Instant Healing, Instant Transformation. The Dream Scam

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I have started to do one-on-one consulting again. I didn’t know what to expect, but I now know I can handle anything…

I just started today, so I have had one session. It was wonderful, and the results could be spectacular, except…

This is what this article will be about, that “except…” To see what’s in the way of anyone, any modality, any methodology being able to produce results, ever.

We live in a world of instant gratification, and instant is expected.

It is also propagated by stupid, ignorant, fraudulent practitioners, like the ones I write about in my vibrational reviews. In fact, there are 20 million pages telling you that instant whatever is possible, and it is your birthright, just pay a little bit of money for it.

I participated in Landmark Education for 27 years. They also, albeit not openly, promise that you will have a breakthrough in your effectiveness, in your results, in the quality of your life. What they are not saying is that it is not promised because it is up to you.

So, what are these programs, what are these practitioners do, if not what they are promising, if not what you are paying for?

They actually deliver an insight (if that).

Insights are a dime a dozen, unless they are turned into tangible, count-on-able results, an alteration in your being, actions, attitudes, permanently, or at least for a long time.

But insights only takes a short time, they only take some brilliance, but producing lasting results in the domain of being, doing and having may take painstaking instruction, real distinctions, and they are far from being instant.

So what happens, out there, is that people feel better, while they feel better they do something, accidentally that also feels good, and they brag about it. Voila, instant results. Flash in the pan, non-reproducible, an accident. A happy accident, but accident nevertheless. Practitioners’ testimonials pages are filled with bragging about accidents like these…

Why is this? Why don’t people give you the whole deal, why don’t people take your hand and lead you through the painful process of building a new reality, a new you?

For two reasons:

  1. You are really not interested in that. What? You heard me right. As long as there are courses and practitioners that advertise instant transformation, with no effort on your part, you will go there… heck with working, right?You don’t want to work. You don’t want to see. You don’t want anything other than the illusion of result. You want consolation. You want religion. You want miracles. You want Law of Attraction. You don’t want transformation, you don’t want any of the stuff that you would need to do, be, and have, to have real results
  2. They themselves live a s-h-i-t-t-y life, they had never done the work themselves, so they cannot teach you, they cannot hold your hand, they only know how to talk a good talk… ten times a day… the rest is your problem.

Now you have it. And in the meanwhile the world is going out in a body bag.

Except… Today I realized that if I make you a custom activator, powered by the Avatar State, there is a slim chance that you are going to play that. It will open up your ability to look, to see, to get curious, and maybe, just maybe, do some of the work that is required of you.

There are no instant results. There is no such thing as instant healing and instant transformation.

In fact, until now, there hasn’t been any kind of healing and transformation… for more than one percent of participants. Why so few? For the same reason that a Howard Roark, or the man who invented the fire, the wheel, etc. is so unique. There are only a few producers, the rest of them are moochers, looters, second-handers… that’s why. 2

But with the use of the Avatar State activators, this number can be raised to 10-20%, and that is a big deal.

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  1. I am referring here to The Fountainhead
  2. I am referring here to The Fountainhead

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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