Want to enslave a man? rob the man of his common sense

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Brave New World... the ultimate destruction of manIf you want to enslave a man, the best and fastest way to go about it is to rob the man of his common sense, his guidance system. The feelings.

Train him to not trust his feelings.  To not even feel them. Or call them emotion names.

Train him that he can’t trust his feelings. Train him that all decisions should be made by men smarter than him. And by all means, train him that he can’t be trusted to made decisions about the education, the health about his children.

Train him by printing on plastic bags that they should not be put in the cradle… because a child may suffocate playing with it… Do this so the man will stop thinking for himself and start relying entirely on thing being given to him chewed and digested.

Give him the religion of positive thinking.

  • He will eat the enticingly packed and flavored toxic swill that makes you millions.
  • He will gobble up the expensive ‘supplements’ you give him help to lose the fat your enticingly packed and flavored toxic swill packed on him.

And when you thus destroyed him and his trust in his own common sense, you’ll have for yourself the brave new world owned by the few…

That’s the article. The following is only details, details from the Brave New World book.

Soma? it’s probably already being distributed in processed food…

Soma is a drug. It has three relevant meanings for the purposes of this article:

  • 1. The plant, or the intoxicating juice of the plant, used in ancient Indian religious ceremonies. Inevitably, given the Indian tradition, the plant and its juice were personified as a god, Soma.
  • 2. The imaginary ‘ideal pleasure drug’ in Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World (1932). Its chemistry and pharmacology are undefined. As described, the drug resembles a hangoverless tranquillizer or an opiate.
  • 3. ‘Soma’ is the most common brand name of the muscle-relaxant carisoprodol. It was first marketed in the USA from 1955 under the brand name Miltown as an anti-anxiety agent. The ‘miracle drug’ of its era, Miltown was immortalized by the Rolling Stones as ‘Mother’s Little Helper’.

My challenge is that the enslavement work is nearly finished. 91%

I am building a ragtag team of a few who value being a person, self-determination higher than the comfort of being used as electricity producer.

If you haven’t seen the Matrix or haven’t seen it in a while, watch it. The reality of it should strike you, and you should see whether you’ll choose being part of the ragtag team, or you’ll go back to eat the ‘steak’ of enslavement.

My work, returning you to being a ‘man’, will cost you the illusion, the comfort, the pleasantness of the ‘matrix’.

And I only need a few on my team.

We are re-learning how to be a man.

The first step is to learn to feel our feelings where they are: in the body. Cut them from the thoughts, the interpretation, the urge to fix it. Temporarily, so you can feel… instead of be influenced by the cultural enslaving narrative that enslaved you in the first place.

The second step is to change what you feed your brain

Instead of pre-digested nonsense… feed your brain what will make it work again.

Last night before I fell asleep, I muscle tested the ‘IQ’ of many people.

Chemical enslavement, soma, foodThe Bell Curve is the normal, natural distribution of random things in a given population… like intelligence.

The Bell Curve is symmetrical. But if you keep the standard the same, with time, the center of the curve moves to the right or to the left.

iq distribution leans to the leftThe IQ curve has been steadily moving to the left…

Meaning that the masses of people have lost or given up their right to common sense and don’t think with their brain, think with the memes they heard, with their minds… They are not looking in reality. They don’t ask: does this work? No more common sense… no more looking in reality. Could they? Yes, but forgot how.

Mathematics cannot be taught. Mathematics needs you to work with you looking at what is in front of you, look with your brain. But if your brain has been replaced with the mind… the pre-thought stuff, then you can’t do mathematics, can you?

The same about my work, The Work of ascension.

Yesterday 75% of the participants in a course declared that it makes no sense what I asked them to do.

I asked them to look at their core belief and the kind of life it has given them. I asked them to see if it worked to believe what they have been considering the most important thing. Example: ‘I can get what I somebody else has without any work, any skills, anything… because I want it.

They could see that it didn’t get them what they wanted… But when I asked what they would do that can work, they got stuck.

I said: you start doing the things that can get you what you want!

