked at the micro-expressions (Lie to me fame) and didn’t find anything on greed. But that doesn’t change the fact that what is underneath is the unwillingness, and that can change by bringing awareness to it.

    Don’t try to change anything, by the way, it will just drive it underground.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. With open eyes, I too can see myself in this article.

    My vibration is most likely below 200, so can you please tell me whether the “Get into the present” or the “harmonize your vibration” activator is better for me?

    Thank you.

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