One of my clients emailed me the other day for a permission to sell energized water on ebay.

energized pitcherOne of my clients emailed me the other day for a permission to sell energized water on

It is one possible way to make money with what you bought from me.

When I was first introduced to the concept of Energized Water, I bought product that used entrainment, an energetic process in which the higher energy item pulls up the lower energy item to its own level.

They did that by putting energized water into a chamber: into a pipe you could put into your bottle, between two walls of a mug or a container, into an egg, into a pyramid.

Before I created the Water Energizer Audio, I enabled my clients the same way. My most popular product was the energizer pitcher: it had a closed chamber where you could put energized water, or a gel insert that I energized for clients.

It worked.

You can do the same: you can energize those items: bottles of water, or the gel insert with your Energizer Audio. Just make sure they are energized to the level of coherence.

Ask for permission. My only stipulation is that you put a sticker on each item saying: it was energized with the Energizer Audio… and my website address.

Most people still want to buy the energized insert, even though they have the audio… it is very convenient, and they don’t understand that they can do it themselves…


  1. You screw in the gel insert into the pitcher (or just use purified water)
  2. you fill the pitcher with purified water
  3. you put your headphones around the pitcher and play the audio 26 hours.
  4. You then can use the pitcher for a while without having to charge it again: the gel insert will do the charging. It will still take a day to have fully charged water… but it still feels easier.
  5. Or you can sell the charged gel insert.

Buy the system on amazon:

gel insert:

I used to make quite a nice side income selling energized products online.

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