‘But how do you start it?’ ‘You start by starting it. Exactly the way you get up from your chair by getting up! I yelled. Maybe you say: I am starting it… and then start.’

No answer. No echo. Nothing. Can’t seem to be able to grok it.

Humanity completely robbed from initiative, of will, of anything that would make them human.

People today feel superior to almost everyone else, because they can tie their shoe laces, or they can do some job better than others.

People cannot see or hear thinking, other their own thoughts.

The tool of thinking is lost… but hopefully not fully. Hopefully, if you put yourself on a fast from the pre-thought cultural ‘conversation’ you’ll start to hear yourself… and hear the feelings-guided common sense. By feelings I don’t mean emotions… I mean feelings taught in the ‘Feelings’ book.

The feelings book looks at the language of the body. Wordless, emotionless guidance. Pulls, pushes, gaping emptiness, pressure, relief… these are all feeling-words… they MEAN nothing. They are a guidance. Part of common sense to know what they mean. If you don’t, you can see that you have lost common sense already.

When you get there, when you are guided by common sense, you’ll find yourself…

You’ll be able to tell yourself apart from the cultural nonsense (the opposite of common sense).

The only place where you can experience joy and happiness is in this place where you feel yourself. You know you are you and you know it is it… not you.

You’ll find your intelligence.

This is also where you’ll begin to move to the right on the IQ bell curve. You do not just feel like you are smarter, but where you can actually BE smarter than most.

This overwhelmingly common illusion that you are smarter than most is so common, even your teachers fall for it… meaning they feel smarter than most.

And even if that is true, being smarter than another does not make you smart… Just look at the curve: if you find yourself on the hat part of the curve: this is true. But that smartness isn’t sufficient to create the good life… or most of humanity would be working on the good life. Or are they?

iq distribution leans to the left

When you look around, what do you see? Are the people you see working on the good life? Or do you see them chasing mirages?

I see them chasing mirages, like my students. Or they realized the mirages don’t work, but having no alternative, they are resigned about ever getting there.

That includes all the writers of all the articles, all the books, all the plays, all the movies. The eight billion.

Some are thinking about it, talking about it, but are not doing it.

repeating the matrix by a small group of people who don't cringe and the sight of realityTalking about flying isn’t. Talking about getting up at 4 in the morning isn’t.

Being an article writer in this day and age makes you chase mirages by catering to those who want to know more about how to chase mirages… And if my feelings are not betraying me on this: you cannot write trash and live gold… Impossible.

You can do the opposite: write gold and live trash. Speak gold and live trash. Teach gold and live trash.

  • Even Seneca, I am finding out, speaks gold… but falls short of living gold. 300 vibration.
  • Margoczi: vibration 170.
  • Tai: vibration 170.
  • G.K. Chesterton, the Apostle of Common Sense: vibration: 200. Good talk… mediocre man.

Your vibration tells me which of this worlds you live in. To what degree you honor virtue, to what degree you can say no to trash. The degree of your integrity and maybe even your authenticity.

The starting point measurements are really revealing. There is maybe one additional measurement I could add. Maybe to what degree you use common sense. Or to what degree you feel your feelings. Or to what degree you live your life in the matrix…

It would be a number, and it would answer all those questions.

Or I could test how comfortable you are living in the matrix, being a cog in the machine.

The higher that number is, the less likely that I can entice you to leave the matrix.

But the measures 30-48 do a good job to indicate. The more comfortable you are in the swill, the less likely you’ll do what it takes to return to being a Man.

Many people I measure have very low health numbers: hydration and health. But if their comfort with being in the matrix is high, they will not want to do anything about it.

Yesterday’s students had low cell hydration, low intelligence, low energy, and low discomfort. I could not move them.

The starting point measurements are mainly for my benefit: to be able to see at a glance who has the potential to become part of my ragtag team of freedom fighters. Fight for their own freedom… Each to fight for their own personhood.

Nothing else is required… I am not working on a traditional revolution here.

