How The Tree of Knowledge goes against nature… on the level of individual. Case studies

sensations-the-need-for-a-new-scienceThe insights of this article came from participants. The insights could not have come without participants looking at their behavior and attitude from the sensations perspective, which is the Tree of Life, working with what nature intended.

On a sidenote: I don’t think nature intended 99% of humans to be obsolete and be replaced by Artificial Intelligence. I think nature intended evolution on a more human trajectory.

But back to what we have discovered, what we have observed, what we have gleaned.

First off: I will begin calling the feelings that come through the senses: Sensations. I think that the book should be re-christened as well… but it is really not up to me.

I’ll organize the observations by the soul correction… but you may find your limiting behavior in any soul correction.

In this article I’ll include two case studies… and I intend to make this a series… so expect more articles with more case studies.

  • Case study #1: Silent Partner: I am Slow

    My deep conviction has been that I’m supposed to do everything very carefully, not to miss out on anything, any detail. I’ve been sticking to it for a long time now, and it didn’t really seem like I had a choice, didn’t seem like I could do things differently.

    So reading, writing, working, translating, even playing computer games that required quick reflexes — I’ve been doing all these things (and more) really slowly, carefully, thinking that it’s the only right way. That I have to.

    What I didn’t see was that it simply may not be effective, or at least not in every situation, to go slowly, looking at things from up close. That it may be more effective to do these things faster, looking at them from a distance. Not trying to ‘milk it’ the first time around, but rather just go, without stopping, and let myself get whatever I get. Get wet.

    It’s as if I’ve been driving through life in first gear only, convinced that I can’t or shouldn’t change gears, so as to not make a mistake or miss something. Which is totally against my nature.

    What I also see here is that this kind of behavior is a behavior of someone who doesn’t have or doesn’t trust their foundation, or doesn’t even realize that there can be something like a foundation, and that they build it and use it; something that once it is there, one can use it and keep adding to it, without having to go back to the level of a total beginner (in that particular thing) and without having to make every little decision consciously, without having to monitor every move consciously. Or, as in the case of reading, without having to process every sentence word by word and constantly double-check if I got it right.

    I’ve been reading not for understanding since the last Feelings webinar, and it’s been more engaging and fun… so I’m reading more. I think this is mostly where that insight came from, and I’d like to acknowledge that distinction as source.

    my answer is to attempt to crystallize the essence:

    OK, so this is how slowness comes in… it’s a way of doing things that perpetuates itself, because from looking from that close, you can’t see anything and you will make many mistakes.

    I am alone. I can only count on myself. I better be careful, and do it well or I’ll die.

    • So reading for the mechanics loosened it up in reading.
    • Is there any visible way you can bring this to driving?
    • Does physically leaning back alter anything?
    • Does bringing “you don’t have to understand” allow the cone of vision or the distance get bigger?

    Please answer my questions one by one… this is not just for you, this is also for the so many Silent Partners I have been turning away saying: I cannot work with “Silent Partner”, sorry

    My experience with Silent Partner is that they are rigid, caught up in detail, and are very hard to move. Slow.

    I never understood why they are slow. But seeing that they look at things from too closely because it feels the only way to survive, the only way to do things right, explains.

    Conclusion: the rules Silent Partner obeys comes from the Tree of Knowledge.

    When you want to look at everything, from close, you are working at cross purposes with life.

    Imagine a deer being so closely examining a piece of grass that it forgets to look at the whole… and gets mowed down.

    I see this same issue in the question Tai Lopez quotes in his email

    “But Tai…” I can hear you saying, “How do you manage to not just read a book a day, but retain the lessons it teaches you?”

    The huge concern for retaining the information.

    Your concern for retaining the information is against nature. Nature works by immersion. Nature works by telling you to keep your awareness open. Nature tells you not to go too close to anything, not to narrow your cone of vision so you block out the rest of life. Or anything…

    • Your first priority, in nature, is to be aware. Awake. Ready for anything.
    • Your second priority is to feed yourself… so you have energy to get to safety
    • Your third priority is to soak up information, without looking for it. Because you don’t know what is relevant, you need to soak it all up. Unconsciously. By exposing yourself to the information, your below the conscious huge brain stores it, and you have it available when you need it.

