Afraid to make a mistake?

incoherenceThis past week almost all and every input scrambled my mind. Made me incoherent. Made me restless, and I ended up tired with nothing to show for my feverish-feeling brain activity. I even continued the activity when I slept… or when I couldn’t sleep, like last night.

Familiar? I bet it is.

You can only move forward if and when you are coherent. 1
Coherence is akin to driving a four-horse carriage… it’s powerful, and it goes where you want it to go.

Your mind, as a result of no coherence, is like herding cats. Every cat goes where it wants to go, not where you want it to go.

You make your brain incoherent and then you are surprised that you are not worth a damn.

Because becoming worth a damn requires concerted 2 effort (there is a word that means: all pulling in the same direction… like an orchestra playing the same musical piece under the direction of the conductor) to create music, instead of cacophony.

I rarely get into that state. It’s horrible. And I am finding myself there hours in a day… Why? Because I am somewhat undecided about my move, and about which direction to take my business so I can actually move… lol.

And the more things you are trying to work with at the same time, the more input you get, the more you hope that the answers will come from without, the more incoherent you get.

I am catching it. I am taming it. I am calming the frothing water of my mind.

I don’t hope that from the disorder, from the scattered state some beautiful idea will grow… it won’t.

Beautiful ideas grow out of the silence, not the noise.

When I watch my incoherent students and clients, the activities I can see on my site, or sometimes on facebook… or sometimes from their emails/posts to me, this is what I see:

  • They jump every time an email hits their inbox
  • They jump every time a “friend” of them posts something on their wall
  • They hang out on my site to wait for my answer
  • They watch videos
  • They click on links…

I do some of these. What is the difference between when I do them and don’t get incoherent, or when I do that and get incoherent?

The “purpose” of the click, the purpose of the jump.

  • If I go there because I want to see what people are saying, what people are doing, I don’t get incoherent.
  • If I go there because I am uncomfortable with something, and I go there to escape the discomfort… I get incoherent.

It is a matter of TLB, by the way.

When you get incoherent because you have a project you have no idea how to do, how to make it happen, you get incoherent… and not surprisingly, your TLB score, your tolerance for not knowing, not seeing, not understanding diminishes. Further contributing to your incoherence… by sending you to activities that cause momentary relaxation, only to make the tension of not knowing more and more unbearable.

Which is to say: incoherence makes you do things that make you more incoherent.
And low TLB makes you do things that lower your TLB.

So what can you do?

First thing is this: you need to realize that this is what is happening. You can’t catch what you can’t see. So see it. Observe it.

Second thing: pick one thing to tackle.

In my case, I have to choose between lightening my load, i.e. throwing away everything I don’t NEED, that is not vital. This is very difficult for me, but it’s necessary unless I want to be stuck in an apartment that is too expensive, too big for me, and it is raining in the living room… on my stuff.

Or choose making more money… because throwing money at all the stuff has worked in the past. But did it really work? No. I have been moving to a bigger and yet bigger place since I left the studio apartment I had in 1991… just moving the stuff I haven’t touched in years, moving it because it was emotionally easier than dealing with decisions.

Decisions are hard, because they produce a permanent new situation… and because you can make a mistake.

And the fear of making a mistake can drive you to unproductive but satisfying actions, like facebook, youtube, or hanging with family.

Soothing on one hand, detrimental to your vibration, to your coherence on the other.

If you want to grow as a person, if you want to grow a Self, you need to pull your power back from the outside.

And become coherent. No Self in incoherence. And no growth.

If your health is on its way to support this coherence, good.

If your health isn’t… especially if your hydration is under 30%, you owe it to yourself to borrow coherence from your cells…

When your cells are suffering from dehydration, it is impossible to be coherent. And therefore it is impossible to have a Self.

On a sidenote: the number of people who in spite of all the information don’t energize their water to the level of coherence is staggering. Nine out of ten.

But once they surrender and do it right, I don’t even have to check their hydration, or the vibration of their water… I know it from the way they approach a topic.

Please, if you haven’t: watch the replay of the Water Energizer webinar. You need to be a member on any level on the subscribers site:

And if you haven’t been energizing your water and your cell hydration is low: get the Water Energizer. It is the number one criteria to become coherent.

Find out what is your cell hydration… if it is lower than 30%, your chances for coherence are slim.

Whether you know it or not, you want coherence. Silence. Peace. A sense of rightness.

Without energizing and hydrating your cells, it is not possible.

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  1. watch this TED talk

  2. jointly arranged, planned, or carried out; coordinated

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