My job, given to me by Source, whatever that is, has been to work out a method that can turn humanity into a new humanity… instead of the slave humanity it is. Without blood. Without killing. Through re-awakening.

The biggest challenge is, as I see it, that people cannot tell the difference between dreaming and being awake.

I tell them: talking about flying isn’t…

100% of the ‘memes’ talk about flying… you feel like you are flying, at least for a few moments, and you are happy with that. Those memes work on you like soma works on the Brave New World’s people.

You are ripe for the soma of the Brave New World, or maybe you are already there. Using these memes for soma. For quieting the soul.

Quieting the soul that is suffering. All the soul ever wanted is for you to be a Man, to do what you were born to do, to live gloriously… in reality, not only in your head.

The following are quotes, in the footnotes section of this article, on soma in the book Brave New World that has foreseen the future we are living.

take the soul out of commission... it's a trouble maker: it wants you to behave like a manThe soul is like a little baby.

You give it a rag soaked in sugar water and the soul quiets down, leaving you unopposed for at least a few minutes. But when the sugar high wears off, the soul starts to nag you… and nag you and nag you…

That is the soul’s job.

As long as I feel your disquiet, I am still in business.

When humanity becomes 100% sheep, then it will be all over. How much time do we have? Years? Months? Days?

So now what? Is it over? Are you lost?

Yes and no.

Now, given that whether you like it or not, I am talking to you and about you, and about your loved ones, what can I offer that could make a difference. That you can grok even despite your diminished common sense, in spite of your diminished intellect.

If you really look, what has enslaved humanity is that they now look not in reality but in the mind. The shadow of reality…

So if I needed to devise a method that anchors you in reality, even in your current state, I would devise a method that makes you look. Look at trees. Look at the sky, the clouds, the moon, the sun, a dog, a vehicle and really see it. No thinking, no thoughts are necessary. Just registering that what you see is real.

Do it enough times that it becomes a habit.

When the habit becomes set, and you don’t even have to think to do it, then you can graduate to the next habit: feeling feelings.

Not emotions, no names, feelings. Tension, pressure, movement, pulsing, emptiness, fullness, the feelings of the body.

The trick is to not name them, not add a meaning, not do anything with them, just feel them.

A real feeling is like a doorbell. It doesn’t continue ringing… it rings then it stops, and then rings again. If it is continuous then it is word-created, i.e. an emotion.

By November 27 you could be ready for the Feel your Face: Become a person again workshop. But only if you practice the looking and the feeling practices. If they have already become a habit. Not a habit: please don’t jump the line.

Feel your Face. Become a person again


Soma in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World

    • “All the advantages of Christianity and alcohol; none of their defects.”
    • “..there is always soma, delicious soma, half a gramme for a half-holiday, a gramme for a week-end, two grammes for a trip to the gorgeous East, three for a dark eternity on the moon…”
    • “Benito was notoriously good-natured. People said of him that he could have got through life without ever touching soma. The malice and bad tempers from which other people had to take holidays never afflicted him. Reality for Benito was always sunny.”
    • ‘Soma was served with the coffee. Lenina took two half-gramme tablets and Henry three.’
    • “Swallowing half an hour before closing time, that second dose of soma had raised a quite impenetrable wall between the actual universe and their minds.”
    • “The service had begun. The dedicated soma tablets were placed in the centre of the table. The loving cup of strawberry ice-cream soma was passed from hand to hand and, with the formula, “I drink to my annihilation,” twelve times quaffed.”
    • “I don’t understand anything,” she said with decision, determined to preserve her incomprehension intact.

