Investor mentality: what are your non-renewable resources?

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When you want to make sure you only eat what is on your food list, I suggest that you don’t have anything in your cupboards that you should not eat.

But what should you do if you are always distracted, click-baited on the Internet, and therefore never amount to much? Never amounting to much is a version of being fat, obese, a lump of fat… in a way.

This is how I do it?

I have a lot of small things to do I have chosen, the good food equivalent for my success and growth, that I have committed to do every day.

Like duolingo, learning Hebrew. Like answering orders/questions on a timely basis. And then I have a list of things in a file: What to do when there is nothing to do.

Most of these things are menial, unexciting things, like most food that is good for you. But they are good for you. The food keeps you energized, the things to do help you to keep your many plates spinning, inject energy in every area of life, and ultimately grow.


The worst thing you can do for yourself is to go into something, too deep and for hours… Unless that is your job.

Why? Because it is very easy to forget that life is more than what comes easy, or what is in front of you.

Out of sight out of mind… and when you finally come to it… get conscious, you noticed that your floor is covered with shattered plates that don’t spin any more.

Another analogy I could use is your money and your time:

It is as easy to fritter away your money as it is easy to fritter away your time.

Both are finite resources, and you can either build a future with both, or not.

I prefer building a future…

Books, courses, skill-building…


Now, I am finding that most of you resist doing much of anything.

Resistance is real. Going toe to toe with it is stupid. It’s like running into the wall leading with your head… the wall is harder.

This is how you INNOVATE your way out of this:

So what do I suggest?

I suggest you start with something that is both fun and skill building. Chess. Tetris. Learning keyboarding. Learning typing. Learning cooking… dancing… propagating plants… macrame… something that is not necessarily useful, and yet.

What is the “and yet?”

It takes time. You can learn being consistent. You can learn budgeting your time.

Once you are reliable, you can add something else… maybe still more fun that useful.

I’ve had this huge resistance to doing any of the marketing courses I’ve bought. Many courses, lots of money wasted.

So I am seeing the results of me doing Duolingo: I just bought a course and I am finding that I am not resisting it, 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there… every day, it will be providing me with what I hoped for when I bought it sooner than later. The first course in a long while I am not wasting.

All because of duolingo.

I could have learned drumming… I love drumming. I could have learned keyboard (music). I could have learned singing… again, revive my voice.

What is important is that you pick stuff to learn you have some aptitude and interest in. Some. So you don’t resist it.

Anything that requires practice, not just reading. That has a practical element. A doing part.

Because your life is your life.

And because your life is like a soup: needs a lot of ingredients to be a good soup.

It it is just reading… you are still not growing.

Whatever it will be, consistency is key. So make it small, make it sweet, and do it every day.

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