Is life all it’s cracked up to be? Life owes you something: it is not fair!

If I asked you to observe your face without changing it first and without going to the mirror, could you do it?

One of the most useful things I have ever read, that if you use specific muscles in your face to produce a micro-expression, your emotions will follow.

I first heard something similar some 40 years ago: one of my co-workers got pregnant and she walked around with a smile on her face. I didn’t know I was an empath at the time, but I knew she was faking it. I knew that inside she wasn’t smiling. In fact she was sad. Why? I didn’t know her well, didn’t know her circumstances. Maybe she was disappointed, she had imagined her life different, and there it was, she was working full time, pregnant, and that wasn’t fair.

For some reason incongruencies like this stuck in my head, and kept me busy revisiting them. I spent time in front of the mirror trying to figure out what made those facial expressions a lie. I tried to feel the face and watch the feelings.

I didn’t know about micro-expressions, the tiny involuntary muscle contractions that last a split second but belie the real feelings masked by poker face, a smile, or whatever the mask is.

This discovery and this practicing, learning to feel my face became, as it turns out, a tool that has assisted me in identifying the “demons”, the lies, the pretenses in me. The beliefs that were killing my life.

One of these facial expressions is a very young face: corners of the mouth curve down, the area under the nose is tense, and the outside edges of the eye brow also turn down. Five muscles, if I am not mistaken.

The underlying feeling, try it out, is “why are you doing this to ME? It’s not fair…” or as I call it lovingly “I am personally offended.”

When I say it MY way, it is hilariously funny. I think the word “personally” makes it so, because when I take it out, it stops being funny.

Anyway, that is a facial expression that if you can catch it, you have done a large chunk of the work you need to do raise your vibration.

The age of the sentiment, the age of the facial expression will clue you in about the birth time of that attitude.

This one, particularly, is the age where the dream world and reality clash.

The normal development of a child thereafter is that they accept that reality is not the dream world where everything is given to them, where they are the center of the universe, where they are the apple of their parents’ eyes, where they are just another participant, quite inconsequential, quite unimportant, maybe even disposable, if you look through the eyes of others.

In the healthy development of a child, the next step is for the child to get that life is the way life is, and you can “earn” i.e. work for what you want, and these are the producers of the world, the ones to earn whatever they want.

The definition of fair changes forever. Fair, from that point on, for a healthy child, means: fair trade.

So why would a child develop in an unhealthy way? Why would the dreamy, unrealistic expectation of being a permanent receiver of benefits, love, attention, gifts, would get stuck?

There are many glitches, I guess… I have observed two:

The mother of the child mistakenly thinks that instilling pride will cause a healthy development for the child.

I have dealt with children of certain cultures, where the child, now an adult, underachiever, permanently disappointed, has that “Life is mistreating me, I deserve more…” core. It mostly expresses itself in self-ornamentation, or the overuse of perfumes, nice clothes, a certain gait, pomade in the hair. Mama’s hero boy. Arrested development at age 3. This effects mostly boys.

The other, I am much less clear about, because I belong there: at around age 3, where this dream-state is supposed to lift, the child goes through a trauma, abuse, loss, the birth of a new sibling, a hospital stay, and they choose to retreat back into the dream state to cope.

Unless they get awakened, they will be permanently disappointed in every interaction with reality.

And how about the rest of the sleepwalkers? The rest of the sleepwalkers are sleepwalking in a slightly different way: they developed past the dream state, but reacted to every perceived judgment or disapproval of who they are or how they are by “fixing” themselves, inventing new personas, every step of the way.

Now, these personality traits are like a straight jacket, tightly hiding the individual that has been covered up. They know they are lying, pretending. They know they are an impostor, but have no tools, no time, no courage, no guidance, to peel back the layers of pretense, or even to look at them and tell the truth.

They have to sleepwalk because the guilt is unbearable.

This is 99.99% of humanity.

This work is about awakening. Awakening to your own lies, and telling the truth about them. To yourself. Or to me: I can hear it and not judge you. Once you tell the truth, the whole truth, you can move to the next layer. Until you get to your Self. Your innocence.

By that time your vibration will be around 500…

I know, it’s not fair. It should be instant… it is your birthright, someone should just give it to you… religion? another guru?

Right. 99.99% of humanity, once they learn about this “option” return to their misery.

Will you?

The newest Avatar State Activator Awakening, is available to help.

So what will you need to be able to awaken? First off: awareness. Second: courage. The Awakening audio will help you to stay aware as you look. It will provide the energy normally courage gives you, until you have your own courage.

Remember, inside the “matrix,” inside the dream world, inside unreality, you have zero power. Awakening will return you to the driver seat of your life. So instead of permanent dissatisfaction, you can have some satisfaction, joy, accomplishment, and life… as long as you are alive you want to be alive… that is where it all is.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “Is life all it’s cracked up to be? Life owes you something: it is not fair!”

  1. The only question I am willing to ask if YOU are allowed to use this activator and benefit from it.

    The answer is No. Why? Because in a full 7 weeks you only went from 140 to 170… which means that you are not willing to do the work.

    But you can buy it if you wish. I won’t stop you.

  2. ok gotcha, i know i need to take responsibility for my life and become an individual. But my question is: what is the work I should do? since I really do not know it and my energy and time is taken by my 9-5 daily job, I just do not know what I should do at my workplace to raise my vibration. and that left me with only my own free time, which I do not know what work to do except to read some novels and build my social skills.

  3. i joined a program before, it was similar to the landmark leadership program. The leaders always told us to “do the work”, what they meant was building up our skills through creating workshops, seminars, enrolling ppl into programs, etc. They say it was “Light work” and thus we can better ourselves through doing these “light work”. That was their way of “doing the work”, but what i am saying on this blog is that “what if we are not in any leadership programs and are actually living our own mundane lives?” How the heck do we ‘do the work’,? do we just go around and create more workshops and enroll more ppl to get awakened? i’m too much in my head but i just can’t get around this…

  4. You are probably at the lowest of your own IQ, your level of comprehension is very low. There is nothing to do outside of yourself.

    This is not Landmark, this is not creating workshops, this is doing your inner work. You with yourself.

    All my articles make it clear, but you somehow are not getting it, you think it is something else.

    The way you do the work is you notice your inner pretenses, your feelings, your reactions, and just observe them. You can do it while at work, it won’t take any time.

    But if you think this is something else, then, of course, you won’t do anything. This is why I can’t help you: you need to prove yourself by doing some of the work. Getting up from 140 to 170 was the work of the audio. In the same amount of time, with just a little bit of awareness, you could have gone to 200, which is the bare minimum to be trainable.

    Living in Canada doesn’t help either… I feel for you, but I cannot help you until you do the bare minimum to help yourself.

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