The Desire Trap and how to release it… A life with greed, want, desire, or resistance cannot be a happy life

The book Feelings writes at length about the Desire Trap, 1 but ultimately offers no escape route.

So I have been observing, and experimenting. Also attempting to widen the definition.

Desire for what…

The essence of the desire trap is two-fold

  • 1. what you desire is not possible for you, or not right now. So you fantasize about it, and it gives you momentary relief… and thus it creates the trap. You keep desiring and you keep fantasizing about getting it.
  • 2. what you desire is not up to you, or desiring it is a “rule” you made up for survival. Because it is not up to you, you can’t attain your desire.

The physical manifestation of desire is greed, and it shows up in the throat.

Why there? I wasn’t the person who designed humans, so I don’t have an answer.

The desire is always about survival. Or seeming survival. But survival nevertheless.

What shows it is about survival that imagining not ever getting what you desire immediately brings up pictures of harakiri, or death, or some other form of annihilation.

That is what drives the engine: the threat… or perceived threat.

Our level of clarity has a lot to do with what we consider elementary for survival… the less clear we are (the lower the vibration) the more stuff we consider elementary. Our TLB is deeply connected.

  • Desire for acceptance, the doormat syndrome: You want to be accepted, by everyone, because of an early experience that was impactful and told you (mistakenly) that unless you fit in, unless you are regarded, or liked, you are as good as dead. Family, peer pressure, living in a country with different skin color from yours, having “the wrong” religion, being small, funny looking, too smart, not smart enough… the situations are endless.
  • Desire for status. All the money greed is desire for status. Status means: you are above many people. The more people you can climb above the more status you have.
  • Desire for companionship: this is mostly women, or needy men. Companionship means: at least one person thinks that you are special… and you can indulge in temporary stay from death
  • Desire for pleasure: Pleasure here is anything that blocks the fear of death, the impending doom, the inevitable death. Many means of pleasure. Diminishing returns. The sign of a weak TLB.
  • All resistance is a desire trap. It feels that everything anyone says to you is designed to entrap you. So you resist, but your resistance is a desire trap itself. Your survival is jeopardize, because no man is an island, and left to your own devices, you are quite stupid, and you only notice it when you already screwed up.

“In order to” is part of the desire trap. Sometimes that is the only visible sign that you are in a desire trap. The opposite is “for no reason”.

The “missing out on things” is part of the desire trap. The sign of a weak “I”.

The thing you want is outside of you. Approval, money, being well thought of, escape, status, companionship, acceptance.

The Desire Trap is one of the symptoms and one of the causes of a weak “I”.

You often neglect even to fulfill on the hardware-type needs,
the need for sustenance
the need for information
the need for procreation
the need for safety
the need for group

to control yourself and your environment. All delusional, all against nature, all against survival, hoping that you can survive this way.

Your emphasis is on the software-type needs (meaning: animals don’t have it) the lowest of those is “meeting the expectations of others”… which only means: being able to live in society and not be disruptive. Polite, lawful, non-using and non-abusing. Peaceful co-existence. Pleasing others, conforming to others idea of you, etc. are not part of the software-type need, they are actually a misunderstanding, and part of a desire trap.

Until you can take back your power, and stop wanting to be liked, or even respected, or be respectable, or have status, you can’t move to the next software type need, where you matter. to you.

The need to fulfill your own expectations. Where the actions, the motivation for actions come from within, and not for without. A sense of Self, a core.

And obviously, unless you have already fulfill your own expectations, unless your actions and motivation come from within, you will NEVER get to self-actualization: there is no Self.

Your vibrational number clearly shows where you are on the hierarchy of needs. Self-actualization begins around 300.

Self-actualization is where life isn’t about survival. It is about becoming all you can be. Built on the fulfilled hardware-type needs and the fulfilled software type needs one and two.


I have gotten out of the Desire Trap by noticing the greed in the throat and letting it go.

I do not have a technology to get out of the desire trap and Margoczi neither. But I have gotten out of it by noticing the greed in the throat and letting it go.

The operative word is noticing. The lock of the desire trap is in the throat.

When you bring conscious awareness to the lock in the throat, you can release it, or it may release on its own accord.

Forcing it is more of the same: desire trap: resistance, wanting the world go your way.

You need to allow the lock to drop, to release, because it cannot survive being seen for what it is: a trick. A mechanism. The YOU created. Based on mistaken ideas, unreality.

When you release the lock (temporarily) in the throat, pull back the attention on yourself, inside, and give that part some energy with that attention you already had. Just redirect the attention, gently. It shouldn’t have to have any content, any words, any meaning. Just the energy of attention. Much like meditation… but shorter. It is, maybe, necessary to close your eyes for a minute.

If you notice words, drop them. The words are again forcing, more of the same. No words. Not even “drop it”. The words take the energy out of the attention, and redirect it to the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of Death.

This may take a long time to master, but it’s worth it.

Then only thing that can get you out of the desire trap is to redirect that energy, and grow the inside. No naming it, nothing but energy…

Once the inside is filled, and strong, it will be an authentic choice to do for it, learn for it, care for it, loving it.

Having a self.

Self is not a definition of a person. Not your horoscope, not your numerological “reading”. Self is energy that fills the inside. On the side of Life.

Words don’t fill the inside… they actually impoverish it. Even if, occasionally words spring to life from the Self…

But that happens once Self is there.

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  1. Quoting from the Feelings book by Margoczi:

    Although the desire trap may look harmless at the first sight, this is the trap the most people suffer from around the world. Another reason for discussing the desire trap first is because it often connects to other traps to form trap systems with them. In order to understand the essence of traps, let us take an example. Let me invite my dear reader for a pint of beer in the local pub (or the more sensitive ones for a tea in a tea shop). We are sitting there peacefully with our beer at the counter when the rhetorical question arises: Do I desire a beer? The answer is: No way. The man who has been wandering around the desert for two days: yes, he desires a beer. He’ll almost die to get a beer, that is how strong his desire is! As a matter of fact, you can also desire a beer when you are sitting at the counter but you cannot fall into a desire trap. You only need to stretch out your arm and the beer is yours. Due to its function, desire can only exist for a few seconds until we get the object of desire. The two criteria of a desire trap though are: the desire itself and the fact that you cannot get the object of your desire.

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