    Now, books are information. Not something to force your brain to retain. It is information that is not more relevant than the weather, the smirk on your colleague’s face, or the dark clouds on the horizon.

    It’s all equally important information.

    When you are in the shower you don’t force each drop of water to land on you. Whatever lands makes you wet.

    And that is in alignment with nature.

    When I learned PhotoReading, a technique that proved to me how much my brain saw while I was doing other things, I could effortlessly raise the number of books I read, because I could read much faster.

    I do not use PhotoReading. I love reading too much. But if and when I don’t own a book, and have a few minutes, I will PhotoRead it… I will allow my brain to read it without me having to see any of the words in that book.

    When I’ll need it, the information will be there.

    OK, what have we seen, so far.

    That the Tree of Knowledge, the whole culture of the mind, is using force. Rules that force. Fear that forces. And all that force, all that violence takes you out of your natural way of being, and in the case of Silent Partner, makes you “nose to the grindstone” slow.

    There is no force in nature. And there are no rules in nature.

    Nature is actually quite relaxed and alert. You can be relaxed and alert…

    When you say “relax” from the mind, you mean going unconscious. That is the other side of “forcing”… when you force something, you need to shut the whole system off to rest.

    I force nothing and I am alert and aware 24/7… Probably 22/7. I am able to be alert and aware even in my sleep… although my hunch is that in the 1-2 hour long deep sleep phase, I am not aware.

  • self-hateCase Study #2: Removing Hatred: numb… I don’t feel anything at all.

    …this morning at work my stomach was growling away, but I didn’t feel hungry. Is that an example of me being shut off from my feelings, or, as you said in your article, sensations? Because with that feeling or sensation of my stomach growling, there are no words it is responding to. It is occurring internally.

    It’s like emotions have been superimposed over the feelings?

    My answer:

    I have detected disgust with all the “Removing Hatred”, and disgust would be a good beginning to suppress.

    It is TLB 1… because it is not the ideal pretty that you want to see. stinky. 1

    You will see that almost everything you’ll have to go through will involve raising your TLB.

    And you have to be prepared that you’ll have to come down to the level of “other people” once you are willing to acknowledge that you have a body and bodily functions. Ugh… right?

    If anything pertaining to the body is unseemly, disgusting, ugly to you, then you are dealing with the same issues as “Removing Hatred”. You’ll be only want to deal with easy and pretty… and you’ll never amount to anything, because you don’t want to learn (it’s hard) you don’t want to read (it’s hard) you don’t want to change (it’s hard).

    And you’ll eat with your mind… and other bodily functions too… No fun, no sensations break through to your consciousness, no guidance.

  • Just came in: Soul Correction: Circuitry: I am good, but I am good!

    Hello Sophie,

    Sensations….much clearer. (The Feelings book is already high glycogen/confusing.)

    Colour exercise: Is there a trick/mechanism to not accidentally name/label?

    I messed up items 1 and 2 by accidentally labelling them as ‘almost X colour’.

    Item 3 (current) is a peculiar one to me. Not sure what shade it is of what.

    My answer:

    no trick. take control of yourself.

    if the Feelings book needs glycogen, then you are reading for understanding.
    Read for fun, read for mechanics, read for getting wet.

    Glycogen should only be used for strategic thinking. not for reading.

    continue doing the color exercise. not with your mind. with your eyes

    This should already make sense without any more commentary… If you don’t know what is the color exercise, it is much like a dog looking for a type of grass that will make him vomit… to get rid of some digestive issue. The dog is looking for the grass without naming it… and finds it without naming it. No glycogen (brain power) needed.

Last thing: thank you so very much to all the contributors. I love you and I am proud of you.

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  1. Removing Hatred is the “wearing rose colored glasses” person, who wants everything to be pretty, nice, because they can’t stand ugly, evil, angry, or anything not pretty.

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