More Vibrational Reviews: Ralph Smart, Mashhur Anam, Elma Mayer, Braco, Carnelian Sage

Ralph Smart aka Infinite Waters
Personal vibration: 170
Truth value of message: 150
mashhur-anamMashhur Anam founder of Life Harmonized
Mashhur Anam is an alchemist of life transformation who is guided by a belief and deep knowing that anything is possible. Over the years, curiosity, exploration and a desire to help humanity raise its collective consciousness, have guided him to explore the holographic nature of our universe and uncover a multitude of algorithms and equations that create and design our reality as we know it.Personal vibration: 190 (re-measured on 9/12/13 and it dropped to 170)
Truth value of methods, teachings, tools: 150
Elma Mayer
Elma Mayer healer (people search for Alma Mayer)
Personal vibration: 170
Methods truth value/effectiveness: 100, or about 30% of the time, due to the placebo effect.
Braco. Although he doesn’t call himself a healer, thousands who have experienced his gaze do.Others call Braco a Conduit of Divine Energy.

Others call Braco a Gazer, a Lightworker or even a Vibrational Healing Artist who is somehow able to silently and instantly heal, peacefully massaging the consciousness of tens of thousands around the world into feeling better or embracing more joy.

We just call Braco a beautiful man … …with an extraordinary gift to share.
If I understand it correctly this Braco just stands there looking (gazing) and people heal from that. Yummy.
Personal vibration: 170
Wields energies: no

Carnelian Sage… this is pseudonym. the person behind it: Personal vibration: 150.
The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World: truth value: 1% (99% bs.)

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “More Vibrational Reviews: Ralph Smart, Mashhur Anam, Elma Mayer, Braco, Carnelian Sage”

  1. Hi Sophie – so much time wasted with these people! But so many people including me have used some of these ‘gurus’ that you have reviewed and always, for me anyway, to no avail. I was constantly looking for the quick fix and all I got was broke! Or if I was lucky, my money back and a load of time wasted!

    Just out of interest, who are the few that you have measured so far that are in any way worthy of taking note of what they say etc?

    Kind Regards


  2. Tell me Peter, is it the Frank in you or the Matt in you that asks this question? Or is it that what we do together isn’t working for you? Or you have some more money to burn?

    If I could recommend anything, it would be books that teach you new ways of being, for example the Anastasia series… although it’s a novel (a story, made up, etc.) it teaches you a thing or two about how to be a human being.

    Not many are out there… most of humanity is brainwashed, and therefore they can only teach what’s in line with the bs they were inculcated with.

    But you need no other energetic input, you need to start DOINGs and BEINGs consistent with your capacities… of course in that you are NOT interested in… That is a Frank… right?

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