Dark Side Part 2 — critical thinking, observation

sherlock holmes helps me figure out the dark sideLike with anything below the obvious (where most people live their lives, maybe even you?) you need to remove the top layer, to see the next one.

This is exactly what happened today.

I shared with a friend, that if I could figure out what was going on during the 19 days that the Dark Side seemingly stopped broadcasting, I would know more about the Dark Side. Obvious… right? Maybe enough to start countering their influence…

I hung up with the friend and published part one of the Dark Side post, and then, boom, I had a revelation.

I have been watching and reading the stories of Sherlock Holmes. Until a few days ago I had never read any of the stories. Probably because the movies I had seen glimpses of, did not resonate with me.

But this past Thursday or Friday, I was definitely lead to a BBC production of six episodes… and I got hooked. I have been experiencing love, admiration, excitement, puppy-love, lol. Not my normal ways of being, although very enjoyable.

So, yesterday I downloaded the pdf containing all the stories, to read on my Kindle, and started to read them. I was able to transfer my admiration from the movies to the book, and actually enjoy them.

This morning, when I played Freecell I was Sherlock Holmes, with extraordinary powers of perception, observation, and deduction… lol. Quite extraordinary, I am giggling as I am writing this. What fun!

It is getting clear to me that one of my innate capacities is very similar to Sherlock’s, and obviously I need to use it more often. Like now… like deducing more stuff about the Dark Side. Hoooo… exciting. The hunt is on, lol

Scanning the past 21 days, looking for any more similarities, I found one more thing: in the past 21 days all businesses that I have been observing (I have been observing about 25+ businesses in the past 25 years, looking for patterns, days of the week, part of the month, location, season, holidays, and I have stored these observations away. I am in frequent communication with these businesses, whenever I am stomped as to what is causing a slow-down, a die off, or a boom in business. And, across the board, even grocery stores, porn sites, internet marketers, chiropractors, book stores, movie theaters,) this time there was a plunge in business that started about 21 days ago.

What if the Dark Side has access to subliminal suggestions transmitted energetically that can make people spend money or not spend money?

And if they are making people NOT to spend money for a reason, what is the plan? Are they testing this? Or are they up to something?

And if they are up to something, what is it? Something else they want everybody to buy? Or is it that people mostly spend all their money when they feel bad?

If that is the case, we’ll know in a few days. Sales in every industry will be up, because people are feeling bad again: the Dark Side transmission has resumed…

But why didn’t they transmit for 21 days? Sorry, for 19 days?

A mystery needing the powers of Sherlock Holmes… lol. Or time.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Dark Side Part 2 — critical thinking, observation”

  1. Hi, I like your comments here on perception and deduction. I have just finished reading the series of John Le Carre’s books Tinker, Tailor…, Honourable Schoolboy, and Smiley’s People. The second book shows what happened after the mole was discovered and how George Smiley and his team took ‘back-bearings’ from the information the mole gave to ‘Moscow Centre’. The data given to Moscow Centre showed what they were interested in, or where Bill the mole to stamped on any enquiries that would compromise any Moscow Centre activities. That team managed to infer enough from this data to follow a money trail and locate another mole – it took trawling thru loads of files cross referencing everything to map what they could. I was staggered at this feat of investigation and did the trick.

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