How do I avoid becoming sick… and what do I do when I do get sick?

how to prevent a full blown coldIt’s the season of colds. Why? Because the weather is changing and unless you change with it, you are screwed.

In evolutionary terms the two capacities/behaviors that almost guarantees survival are awareness and changeability.

Yesterday I violated both.

I have had this cold lurk inside for for six weeks now, and when I woke up yesterday and had signs of sore throat, I opted to drink my tea, instead of spraying my throat with my throat remedy.

By early afternoon I was chilled. Then I opted to finish my Duolingo exercise, instead of going to bed and get well.

Seven hour later I was already sick. Sneezing, blowing my nose, headache.

Oy, not good.

So I went to bed and did what I should have done at 2 pm: cover my head, put the heating pad in the bed with me, and do nothing but intend to get well.

One of my motivators was “looking good”…

After all I blast my friends that don’t do what they are supposed to do… lol.

By 1 am I was symptom free, but I still slept with the heating pad on.

I muscle tested myself at my regular wakup time, and the muscle test said OK to get up.

But an hour later I had chills again, and a scratchy feeling in my windpipe… oy… not good.

So I went back to bed, heating pad, cover head, wait until the symptoms go away: coincides with even my hands becoming warm.

Then I remembered the Hydrogen Peroxide trick: spray it in the ear, and let it bubble for a few minutes, spray it in the other ear…

What does that do?

Well, I am not sure. It surely kills bacteria in the ears. But I think it does more… The popping sound is like a trumpet calling the white blood cells to battle. And battle they came.

It’s 11 am. I will probably repeat this whole sequence of things: bed, and Hydrogen Peroxide regimen a few more times today.

I am staying aware. The time I lose today is maybe 3, maybe 4 hours. Getting sick means losing days. Simple accounting… Right?

Want to know what that special product I started to use is? Comment and I’ll email you with the answer and a link.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “How do I avoid becoming sick… and what do I do when I do get sick?”

  1. I hope you are feeling better and better! I like the hint about hydrogen peroxide in the ear you shared. Please let me know about the other special product you mentioned.

  2. Get well soon. That early warning sore throat is familiar….I haven’t put myself into a warmed bed with it…I will next time.Thankyou for sharing your techniques.

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