Dark Side Part Three: 9 feelings and 9 thoughts… UPDATED

despair-womanDark Side Part 3

Showers, walks, drives are excellent times to feel, to allow things to come to you. A time or reflection, very meditative. It’s an emerging phenomenon, the mind is almost dormant.

I went for a walk this afternoon, and by not being busy, neither in body, nor in mind, I was able to observe that

  1. The Dark Side cycles through 9 thoughts and 9 emotions.
  2. You will get hooked by the ones you are pre-sensitized to.

early-graveFor example, one of the emotions closely mimics heart pain moments before a heart attack.

If you have reason to believe that you are at risk, your reaction to the feeling (a type of fear combined with dutifulness) will cause you to act hastily, and get yourself into serious trouble. Just like placebo works to remove the emotions around an illness, the suggestion of a deadly disease has killed more people than the illness itself.

Another emotion I detected was despair. That all is in vain, all is lost, there is nothing that can save me now…

trapped-with-no-meanI also “heard” the thought that it is time to give it all up and pack it up and leave…

Muscle test says there are 9 feelings and 9 thoughts.

As long as you only live on the periphery of your being, you are highly manipulable by these broadcasts, and are taken further and further away from your Self.

Woman-in-despairWhat is there to do? I am not sure yet. I am also not clear about the Dark Side’s purpose… other that they want power, ultimate power, over all of humanity. For what? I don’t have the foggiest, yet. I know they know about me… and consider me a challenge to their operation. I wish it were true…

Stay tuned. In the meantime, The Heaven on Earth and a perfect-match Avatar State activator are a good start. I am willing to muscle test which one is perfect for you as I muscle test your vibration.

UPDATE: I have decided to put a sidebar “widget” where I put my weather forecast, except it is a report on the emotional and thought broadcast of the day. It helps me by forcing me to identify it and disassociate from it, so I can be well. It’s been working, and the feedback is pristine.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Dark Side Part Three: 9 feelings and 9 thoughts… UPDATED”

  1. for the last two days i wasn’t feeling too good and then happened to see your dark side activity updates, both times they were spot on! first the tiredness and then the despair and lack of time..
    for me this is a great reminder, i hope you’ll keep writing the updates sophie.

  2. Been in a black hole the past few days…trying to find the witness, or to connect to Source as a lifeline out…not very much luck…

  3. don’t despair, it’s not fast and it’s not easy. it will take a few things to distinguished… it’s not like chewing that you see everyone do, of swallowing: it is not that animal-heritage-like.

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