      “Nothing. Least of all,” she continued in another tone “why you don’t take soma when you have these dreadful ideas of yours. You’d forget all about them. And instead of feeling miserable, you’d be jolly. So jolly,”

    • “When the Warden started booming, she had inconspicuously swallowed half a gramme of soma, with the result that she could now sit, serenely not listening, thinking of nothing at all, but with her large blue eyes fixed on the Warden’s face in an expression of rapt attention.”
    • “Bernard also laughed; after two grammes of soma the joke seemed, for some reason, good. Laughed and then, almost immediately, dropped off to sleep,…”
    • soma induced illusion: the religion of positive thinking“Lenina was still sobbing. “Too awful,” she kept repeating, and all Bernard’s consolations were in vain. “Too awful! That blood!” She shuddered. “Oh, I wish I had my soma.” 
    • “A gramme is better than a damn,” said Lenina mechanically from behind her hands. “I wish I had my soma!”
    • “In the end John was forced to give in. Linda got her soma.
    • Thenceforward she remained in her little room on the thirty-seventh floor of Bernard’s apartment house, in bed, with the radio and television always on, and the patchouli tap just dripping, and the soma tablets within reach of her hand – there she remained; and yet wasn’t there at all, was all the time away, infinitely far away, on holiday; on holiday in some other world, where the music of the radio was a labyrinth of sonorous colours, a sliding, palpitating labyrinth, that led (by what beautifully inevitable windings) to a bright centre of absolute conviction; where the dancing images of the television box were the performers in some indescribably delicious all-singing feely; where the dripping patchouli was more than scent – was the sun, was a million saxophones, was Popé making love, only much more so, incomparably more, and without end.”
    • “The Savage,” wrote Bernard, “refuses to take soma,

      and seems much distressed because of the woman Linda, his m—, remains permanently on holiday. It is worthy of note that, in spite of his m—‘s senility and the extreme repulsiveness of her appearance, the Savage frequently goes to see her and appears to be much attached to her –

      an interesting example of the way in which early conditioning can be made to modify and even run counter to natural impulses (in this case, the impulse to recoil from an unpleasant object).”

    • “When one has leant forward, nearer and nearer, with parted lips-only to find oneself, quite suddenly, as a clumsy oaf scrambles to his feet, leaning towards nothing at all-well, there is a reason, even with half a gramme of soma circulating in one’s blood-stream, a genuine reason for annoyance.”
    • “Soma distribution!” shouted a loud voice. “In good order, please. Hurry up there.”
    • “Two minutes later the Voice and the soma vapour had produced their effect.

      In tears, the Deltas were kissing and hugging one another-half a dozen twins at a time in a comprehensive embrace.

      Even Helmholtz and the Savage were almost crying. A fresh supply of pill-boxes was brought in from the Bursary; a new distribution was hastily made and, to the sound of the Voice’s richly affectionate, baritone valedictions, the twins dispersed, blubbering as though their hearts would break.

      “Good-bye, my dearest, dearest friends, Ford keep you! Good-bye, my dearest, dearest friends, Ford keep you. Good-bye my dearest, dearest …”

    • “Because our world is not the same as Othello’s world. You can’t make flivvers without steel-and you can’t make tragedies without social instability. The world’s stable now. People are happy; they get what they want, and they never want what they can’t get. They’re well off; they’re safe; they’re never ill; they’re not afraid of death; they’re blissfully ignorant of passion and old age; they’re plagued with no mothers or fathers; they’ve got no wives, or children, or lovers to feel strongly about; they’re so conditioned that they practically can’t help behaving as they ought to behave. And if anything should go wrong, there’s soma. Which you go and chuck out of the window in the name of liberty, Mr. Savage. Liberty!” He laughed. “Expecting Deltas to know what liberty is! And now expecting them to understand Othello! My good boy!”
    • “And if ever, by some unlucky chance, anything unpleasant should somehow happen,

      why, there’s always soma to give you a holiday from the facts.

      And there’s always soma to calm your anger, to reconcile you to your enemies, to make you patient and long-suffering. In the past you could only accomplish these things by making a great effort and after years of hard moral training.

      Now, you swallow two or three half-gramme tablets, and there you are. Anybody can be virtuous now. You can carry at least half your morality about in a bottle. Christianity without tears-that’s what soma is.”

      • the intolareance to reality induced by the religion of positive thinking“Benighted fool!” shouted the man from The Fordian Science Monitor, “why don’t you take soma?””Get away!” The Savage shook his fist.The other retreated a few steps then turned round again. “Evil’s an unreality if you take a couple of grammes.””Kohakwa iyathtokyai!” The tone was menacingly derisive.

