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Note: most of my articles are my inquiry to concerns or issues my readers have and share with me. I do the work, often through articles, or personal conversations, and then, when I am ready, I create an Avatar State audio, so it can be useful.

I don’t believe that my articles are any useful without the energetic support of the Avatar State audio/activator, because where you read from where you listen from is enemy territory: your mind.

On the other hand, combined with the audios, you can start hearing with your intelligence, and start doing the work. This is how I get my work done with you, reliably… not just mind stuff, not just understanding, but actual transformation.

Many people have a difficult time committing, let alone pursue their commitment persistently.

Let’s examine what’s there, so we can actually address that issue, and pull it up like a weed, so even these people can have a great life.

Commitment: what is it?

Many people use commitment as if it were a tool that you take out of your toolbox. Other people use commitment as a way to tie themselves down, to enslave themselves, so they have an excuse for not living, not living fully. Some teachers say: show me your commitments and I’ll know who you are.

Lots of feelings come to the surface as you read those sentences, I know because I’ve felt them too.

One of the most cherished quality in life is freedom. The freedom to choose, the freedom to change your mind, the freedom to live your way.

Commitment seems to be the spoiler of all things freedom. It seems that it will take over your life, and that will be the end of you, the end of your freedom to be yourself.

The way the “world” uses the word, commitment, this is actually an accurate description. And you have even guessed their motivation correctly: enslavement. Yes, the “world” of humans want you to toe the line, join them, do your part, and stop being an individual. They don’t care about you or what you want to do with your life. They only care that you give it up and become a cog, a sheep, one of them, part of the big machine, the matrix.

That is the way the world uses the word, as the lasso 2is used to catch wild horses.

If you are someone who you don’t know what you want, your Self is completely covered up and seemingly disappeared, this is the only act: declaring your commitment, that you can have to give yourself a sense of being an individual. But when you look, you only seem to have one “commitment:” to be off the hook, to stay out of the matrix, to resist.

Where are you standing that you are resisting from? You see, your core, your Self has YES as its main word, your periphery, the public, the created, the reactive, the put together part of you, the persona, has NO as its guiding light.

When you resist, you resist from the periphery. You haven’t done the work of going inward and finding the ultimate riches of YES. You hope that your NO will keep you out of the machine, you don’t realize that having NO is part of the machine… you are IN the machine, and you are a puppet on a string.

Your resistance is your clue. You can feel it in your chest, in your shoulders, in your neck… in holding your breath… throughout.

When you resist, you can’t have your hands on the levers and dials of your life. You can’t have the reins. You have handed them over to “them” and you are a puppet. Only from YES can one have power!

Another form of resistance is going away, abandoning, slipping away, falling asleep, getting busy… and the most “hip” of all forms of resistance is multi-tasking. They are all a version of “no.”

Multi-tasking is the surest path to no involvement, no accomplishment, no sense of self, no individuality, no joy, no fulfillment. It is also the hardest-to-detect way of resistance, the hardest-to-detect form of unwillingness to surrender to one’s own commitment.

You see, we are all looking for our commitment, our path, our happiness “out there”, on the periphery, or “out in the world…”

Those things we find are not a fit for us, they serve others, the will of the majority, and at best they make you look good.

Commitment is an inside job. Inner than your periphery. Inner than where you live your life. It will need you to dig for it. Dig through the politically correct things to say, and actually start paying attention to the inner levers and dials of your being, your “yes”. Most of what you will see, are going to be “no’s”, they will be reaction to some perceived insult, failure, or force.

The best way I can demonstrate this is an exercise on paper and pen. You’ll notice that you will want to do it in your head. That is resistance.

Now, here is the exercise: take a blank sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle. You have two columns.

On the top of the first column, write: I am committed to…

And on the top of the second column, write: I am in action about…

Examine your life, your mind, areas of your life, your conversations with friends, your declarations, and look deeply and long at what you have been saying you are committed to, and also what you are in action about.

Hang out with this exercise for at least a week, add to the list at least once a day.

See what you see… Your consistent actions belie commitments, whether they are declared or undeclared… Some of you are committed to suffering, victimhood, being a loser, failing, or just plain being miserable or sick.

In the end you will see commitments that you have no intention on acting about. You will see actions that have no commitment in them other than avoiding any kind of commitment. And, if you are lucky, you’ll find some real commitments that broke through the resistance/unwillingness barrier and have expressed themselves in your life, already. If it is just words, they don’t count!

Most of you will find nothing of the sort.

Your commitments can be in the domain of being, having, and doing, depending on your individuality.

I am a doer. That is my individuality. Restrict me in doing and I’ll be miserable.  (You’ll be most likely different.)

If you are lucky (and diligent and go beyond the surface) you’ll find one thing that is at the crux of your life.

That one thing is a good candidate to put front and center, and make the context of your life.

Test it, don’t take it for granted that you found the “one”.

If it stands the test of time, then commit to it. You see, you have a commitment you have never committed yourself to.

My commitment in the domain of being is freedom. Or more clearly, I think, it’s liberty. Anything. that I say. restricts my liberty takes away from my life. I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it… feel it, be it. Other people tend to curtail my liberty, if I let them. They bring their concerns with them, their emotions, their agenda, and they are all things to deal with… violating my liberty in time, in space, in feelings. But who is willing to be hooked is me… so I violate my commitment to stay free and unencumbered, quite often. Not as often as I used to, but often enough…

I am willing to go to hellish places (and I do), as long as I said so… as long as I can see that it is my choice, that what I am going to get out of it is consistent with what I want to accomplish.

My commitment in the domain of doing is to be a pathfinder… “living on the edge, generating distinctions of transformation for humankind.” I have been able to live that for 21 years, consciously. That is when my vibration began to rise, by the way.

As you can see, there is a lot of hell to go to for my commitment.

You probably have a commitment that allows you to be nicer to yourself. Don’t look at other people’s commitment: they won’t work for you, just like their skin won’t fit you.

Be you. And do the work. Once you are united, consciously, with your main commitment, you can put all of life inside that, and start living the life you were meant to live.

But on the way you’ll need to find all the ways you avoid, all the ways you pretend, all the ways you try to be different than you are.

Here is to get the Avatar State Audio… Commitment and Consistency, if this is your “thing…” It will make it easier and faster.

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  2. lasso (ls, l-s)
    n. pl. las·sos or las·soes
    A long rope with a running noose at one end, used especially to catch horses and cattle. Also called lariat.
    tr.v. lassoed, las·so·ing, las·sos or las·soes
    To catch with or as if with such a long rope.
    [Spanish lazo, from Vulgar Latin *laceum, noose; see lace.]

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Commitment and consistency… avatar state”

  1. what resistance in my neck & shoulders & holding my breath? me? how many times in the last few days, i’ve literally had to tell myself to breath,,,, ahhh,,, all caught in the chest & throat. won’t mention the lower back pain painful fingers,,, but i did take out the sheet of paper & pen, didn’t get very far!
    my committed to side was just about equal to my action about side,,, survival, struggle & pain.
    the vibrant colours & textures on my committed list that i’d love to create with are NOT on my action list 🙁 i put my piece of paper down like a hot poker and i had only just started!
    thanks sophie, have really enjoyed your last posts,, very challanging though.

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