The Dark Side… Its Last Attempt To Gobble It All Up, You And Yours. What Can You Do About It?

the dark side uses you to protect itThe Dark Side... What is the Dark Side?

What I thought the Dark Side was, has gone through a lot of changes, from the mundane to the very sophisticated.

If we look, we have approximately as much information and clarity about it as we have about the dark side of the moon... we can't see it.

Dark Side. Evil, what is evil? What is wrong with evil? what is wrong with killing, stealing, lying, cheating, poisoning the rivers, lowering the prices below the product's value, owning all media and giving people what they want, bread and circus? What is wrong with being a politician only to sell out the people you promised that you are going to be "from the people, for the people?"

Or what is wrong with yelling at your spouse and calling them names? Or your employees, or your children, or that knucklehead in the other car?

Or hiding the rotten apples under the beautiful ones in the basket at the farmers market?

ways of evil, ways of the dark side to assert power over another Dark Side. Evil, all that? The big and the small?

You don't know, do you? Even reading it feels bad (unless you are one of them, of course) but you can't put your finger on it, why it's evil, can you?

How about looking at it all through just one simple distinction: evil is seeking power over another. Or even more basic, in the language of ancient Kabbalists: the desire for the self alone.

Hm, isn't that what life is all about? Winning? No.

You see, the problem with seeking power over another is that it flies in the face of the original design.

In the beginning there was only the Light. Its nature was giving, and all it wanted is to give. It was the Source of everything. It created a vessel, a receptacle for its benevolence and gifts.

When the vessel refused to just receive, the Light "created," of itself, a whole big physical universe, so that the vessel can earn its light and so that the vessel can also have something or someone to give to. The Vessel said: "I want to be like YOU!"

But the sparks of the Vessel forgot the beginnings... And the trouble began.

In the Garden of Eden, 1 we see that humanity, the carriers of the sparks of the vessel, decided to disconnect from the Source and seek its own truth, its own game plan, its own game, not the one they were bound to by the promise to Source. 2

How is it going? It's not going well. Less than 1% of all people have power over the rest of them. There is a puppet middle, seemingly with power, but also with power over them, invisible strings moving them (puppet on a string).

And there is the multitudes. You and me. Slaves. Trying to emulate the people in power, desperately trying to experience power by robbing it from others.

That is the state of affairs on Earth in 2011.

What drove it home for me, you ask?

Three things.

  • 1. I read an article about hydro-fracking in my local independent newspaper... and saw that people get displaced; the most beautiful areas get turned into industrial wastelands. For the mega-profits of a few oil companies.
  • 2. I read an article about international mega-mega-mega corporations taking over Israel's entire economy, science, media, production, leaving a whole country enslaved. (I am an Israeli citizen... I wept. It reminded me of the gas chambers six million Jews walked into, like sheep, including all my family, except my father and mother.)
  • 3. I have been coveting this house I rent for 5-6 years. I have been asking Source to give it to me. I realized it last week, that the owner is holding it to give it to his two children as a way to help them start out in life... I felt ashamed, and I got that I was desiring something that belonged to another.

I got it.

God doesn't play favorites

When the Vessel, our "mother" said: "I want to be like you!" to Source, that was a sacred promise. That set the rules of the game. The fact that we invented a new game after we disconnected from Source in the Garden of Eden episode, doesn't change the game.

The game is: Love your neighbor as yourself. Do not desire to take from him, neither stuff, nor honor, dignity, power, space, energy. Nothing.

Play with that which is the same age as you are... says the Hungarian in me. You can have enough without touching something that belongs to another.

But for that you need to rise back to a level of vibration where you can tell the difference, where you have the courage to say no, where you can boycott the Evil, where a country takes back their right to print their own money, where... you add your own right here.

This is your time. YOUR vibrational activation (if you accepted it) will be complete by September 4.

This activation is Source's last attempt to return you to the game you asked for in the beginning. But it is still up to you to return to the straight and narrow, to your brilliant powerful self, and turn away from your puny little games to look good, to be right, to justify yourself while invalidating another, to try to win at all cost, or at least avoid losing.

What are you going to do? I may need to teach you to protect yourself and your rights from the Dark Side.


  1. which was obviously not a physical place, and there was not just Adam and Eve... but it serves well as a teaching story, received eons after the act took place,
  2. In effect we started the Dark Side then and there!

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar