Can the Water Energizer audio energize your cells directly if you listen through headphones?

energize your body while you are doing other things water energizer audioUpdate 10/5/2018: I didn’t realize this when ‘i wrote this article: I should have tested the energizer audio’s effect on my cell hydration, not direct download from source.

What is the difference?

When I download the energy into the water a five gallon container gets energized to coherence in less than a minute. Using the audio it takes between 48 hours and 72 hours… so9 that means that the audio does not raise your cell hydration directly. oops, my bad.

Do the remedy creating audios work on your body too? Does the Water Energizer energize your cells directly?

I haven’t heard this question in a long time, which is interesting.

Regardless, I tested it.

Because 60% of your body is water, some body parts more, if you listen to the audios through headphones they get infused in your body.

How did I test it?

I just downloaded the Water Energizer energy into my body. I measured my cell hydration before, in the middle, and after.

My cell hydration number was 30% when I started, and it rose to 70%.

Cell water… Cell hydration… The antidote of tiredness, the antidote of depression, the antidote of fogginess. Most aging is the cells drying out.

A good question to ask: should you then just drink any water, and listen to the audio? Yes and no.

If your cells are already plump because you have given them energized water, then you can do that, especially if and when you are away from your computer, or if you can’t force any more water down your throat.

Of course if you don’t drink enough liquid, then there is not much to energize.

When you begin this journey to health, but your hydration is low, it may be your best bet to increase your hydration this way, even though, in my humble opinion, listening to my sighing/breathing can be nerve racking and distracting.

But it seems to me, that because there are many moving parts, people who are not hydrated enough are too dull to notice that the system is not working.

If you noticed I have been running an Water Energizer Contest with a prize.

I created it to give myself an excuse to help people to set it up correctly and to test it for them until it work.

Some people succeeded, other people, the moment I took my eyes off them, went back to not energizing their water enough.


This afternoon I’ll measure all the contestants, and the one with the highest hydration will win the prize.

I already have a hunch who it is: a student who has gone higher, much higher, in other areas as well, in all of his measures in the Starting Point Measurements.

Not surprisingly, how you do anything is how you do everything.

If you do your energizing your water diligently, thoroughly, then you will do other things diligently and thoroughly.

You will read, and you will read the books I recommend, or Tai recommends. You will do the steps in the 67 steps thoroughly.

There is learning and there is learning. The goal of doing the 67 steps is to take it to the “adjusted instincts” level.

Adjusted instincts simply says that your entire behavior, attitude, what you pay attention to alters. You become a whole new person. 1

Let me explain the difference between book knowledge and adjusted instincts.

It is most visible in sports because they are public and you know what people are supposed to do.

Coaching or training first heard or experienced is head knowledge. And with enough drilling, it becomes or can become adjusted instincts. Part of you. Automatic.

So the quarterback doesn’t have to remember his training, his moves, he just does… he sees differently, and therefore acts differently.

Your attitude, especially your humility plays a crucial role here.

If you have resistance, like “don’t tell me what to do” or “I already know” or “you are treating me with condescension” or “I don’t agree” or any other ugly ways you use, you’ll literally not take the teaching or the coaching and you will not get to adjusted instincts.

I have some Silent Partner students and clients who can’t take the coaching directly, but once they figure it out, and practice it, they can turn some of it to adjusted instincts.

At this point I only have one student who has turned some of the 67 steps into adjusted instincts. At the same time he also activated some spiritual capacities, because he needed them.

And I have another few who are on their way… The secret is to put the practices and the principles into action, and use them until they become adjusted instincts. Without creating new activities for that, it will never happen.

One student took on learning the piano. He also took on teaching a youngster English. Both activities need capacities and the principles of the 67 step (specifically the investor mentality as opposed to going for the immediately pleasurable activities). It’s too early to say if he will take them to adjusted instincts or not. 2

Another student is learning accounting on

Yet another student is taking communication classes on

I learn Hebrew on I am using it also to take disappointment in stride, and to rally my energies when I am tired, or when I am sick… 3

Can you do what the winner did? Hell yeah… But it takes surrender. And practice. And maybe a withdrawal from exciting, new, fresh, and worthless experiences. When you are frazzled, you are not in learning mode.

So, how long should you listen to the Water Energizer audio to get tangible results with it? About 45 minutes, I would say.

You need a player that can loop the audio, or you need to listen to the long version, where I looped the audio for you. I’ll check if I have it on the page for download… And if not, I’ll put it there.

What other audios of mine work the same way?

  • The Heaven on Earth, both the original and the Bach Style version
  • The Unconditional Love activator, the infusible version
  • The Effortless Abundance Activator Audio

Could you use these audios playing in the background?

No. Unlike the Harmonizer, these energies are subtle and weak. The harmonizer is like a tornado, the infusible energies are like a breeze.

And just like the Water Energizer won’t energize your water unless the vibration is directly applied to the container of the water, i.e. the whole container vibrates with the energy, your water won’t get energized. Of course if you manage to put yourself and the audio into a tiny closed space, like the inside of a refrigerator, it will work. But I don’t plan for that eventuality: I would have serious claustrophobia locked inside a fridge… ugh.

So there you have it: your second and largely painless way to benefit from the infusible audios: infuse them directly into the water of your body.