        “Pain’s a delusion.”

        “Oh, is it?” said the Savage and, picking up a thick hazel switch, strode forward.

        The man from The Fordian Science Monitor made a dash for his helicopter.”

    • “It was after midnight when the last of the helicopters took its flight. Stupefied by soma, and exhausted by a long-drawn frenzy of sensuality, the Savage lay sleeping in the heather. The sun was already high when he awoke. He lay for a moment, blinking in owlish incomprehension at the light; then suddenly remembered-everything.”Oh, my God, my God!” He covered his eyes with his hand.



positive thinking religion
  Practicing positive thinking religion is like any other religion: it makes you miserable, and robs of the chance of joy and happiness… rendering you a client of the church of positive thinking… Happy people don’t need religion. Miserable people do.
the mind-numbing effect of positive thinking
Barbara Ehrenreich’s new book Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking has Undermined America. Her premise: the US (and Canada, too, I’d argue) pushes everyone to maintain unbridled optimism about anything and everything that may come their way. Even cancer. The problem is that thinking positive thoughts doesn’t change the outcome of cancer treatment or of anything else investigated in this book.
positive thinking:
watch this

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Want to enslave a man? rob the man of his common sense”

  1. I must say… the machine, the mind, the constant chatter has been impeding myself from keeping on reading the Feelings book by Margoczi.

    Something underneath is keeping me from exploring consciousness.

    And I must admit, I have been eating up your articles day and night but with the mind and not consciousness. I read and I read but I don’t understand. It is entertaining though… so I keep doing it.

    Just sharing my thoughts… or feelings?

  2. Jason, I tell you what works: you need to read not with the agenda of understanding, because of the results you’ve been getting, you see that it doesn’t work.

    You need to do the way you take a shower. You need to read, mechanically, without trying to understand.

    If it is too hard, use the Tangerine Method of PhotoReading: defocus your eyes and allow only your brain to read, not you. Then activate it.

    What reads when doing PhotoReading is not the understanding, controlled, 14th floor, but the whole brain on the 13th floor. It doesn’t take sides, it doesn’t have a political agenda, it will not make what I read devalue your ego… it will just get what is written… and works with that.

    Let me see if i can find a manual on how to do PhotoReading.

    I read everything without the 14th floor… but, of course, I did do the Photoreading home study course, and even did a weekend live course in someone’s living room.

    Don’t get it yet… I may be able to share it, illegally, or course…

    Just enough so you can get up and going.

  3. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I do appreciate it.

    I have been searching your site on all the Tangerine method techniques but it’s not clicking for me yet. I watched the videos but I must say with true honesty that I am confused since I am seeing conflicting information on methods.

    Here is what I do and I hope you can correct me on anything I am doing incorrect.

    I open my eyes and roll them backwards. Here is when I am ambivalent on what to do. Do I look upwards like I am looking at the stars above me? Or do I forcefully look up and force it to look to the direction of the inside of my brain which requires more strain and my pupils are not visible because they are so far back? When I do it the first way, it just feels like normal sensations. The second way I feel a bit dizzy and I see a dark spot in my vision while doing it.

    I also cannot feel a buzzing sensation on my tangerine spot.

    I would like to raise my consciousness… and I would love to be able to Photoread. I am still an amateur. Haha. Don’t know how to activate either.

    I am open minded for more information.

    Thanks for all Sophie.

    I am very glad I found out about your website.

  4. Jason, to photoread, you just imagine a tangerine at the flat part of your skull which I named Tangerine Spot. Putting your attention on the Tangerine Spot puts you in Theta mode… Find the Theta training on the subscribers’ site. https://www.yourvibration.com/subscribers
    Search in your browser for theta… it will take you to the link on the front page. of course you need to be logged in

    To connect to Source, you do it with your eyes closed, so obviously this cannot be what I meant… because to read you need your eyes open.

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