Why you don’t heal fast? Why do you get sick? Without understanding how your body works, you’ll stay NOT SO WELL

Your body is like a factory,

  • manufacturing daily energy units that you need to do what you need to do, and
  • energy units to protect you from pathogens, toxins, and other trouble.
  • and thirdly, that in case something did get through… that you heal fast.

Your doctors are mostly trained to give you tools to fix what is already visibly wrong with your body. It’s clear that asking your doctors about prevention won’t do you much good: they will repeat the party line: eat well, move you body, sleep well.

Even though in essence that is good advice, if you asked about details, you would not get much. When you repeat the party line, you have no idea what you are saying, so they don’t.

The cell factory ppt

If you have, for example, Bell’s Palsy, you are on your own. As far as the medical establishment goes, it will get well with time. Or not. It all depends on you… how well your “factory” works.

Same is the case with another viral disease that is on the rise, the kissing disease… Kissing Disease (Epstein-Barr) or fever blisters, or other herpes type issues…

They may pretend that we have medication for that, but we don’t… It is up to your immune system to fight those, if it can.

And in many cases, your body has no energy to give the immune system: you are barely making it through the day.

So, let’s talk a little bit about how your body creates energy.

All energy is created in the cells. The cells turn the nutrients you give your body into energy.

The body requires 90-plus nutrients a day. Our food, if you eat well, provides around 20, at least partially.

Some nutrients, like calcium, phosphate, the body can leach from the bones, the teeth, so it can survive. The longer you live the more brittle your bones become, or you lose your teeth, because of this leaching of the bones.

Certain nutritional deficiencies and their combinations lead to different illnesses… but even before we can get there we need to talk about the cells:

The cells are like tiny workshops: they have input, the raw materials, output: the energy, enzymes, hormones, etc. and waste materials.

The ideal environment for the cell to do its work requires water.

But… the cell is unable to use incoherent water, because incoherent water confuses it… So it will wait for coherent water.

If you eat live, fresh, vegetables, and fruits, their cell water is coherent, so your cell can re-hydrate from the food you eat.

It cannot use any of the other liquids you take, water, tea, juices… Because they are not coherent.

At some point in history, the Earth had coherent water on it, but due to large scale calamities, there is no more coherent water found in nature.

Coherent water is hard to manufacture, and even harder to test.

There are all kinds of methods to treat water, but their effectiveness is anecdotal… and I haven’t seen any objective methods to measure their effect on the bodies.

The incoherent water you drink will lubricate the intercellular space, because that space doesn’t care. Your experience of energy often comes from that lubrication.

Cellular energy is harder to track: most of the time you see the effects in

  • healing conditions and diseases
  • spontaneous cleansing clears up long standing skin issues, for example.
  • a definite increase in intellectual coherence, increase in intelligence, endurance,
  • diminishment of moodiness, depression, and other mood disorders.

These results come from the increased energy production.

  • Taking out the garbage needs energy
  • Effectively using the food needs energy
  • Fighting off diseases takes energy

I have been selling Water energizer products, and the Energizer audio for 5-6 years… I think.

The first proof people experience is the taste and the smoothness of the water. Because anything that is not pleasant to drink: you won’t drink it.

And the second thing you can experience is the increased energy, the increased calmness and being less perturbed, and the third one is being a lot smarter.


People make mistakes setting their system up.

There is no way I can make a ready system for you and charge hundreds for it…

But I can help you testing your system.

I can measure your cell hydration without ever seeing you… and that is test 1.

Test 2: I can look at a picture of your system, and like Sherlock Holmes, sleuth it out where you made the mistake…

Once the mistakes are corrected, you are on your way to have energy for life, energy to enjoy your life, energy to go for what you want.

The goal is to raise you cell hydration above 50%, is my present goal for you.

Will it help you lose weight? In certain conditions: yes. But don’t buy it for that.

If you only care about how you look… you need to change more than just your water.

If you are aiming full vibrant health, you will need to address your nutrition intake, and your toxic load.

90% of the foods you eat are toxic for your body.

But none of that matters, none of that can make much of a difference until you repair the energy producing parts of your body: your cells.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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