  • The Heaven on Earth, containing all 40 Bach Energies, 38 of the original and two additional I found. The Heaven on Earth removes or mitigates (weakens) your negative attitudes, resentment, greed, resistance, impatience, resignation, cynicism, lack of trust, lack of belief, lack of resistance, your idle curiosity, your addictive nature, your worrying about others or about insignificant stuff, fear, etc. etc. etc. Read the individual energies in the bundle… and then you’ll know.
  • The Unconditional Love activator removes the hate, disappointment, unreasonable expectation, guilt, resignation, prejudice between your two selves so you can join forces and turn your energies into Life. Good life. Some people need this more than others. You know who you are.
  • The Effortless Abundance Activator is 192 energies, and it’s hard to say what they do… They touch on every spiritual capacity a person can have, and gently nudges them. If you need them in life, they become easier activated and serve you in your quest for the good life. Abundance is not only about money, it is about love, companionship, and fulfillment. The Big Kahuna.

Win a prize:

Here is the picture of a Water Energizer Setup. A mini speaker and the bottle of water on top of it… Can it work? If yes: why? If no: why?

Every correct answer wins… Not just one… Deadline: No deadline.

Win $100 in downloadable products from me. Any product.water energizing setup

I have re-ordered those amazing headphones that have a built in mp3 player… and are cordless.

Deal #2:

Get the Water Energizer audio prepared for energizing your water 24/7 on mp3 high quality headphones

  • $10 for the chip
  • $12 for the headphones It’s 19.99 right now… They have a sale occasionally.
  • $8 for shipping and handling in the USA…
  • $60 for the Water energizer.
  • $30 Heaven on Earth or any of the infusible remedy audios… this is new
  • Take $20 off.
  • total: $100

If you already have the audios, then you can just order the headset with the chip and the audios. I’ll ship them to you for $35 in the USA and add the applicable extra shipping if you are outside of the USA. The shipping weight is one pound.

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  1. Your instincts you come with are largely unsuited for living in the 21st Century. They are the reason you are fat, sick, and unaccomplished.

    Book learning doesn’t help, because it doesn’t adjust your instincts. You need to do a lot more than just read and remember. Pondering is a good method, but practicing is by far the best. I do both.

    Remember, it is not the smartest, not the strongest, not the fastest who win in the competition, it is the most adaptable, the most able and willing to change what they think, believe, and do.

    Here are a few slides I found: Not much is said about adjusted instincts, because, I guess, not much is known. Most experimentation was done with animals. The horse article I link to is also really great. 

  2. There is a brilliant  article about training dogs to adjust their instincts to their environment…
  3. I wish I hadn’t done that… I’ll write another article about that, probably today.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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21 thoughts on “Can the Water Energizer audio energize your cells directly if you listen through headphones?”

  1. I’m going to guess that the set up with the water setting on top of a mini speaker would not work because the sound is supposed to come from two directions, and that how the sound waves interact with each other is vitally important. (I’m guessing that the sound is supposed to come from two directions). Sound is different when its waves bump into other sounds versus when it does not bump into other sounds – like ripples on water.

  2. I don’t think it will work. There is a big airspace in the jar and the sound travels through water or the vessel. The roundness of the container is a problem. If it was flat 2speakers could be attached on opposite sides. It looks ready to topple over this way easily nudged by a cat or an elbow. And the speaker will be under pressure from the weight so a high chance of breakage.

  3. Yes it will work, provided the speaker is set to full volume for about 24hrs and the plastic base of the bottle is not too thick. The weight of the bottle should provide good contact with the speaker so that the vibrations go through it.

  4. I think that using the headphones would work and the speaker at the bottom would not be as effective. Having the sound either side would be more beneficial as opposed to just the one at the bottom. The sound would be coming from both sides and rippling into each other to create more of an effect.. and twice the entry points 🙂

  5. Since I havent heard the sound,my guess is that its binaural ,and using a speaker solely will just not deliver the intented frequency to the water in question.So short answer: with speaker=monaural with headphones=binaural

    If I had a 10 second sample of the sound,I could analyze it and give a more precise answer.

    So ,its like a tricky question heheheh .

  6. Yes sure.Id be glad to do the research and try to experiment with etc

    I myself ,make my own energized water and its fun to check out other energies
    I ll tell you what I do.
    Have high quality filter to start with .Then put water every day in blue glass bottles and leave it to get exposed by the sun’s rays for 1 hour.Then I use a radionic -orgone machine and send energy to it .I just say I love you to it and
    leave it for 30 minutes .Then put it on some stacked papers (sacred geometry -radionic)
    Its pretty cool as the taste is wonderful after all this charging and I get my boost of energy nice vibes.
    If I drink any uncharged water ,I feel like shit eheheh

  7. I hope a second guess is ok, but I did cheat by noticing what I think is the answer elsewhere. I’m guessing that the speaker is too tiny to vibrate the 15 kilo of water. And, what does work is to wrap full size good headphones around the container because that would be enough to vibrate that amount of water.

  8. you read what I wrote in the latest article, and yet, your explanation is as clueless as it would have been without it. Because your understanding of reality is nonexistent, or minimal.

    Sorry to break it to you Sheila. I know you think you are smart. I know you are self confident woman lacking humility and thinking yourself really above it all. But you are clueless.

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