Religion… what is it, what’s valid about it, and what is an enslavement device, or the “opium for the masses”

true-religionThere is religion 1 and there is religiousness. People of religion are fakes, pretenders, and not religious. 2

All religions were, originally, a world view, a world view, forever changing. As soon as more phenomenon was experienced, the more it changed. This is the true nature of knowledge.

The physical, knowable universe is about 1% of all there is. The number 1% is not the truth, it is an indication only for the vast and incomparable gap between what’s knowable and what isn’t. The proportion of the knowable and unknowable is unchanging, it’s probably the only constant in the universe.

How do we glean knowledge? Something happens. And then we explain it. From the limited perspective of the human mind. Then something else happens, that modifies what we had already known. Organic, and highly changeable.

Until… until someone decides that this is all the knowledge, and they create a dogma from it.

omnipotent, all-knowing, ever-presentFor that, for the most part, they need a superpowered “person” who can see beyond the limited perspective of the human mind, preferable someone who actually created it all: after all there can’t be anything most intimate than creation… not. Example: how well do you know your child? Not very well, do you? You may think you do, but you really don’t. You don’t even know yourself!

So this all-knowing, all-powerful, all-present “being” is needed for organized religion aka dogma to be born: it is not politically correct to imagine an all-changing being: no certainty, no consolation, no dogma in that.

But the universe and every aspect of it is all-changing, so even if there were a “creator” of sorts, it would have to be all-changing, all unknowable, even unknowing.

Now, some people were more tuned in, more “hooked-up” over the past tens of maybe hundreds of thousands of years, than others, and have spent their whole life paying attention, experiencing, and more or less astutely interpret their experiences.

The highest truth level I have found is 700 on the logarithmic (non-linear) scale of consciousness, that is about 25% accuracy. Not bad, but not very good either.

When knowledge like this is frozen into a dogma, when knowledge like this is driven through the mediocre minds of “politicians”, and I call priests of all kinds politicians! their truth value drops, sometimes dramatically.

kabbalah-diagramKabbalah is an example of this: an enormous body of experiential knowledge and its explanation. Once it got into the hands of “politicians”, like the Berg family, its truth value d

2000 years ago 500
600 years ago 600
100 years ago 650
today 500

Kabbalah is the least religious (God-centered) version of Jewish knowledge. Based on what they read in the Kabbalah, there were several outstanding physicists, doctors, mathematicians that surprised the world of their time with a discontinuous theory and a proof that it’s accurate. Blood vessels, causes of diseases, the earth going around the sun, gravity, and even Einstein’s theory can be traced back to the Kabbalah.

The knowledge of the Kabbalah was all empirical knowledge, and the result of deduction, real thinking, real problem solving.

Why is this relevant? Because it shows, clearly, that religion, in the beginning, was scientific: answer the mysteries of the universe so human beings can be clearer about their existence.

Muscle test says that there have been several generations of life on planet earth, and each previous “generation” of life was destroyed, self-destroyed, to be clear.

Each successful “generation” was less advanced than the previous. Degeneration, I guess.

time for zombies: devolutionReligion, organized religion, dogma, is the “hallmark” of our generation, the last 10-20 thousand years, the “modern man” The idea of someone else knowing and thus, humanity, slowly, stopped thinking, and gave all their power over to that “someone” and the go-betweens, the politicians: priests, government, lawyers, doctors, scientists, and today to the media.

This is the brief “history” of our generation of humanity, on its way out, self-destructing.

What would it take to turn the tides?

That’s what I am working on. With my words, but more, with my tools to cause awakening.

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  1. Wikipedia: Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to the supernatural, to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values
  2. Religiousness is listening keenly to the call of the Universe… and heeding it, behaving and acting in harmony with all, all living and not living things. When you heed the written and dead word, you cannot be religious, because you yourself are not alive, you yourself are dead.

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