Morality, morals, conduct befitting a high vibration person

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Morality, morals, conduct befitting a high vibration person

People can’t hear what you say, ever. They “hear” what they think you are saying. What you said went through a set of filters, stuff was taken away, stuff was added.

I, sometimes, get a comment here and there, that reflect it more than others. Mikolaj’s comment is an example: “She’s married and a mother right now, no hiding there, as far as I know. Why the ‘before’?”

The article she is commenting on is my second review of Teal Scott Bosworth. I revisited her, and found, for the second time, that her life-story that explains how come she is an indigo child, is a fabrication.

Now, she may be an indigo child, Source doesn’t seem to know about indigo children, so there you have it.

She may have special abilities that don’t show up for me, but what she doesn’t seem to have is the ability and the results she promises.

My vibrational reviews check for that. I don’t care if she was a swimsuit model, I don’t care if she did wild things, so have I.

I know that whatever you say will be contorted to fit the person’s agenda, fit the person’s fixed view of life, so whenever you open your mouth: be mindful, please, that you don’t become victim of that.

Some 20 years ago I wrote an article about a dancer’s performance, and shared my fantasy as I was watching her dance. A well known New York magazine wrote in an article about me: Sophie is obviously a lesbian…

Wow, if you fantasies made you what you fantasize about, then you would be in deep trouble. But of course, saying that about me sold issues: I had a 90 thousand strong following at the time. I first threatened to sue them for defamation of character, then changed my mind.

People liked to read my articles because they liked to read my article, not because they thought I only slept with men… Which is the truth, but who cares. I reserve my right to fantasize: if people fantasized more and acted less on their whims, there would be no rape, no murder, no war, no arguments, no overdrawn credit cards, and marital infidelity. All those would move to the domain of fantasies: quite satisfying, if you ask me.

But, of course, if you are one of the “religious” people intimidated by the church people into thinking that thinking about something, dreaming about something, constitutes sin, then you are already doomed, might as well kiss, rape, get pregnant… for you it is all the same: there is nothing I can offer you, you are sheep, and sold your soul for safety.

One of my readers said that months ago he was mortified to see me as the Antichrist… but then came back and now he has started on his path to be an individual, unhindered by religious bs… I love his courage.

Antichrist… how can you be anti of something that doesn’t exist? But that is another question.

All I wanted to do in this article is that whatever you say isn’t heard the way you meant it to be heard. And whatever you hear wasn’t meant to be heard the way you heard it.

For you to hear exactly what is being heard, you need to be firmly seated in Self, need to know who you are, and then you will have the courage to hear what people say from “over there” where they are.

But you knowing who you are is missing. Being firmly seated in your Self is missing. You being present is missing.

The world is screwed, your life is screwed. Until you start the process of becoming you, instead of a puppet on a string, self-righteous based on what other people have said is right, moral, or whatever.

Get busy, or get that no one and nothing can help you until you do.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Morality, morals, conduct befitting a high vibration person”

  1. Coming from a cradle Catholic …reading this article hit home in so many ways. The bottom line is in the eyes of the catholic church you can’t even squeak without being a sinner. It’s a terrible burden to carry. Sophie. this article keeps demonstrating how important it is to shed our layers to truly become who we were meant to be. Was it power that has enabled the catholic church to beat down its members or fear?

  2. I think that the origin of religion, any religion, any need for a god, started with fear.

    I am agoraphobic. I feel safe going anywhere where I can hold someone’s hand, or at least a cane, or something solid feeling.

    By the same token, I think, all kinds of beliefs of a deity, a higher power, an all knowing, all seeing, all powerful being gave people a pseudo-parent, and set them on their path to give up their power.

    The Christian church just exploited this fear, and made it stronger, made it more frightening.

  3. “The article she is commenting on is my second review of Teal Scott Bosworth.” – I guess it was a typo then.

    (Please tell me if you don’t want me to put such silly little detail based remarks on your blog – it might come from the sole excitement of making contact, I’m still a child, you know)


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