Insights are opportunities mostly not acted upon

I have noticed that my health number has gone up 10 points, and my hydration went up another 3 points.

I also noticed that maybe I am a little smarter. I see a little more than before.

I have also noticed the same on students, that when their health improves they see more too… so I am not unique this way.

But yet, in spite of the high vibration, certain things scare the crap out of me, sorry for the crude expression… You see, high vibration doesn’t necessarily make you more polished.

So, this afternoon, as I was listening to my 67 step for today, I had an insight. Meaning: I saw something that has far reaching consequences… potentially. 1 

learned helplessnessTai is talking about the dogs and their learned helplessness. I always listened to this step as if it didn’t concern me.

Today I saw something that made me stop listening to the step. Just turned off the audio… OMG… I saw that you, me, everyone live in a box where we are getting abused (referring to the experiment that originated the phrase “learned helplessness”.)

tlb 1 and no selfWe learn what is possible and what is not. Mostly we learn that no change is possible. That our food cravings are stronger than we are. That our desire for comfort is stronger than we are. That our ego is stronger than we are. That learning something begins with feeling stupid, so we can’t learn because we can’t be with stupid. We learn that staying the same and giving lip service to wanting to change is the way to live, because… It’s like a hypnotic trance… All a lie, and yet act like a real box.

We may see that other people can do things that surely we can’t. Because we are special. Or we are weak. Or something…

failure cycle to create learned helplessnessI have only broken out of that hypnotic trance, in my whole life, only a few times… each was the starting point of a new chapter in my life. All good. All upward leading.

Otherwise, no matter what anyone said, no matter what my coaches said, I KNEW the truth, and no one could move me from there. “You don’t understand, I can’t…”

I have a few projects that I am not moving on, for that exact reason. As far as I can see, there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that I can do what I have to do. 2

Now I am in trouble… because once I saw that my boundaries of what is possible were created by learned helplessness…

So I am going to have to sit with this… trembling.

I have noticed that even what I aspire to is limited by learned helplessness… posing as reality, and me posing as a realist.


What if there is nothing I can’t do… What if I told the truth: I am not willing… Not willing even to try.


Growing pains… this is how growing looks. Or being an expanding human being in action.

Pain, discomfort, embarrassment, and then finally action… then comfort again… and then eventually the cycle starts again.

The 67 steps coaching makes it less happenstance… You will never grow anyway until you are ready.

But the more insight you turn into action, small action, the more you grow.



I am a duck?

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  1. By the way, this is why the saying “insights are a dime a dozen” is true. And insight creates an opportunity that you either take advantage of or not. But alas, when you think about opportunity, you always think about buying a lottery ticket that will win, or that good looking stranger walking up to you and suggest to go out… Not acting on your insight. Even though the way out of the situation you want to improve, is through acting on insights.

    This type of opportunities in the 67 steps coaching are by the hundreds… and most people don’t act on any of them. They remain insights: a dime a dozen.

    The way to get your money’s worth in any program, including this one, is to act on the insights… That is how to have it be life-altering.

    Doing it the way you watch television is the way to have it make you busy, and make ultimately no difference.

  2. I want to move. And it seems impossible. Financially, physically, in every way.

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