Follow A Guru Whose Vibration Is Lower Than Yours?

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sad-catWhat Does It Say About You That You Follow A Guru Whose Vibration Is Lower Than Yours?

Why do I feel sad?

I got up this morning. I slept well in spite of the heat. The first email I opened was about a guru I had reviewed before, but I put someone else’s picture next to his name. A reader pointed it out, so I searched for the right picture. The vibrational numbers were correct, I re-measured them, 170 and 200.

Then another email talked about another guru, I measured: personal vibration: 150, truth value of teachings: 100 … whoa… that is almost record low. Criminals have higher vibration. Politicians and their campaign promises have higher vibration.

I went over many of the gurus, criminal, ugly, low vibration, fake, sinister…

And then I got really sad. Heavy heart, droopy, like life is over.

It felt that I was grieving over the badness of the world… I even wanted to eat, though nowadays I don’t touch food till 2 pm.

Then I had the moment of clarity: maybe this sadness is not mine? And lo and behold, it is a Dark Side transmission, it started at 9 am sharp.

When was it last that YOU suspected that your feelings, the feelings that you have, don’t belong to you? Never, right?

If you said “never” you are right. No one has ever asked that question, not really.

21861816I started muscle testing to get some answers: when did this daily broadcast of emotions begin, the answer I got: 10 years ago. The waves of despair, sadness, etc. are generated by people that are “infected” by the waves, and then it proliferates.

Given my experience with the Avatar State energies, the breadth of the influence is large, covers the earth. But in addition to the broadcast, it is re-broadcasted on the “human” level, person to person.

So what happens when the broadcast hits you and suddenly, out of the blue, you feel sad?

sadVery simple. You probably have no reason to “suddenly” feel sad, so the mind goes on a “hard drive search” to find a plausible reason, from the past, to feel sad. And it always finds some potential “reasons”, except that they are, as my example showed, not the reason at all.

I looked and the number of people feeling sad and trying to find an answer, why am I sad?, why do I feel sad?, is staggering and has been steadily growing the past 8 years… that is how far my search went on google.

And how about anger, hopelessness, despair, tiredness, resistance, restlessness, or feeling that you are going mad? These have been the broadcasts I have personally have caught… And there are two more I haven’t caught. You can’t catch what you can’t see: I have probably fallen victim to thinking that they were mine, lol. Not funny…

sad-bleakGurus play on your emotions. They know that you are not happy, that you are unfulfilled. Gurus pray on your powerlessness. Gurus take advantage of your unwillingness to take responsibility for your actions, your circumstances, your relationships, your life, and as we can say, your feelings.

They offer an easy way out. They will take away the responsibility if you follow them.

Anyone with a good enough “Spiel” 2 can become a guru. Why? Because the number of ‘people with their umbilical cord in their hand ready to plug it in anywhere’ is still a much larger number than there are gurus.

One needs dedication, a single minded obsession, looks, style, to become a guru. What makes a guru is the followers. Gurudom has one purpose and one purpose only: to have power over another human being. Whatever it takes. And look good while doing evil things, while taking advantage of others’ stupidity and need.

I love the video of the psychic channeler from Washington State, the one that used to be exceptionally pretty, what’s her name… She got so sure of herself, that she barks at the interviewer in the video… priceless.

So, to answer the question in the title of this article: What does it say about you that your guru’s vibration is lower than yours?

Well, first off, needing a guru puts you in the category of second-hander. You don’t want to do your own work, your own thinking, so you take the pre-chewed, pre-digested nonsense from another. People can’t give you knowledge. They can give you information. But information is not knowledge. Knowledge is experience. If you didn’t experience, then there is no knowledge, only the so called “Tree of Knowledge”, lip-service, boring university lectures… no substance. Duping. “What the superior man seeks,” said Confucius, “is in himself; what the ordinary man seeks, is in others.”

Second is clear that you can’t or won’t do your own thinking. Either you don’t know how to think, or you don’t have the brain power, either way, you go through life like an imbecile child counting on adults… pray for good will. If you read my last article, you know that no one cares about you and your needs, so this “help” comes at an enormous price: enslavement.

Third: it is unfortunate that you are so dupable. You are a follower, and expect all good come from another. Diagnosis: Moocher…

Now, are you able to change? Certainly. Will you? Who knows. What does it take to go from a moocher parasite to a human being? Being willing to use your innate strengths, instead of bemoaning the lack of resources, or your shortcomings.

Some of my students have finally found the path to their strengths, and have started to rely on them for their happiness.

The biggest help was the Avatar State Activators, that provide the huge and harmonious energy of the Universe… as a moocher you are weak and low on energy. You are barely surviving. Your breathing is shallow, and you resist more than you act.

It does take time, and it is not always the most pleasant thing: facing your demons, facing your ugliness. But that is the work. YOU are doing it. The energy only helps.

rising-tide to wash away sadness, anger, despairI have muscle tested and the Dark Side knows about me. Does the Dark Side know about me personally? I doubt it. But they definitely feel, for the first time in human history, the tide rising counter to their energy transmission, driving them north and then off the Planet.

As people’s vibration rises through doing the work, their intelligence, their ability to think for themselves increases too, and they now remember to ask: Is this my feeling? I have no reason to feel sad! Oh, it’s a Dark Side transmission, good. I am glad I checked.

Does the sadness go away? No. It’s a broadcast! But your whole demeanor, your whole life isn’t going to justify it any more: it is just like the weather, the heat wave, the cold, or whatever it is: independent on you, and you don’t have to hand over your life to it.

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  1. Spiel = game in German
  2. Spiel = game in German

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Follow A Guru Whose Vibration Is Lower Than Yours?”

  1. Seems like I was reading an article written for me alone. I have followed about 80% of the gurus on your blog for past two years. So that made me a Moocher.
    When I first came to your blog earlier in Feb, I hated the fact that you refunded my money and didn’t let me in your class because of my low vibration. I mean who do that? who says no to money? but I still wanted you to be my ‘guru’ and hold my hand and walk me through the puddle….But No…you wanted me to take the responsibility and have me do the work ! Another shocker! & once I decided to take the plunge 4 months ago & do the work and use the tools, its been a rough ride with amazing results. Funny, that even though I learnt most from u as compared to ALL the gurus combined, I consider you a friend than a guru.

  2. This “testimonial” is a dream come true. I don’t want to be a guru, I want to be the friend that allows you to do your work, so you can be all you can be. I need no credit for it, because all credit is due to you. Yet, my heart flutters when I read or hear about your success.

    Very very satisfying. And congratulations. Way to go… xoxo

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