Under Siege By The Dark Side… Evasive Maneuvres

Activation journal: under siege by the dark side Yesterday and today was the story of identifying and eliminating Dark Side “suckers.”

By suckers I actually mean energy attachments that are designed to kill, paralyze, or control. 1

I worked on some women in my circle, remotely. One has been seriously ill, literally dying. I removed the “sucker” that actually had already penetrated her whole body, so when I pulled it out through the attachment point on the neck, she went into convulsions. Then I requested that her damaged lung lining gets repaired by Source. When I left her after this “surgery” she was sleeping and was on her way to recovery. I can’t guarantee that she won’t have another attack… I’ll monitor her status.

Similar, but not so dramatic surgeries had to be performed on two other women.

I now have to cloak myself before I connect to Source: It raises my energetic visibility that is just waiting to jump on my neck and take my attention off the activation.

A lot is at stake.

On a brighter note: I have found and started to work with a personal assistant. It’s a joy.

My article on the principle that defines the Dark Side is the best article I have ever written.

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  1. they actually look and behave like huge intestinal parasites, worms, that dig themselves deep into the individual. their color, depending on the “beneficiary” of the energy suck, is either gray or black. Once pulled, the entry wound needs to be healed, and further attachments need to be prevented by either cloaking or frequent checking for them wanting to attach. Mortifying and disgusting… I can’t be squeamish though, oh well.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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