What is enlightenment? Are your gurus, sages, mystics enlightened?

What is enlightenment? Are the gurus, sages, mystics of the day enlightened? If their enlightenment were a sex organ, how much would they have to play with?

Enlightenment is a big word. It is a huge accomplishment.

Enlightenment is a way of being that is unburdened by the mind, the concerns society imposes on you. It is a simple way of being joy, rejoicing with life is the normal.

Just like with many other things in the domain of being, the nature of reality is such, that you can only see the tip of the iceberg of enlightenment.

We see the peacefulness of the person, the smile.

If is hard to tell if a person is peaceful as an act, carefully rehearsed, or the result of coming to peace.

But when I merge with their body, their feelings, their being, I can tell what the thin veneer is hiding: an unpeacefulness, that is often worse than yours.

The “gurus” count on you not being able to tell the difference. Gurudom is big business, and very few people are able to say “no” to big business. It’s easy money: you just repeat what you have heard or read, simple lies, simple untruths, that appeal to your simple mind.

People want consolation. They want a chocolate torte that soothes their jagged nerves. They want to sleep a little better. They want to make money a little easier. They want a little more smiles.

People are simple, with small and simple desires.

You give people hope. If you give hope to enough people you make a lot of money. If that is the need of people, a little hope, then is it immoral to give it to them?

Maybe, measuring by the morals of society, it is not immoral. Just like it is accepted that surgeons to keep themselves and the hospitals in business, perform millions of unnecessary surgeries on your gall bladder, on your knees, on your hips, on your heart.

The world is run by politicians, and doctors of today are politicians: if you are willing to pay, then it’s moral.

But when I go inside these people, they are not happy. They are miserable. Why? The Self, the Soul, has a different “code” and it will make them miserable. It makes them miserable.

So what is the path to enlightenment?

Regardless of where somebody starts, the path is counter intuitive.

Before you can go up, you have to go down. And meet all the stuff, all the thoughts, all the inclinations, all the dreams, all the fantasies, all the nasty stuff that you have there.

Why? I don’t know. But I can give you an analogy that is off-color, but it works.

If life were sex, you would need a sex organ. If life were about pro-creation, then you would need a sex organ that is functional.

Now that we have established that, we need to look at anatomy: you need a sex organ that is long enough to inject your seed into the female.

As you are now, spiritually, emotionally, your sex organ is about 90% hidden under the conscious layer, that layer that you have to play with. It is as if you had an organ of less than an inch long… not much to play with, is there?

As your vibration rises, this length and the amount of play you can have increases.

But the overall length does not grow: you just have liberated inches from below the conscious.

When we look at a very fat man, you see that in order for them to have access to more of their “capacity” they would have to lose weight, change their ways of eating, participating with food, with their body, with their life.

A path to enlightenment is a journey into the underbelly of the beast. Very few people in history were willing to make all that trip. With traditional methods, like meditation, yoga, it takes a few lifetimes to go that deep, at the expense of any other activity.

Few people attempt it, and ever fewer people succeed.

It is a lonely journey, and the rewards are at best “maybe.”

With the methodology of using energies every step of the way, this trip is becoming increasingly more fruitful.

With the assistance of the Avatar State Audios it is easier to go down deep.

I would compare it with diving. If you dive freely and without a weighted rope to guide you both ways, you never know where exactly you are, or even which way is up or down.

But having a rope, having weights, having oxygen tanks, having wet-suits, having people ready to pull you up when you need to be pulled up makes a shorter and easier job of diving, diving deep, and diving safely, to explore the depths.

As long as you are willing to explore, and as long as you are willing to stay aware and conscious, no matter how deep you go, no matter what you find there, you are going to succeed at the phase you are at.

The challenge, as you see, is willingness, and awareness. Awareness, consciousness, don’t live in the mind. The mind is judgmental, the mind is afraid, the mind is past-based. In awareness you are never looking at past, you are always looking at now, and you are always just looking at it.

There are no meanings in awareness. There are no becauses, no excuses, no explanations, things just are, and they can be observed. Feelings, inclinations, desires, dreams, thoughts, actions… just observed, no meaning, no future, no because… just observed.

This is the first and hardest obstacle a person needs to go beyond, the mind.

Only when one can stay conscious, aware, and observe the mind, the body, the breathing, the behavior, is when one is ready to go deep.

Society teaches that you are your mind. The power of your mind, mind power, blah blah blah are all words and expressions invented to keep you in the mind: the mind is the dominion of the Dark Side, of enslavement, of reducing you to sheep.

Awakening means simply the moment when you see that you are not your mind, you are not your past, you are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings. That you are an individual.

Very few people awaken, and even most of those go back to sleep.

It is much like the fish jumping out of water, looking down and seeing, only in the contrast of the moment, that it had been living in water. But gravity is strong, and the gravity of mind, the gravity of the “matrix”, the pull, the pull of the illusion, the dream, is tremendously strong.

And this, getting out of the mind, at will, is only the first step. The first step of many.

Is it worth it?

Only you can tell.

The path is available, the method is ready. Are you?

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