Life is for living. But what does that mean?

humility will take you to your destinyI have come to say: “I don’t see how it can be done”

It’s taken me many years… and diligent practice.

My soul correction is arrogance… Knowing it all. And being rigid about it.

In the olden days I used to say: “There is no way”, or “I can’t…” or “It can’t be done”

The difference between the two attitudes is: one is arrogant, the other is not. It has taken me this long, because letting go of what you know, letting go of knowing that you see the truth… is painful.

question-the-status-quoMany people mistakenly think that humility has no “I” in it…

…but of course humility has the most “I” in it. But the “I” of humility is a kind of owner of what is, what was, what will be… or not. It is the “I” that has to change what it sees, what it says. It is the “I” that has to let go. No “I”, you only obey. You only do what someone tells you to do… there is no “I” to see.

Arrogance (Pride) pretends to be “I-less”, but it is lying. Arrogance declares itself the mouthpiece of the Universe…

When I say “It can’t be done” I lie. Why is it a lie? Because I don’t know. The real question is: are you willing to stay open for you to see something you haven’t seen? Or see things the way you haven’t seen them?

My experimentation has taught me that 70-80% of what looks impossible isn’t.

Now: does this mean that had I tried to go by what I saw, when it looked impossible, things would turn out? No. That would be foolish… like a blind man walking straight into traffic…

No. You don’t see your way if all you see that it can’t be done. You need to clear your eyes and then… look again. And look and look. Allow something new to show up.

This is true about everything that you are willing to make work.

not-humilityIf you insist that what you see is the truth, nothing but the truth, the whole truth, your life cannot change.

Your eyes show you a stored picture. Always. And those stored pictures make life stuck…

Your life is stuck the way it is is because the things you know.

If you never learned anything new, just started to be lead about your life, about life, and made look at it slightly differently, your life, with every new look, would start to be loosened from its anchors.

And once it is loosened from enough anchors (plenty remaining!) you can start to turn it around.

The trick is to bring humility to it.

Some of the anchors tie you to an illusion that you are this way and that. Or that you can certainly do this and that. Or that you are certainly smarter/dumber, more or less than others.

Seeing more or letting go of how it is, how you are, will bring you closer, will bring your map of reality closer to how reality is…

Life is about living.

Living is an awful lot of saying yes and saying no.

What makes you alive is not security, not safety, not even winning. It is living.

Living means allowing life, yourself, others to change. And then adjusting yourself and your behaviors to the new. Winning is not significant, and losing is neither.

They say “showing up”…

Showing up is coming to life from letting go of the anchors you can see you have.

In the 67 step coaching you’ll start to see more and more anchors as you do the steps. And even more as you climb the circular step the second and the third time.

Some anchors fall away, have to, and you find yourself in a whole new life, with a whole new set of opportunities. Even if you are the most reluctant, arrogant, delusional of my students.

Why? Because as long as you keep your eyes peeled, the soul trusts you that eventually you’ll see the light.

I watched this senior beauty pageant this morning. I recognized myself. I recognized the oldies exercise class. I also recognized something I have been wondering about: I open up the possibility of being different for a lot of folks in the class.

You see, the participants in the pageant are willing to live life, instead of acting their age, the way society expects old people to just wait to die, while they make no waves.

Dance, sing, be silly, because they can.

And who said you can’t do that at any age? Some of you are old before your time. Some of you have given up on life.

You are serious… you do yoga. You are a vegan. You are an activist… and you are dead. No aliveness.

The only thing that can make anyone alive is allowing LIFE to be unpredictable… and who has been predicting life? YOU.

When you let go some of the anchors (you have thousands!) life can start being fun.

If you have been seeking excitement, variety, unpredictability in games, or videos, or browsing the web: I bet you didn’t know that you are the same through all that… what you see is what you have always seen, who you be is who you have always been… secure, and dead.

Make the changes in you… by letting go of some of the anchors.

And allow something like the 67 step coaching to take you to look for them in places where you would not go on your own.

But instead of analyzing what you see, or what you hear, write “dissertations” on them, allow for them to start working in you, like yeast works in bread.

Tai said in yesterday step I took (the 495 thousand dollar Honda) that your goal is: adjusted instinct. This is the first time I heard this expression, even though I have heard this step four times before.

Once you see something that you didn’t know, or something that you knew but was not so… don’t try to learn the thing… that will be just another anchor… and you want to live without anchors.

You want to live with the guidance of your senses that are sharp and aren’t clouded with knowledge.

OK, here is the video of the senior pageant.



If you recognize your pride… and you can see that it keeps you from your destiny, keeps you the same… you may want to try your hand on my Third Phase activator: Wrongful Pride. These activators, the Third Base, make the Effortless Abundance Activator pop… and make you wake up ready, and productive… because these 10 fundamental issues, character issues, are the strongest anchors to smallness.

But before you do, make sure you have me check your vibration… If your vibration is too low, you may need something else to do first, before I trust you to do my activators


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