Did the Dark Side Get to you? Feeling Good or Feeling Bad

Your reactive nature and dark side attacks: how does it work?

Yesterday was an interesting day. I distinguished something new. It was all easier, because something happened that was unusual.

Within three minutes three separate orders came in for Heaven on Earth, my energy bundle to ease your emotional pain. At the same exact time I was doubling over with feeling horrible anguish and the desire to just disappear, die, whatever.

Almost the entire month of May I’d felt good. I was more productive than any other time in my life. I was clear, I was well.

Now, you may not have noticed, but the fact that you feel good is a non-event. You only notice that you felt good when something happens and suddenly you don’t feel good.

This is exactly what happened to me. I suddenly was plagued with anguish, extreme anguish, and when I muscle tested, it came from no one, but when I asked: Is this a Dark Side attack? The answer was Yes.

Holy crap, 19 days (I muscle tested) with no Dark Side attacks.

Now, you need to know that the Dark Side doesn’t single me out, or you, it is like a fog that is made by a fog machine, and the fog is laced with anguish creating chemicals.

It is an analogy: it is not a fog, and it is not chemicals, but still very very similar.

The Dark Side is much more powerful than I personally am. Not more powerful than the Light, but definitely more powerful, more equipped than I am.

But it seems that the technology of the Avatar State and the Dark Side transmission are either similar or the same. Muscle test says it’s the same.

So, what happens in the Avatar State? I connect the Self with the Universe. It is a really wide beam, hundreds of times wider than in a simple connection, like for healing or energizing water.

In the energy of the connection, the Self, the shape of a donut, starts to broadcast itself, like concentric donuts, much like the circles you see in water when you drop in a pebble, or when water drips into a lake. In a matter of minutes the donuts reach the furthest edges of the Earth, then the solar system, then the farthest reaches of all there is. I can see it and feel it only as it goes through the Earth, the solar system, and then it is too far for my perception, but I don’t see its energy weakening, so I assume it continues.

So the nature of the Avatar State is to awaken the “cross” of communication: the vertical is the energy source, the horizontal is a “sheet”, the information broadcasted.

If you are on the side of the Light, your horizontal, your donut, broadcasts harmony. If you are on the side of Dark, your donut broadcasts disharmony. If you Self is fragmented, as it is 1 then you broadcast your disharmony, your lack of peace, lack of wholeness.

I don’t seem to have a choice about what my Self broadcasts: it broadcasts its vibration, which is almost perfect harmony, 95% perfect. I don’t have the option to broadcast vengeance, hate, anger, or some other “negative” feeling, when I am in any of those states, I simply can’t connect then, and that handles that. I can’t even connect strongly unless my consciousness is like a sheet of calm water. 2

On the other hand, the Dark Side 3 seems to have the means to program the content of the broadcast. I have been able to add Unconditional Love at that point, but then again, I am on the side of Light. I haven’t tested adding a “negative” feeling, and I don’t think I will.

When you feel something, your mind always thinks its yours. The mind always thinks there is a reason, and it looks for that reason. And the mind always finds a reason, a fault, mostly with you. You are faulty, or what you did was faulty.

Your reactive nature comes from the mind. From the mind’s obsession with finding a reason. A reason known to the mind.

This is exactly (and only this!) what gives the power to the Dark Side and their emotional broadcasts. You will react to it as if it were you, and descend to hell or hellish places with nothing to prevent it. Unconsciously you react even if consciously you didn’t feel anything. You get busy, you get multi-tasking, you do hasty things, you eat, you argue, just to get rid of the negative feeling.

This is your life. Unless…

There are two ways out of this, but both involve you dis-identifying yourself from the feeling. So if you can’t do that, neither ways will work for you.

Way 1: You connect to Source and muscle test the question: Is this feeling mine? Yes/No. If it is yours, then let it go. If it is not yours: let it go.

Way 2. Take your Heaven on Earth to let it deal with the feelings. Take it in water: two squirts for all your daily water consumption need. The water can be prepared as tea, coffee, soup, or you can just drink it.

Counter to physical things, the Heaven on Earth is an energy, and does not get diluted in the water. Your two liters of water (or more) is now as strong as the Heaven on Earth in the little bottle. And you drink gulps of full strength Heaven on Earth throughout the day. I do, and I am just like you.

I would be dead, or ill, or crazy if I didn’t have Heaven on Earth. I was (ill) for decades, so this is the truth.

If you don’t have Heaven on Earth: buy some. Best to put yourself on autoship, that way you won’t have to make a decision every month. Your mind will make it difficult for you each time. I even give you a discount if you do… We are in this together.

I am sending a “care package” to one of my students in Canada, Heaven on Earth and mini energizers. I expect to be able to see if they are still destroyed by the Dark Side… If not, the Canada prices will go back to the same as the US prices.


  1. this is what we work on in the Activate Divinity course AND the Soul Correction Workshop
  2. That is why so often you can’t connect: you want to connect, you are eager to connect, but those feelings are disharmony itself, so you can’t connect…
  3. The Dark Side is people. Powerful people. According to muscle test, there are five people that constitute the Dark Side. The “engine” of the Dark Side. They are real people, not entities. They sleep, they have meals, etc. If you are sensitive enough, you can tell that they have a schedule, working hours, weekends, etc. They never start before 9 am, and they almost never go beyond 6 pm, unless there is a special reason, like interfere with a Light creating event, like a webinar. They are NOT American either, they didn’t “celebrate” Memorial Day, which was yesterday.

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