A Rant: The Frustrations of a Teacher

frustrated rantingRanting: I use the word ranting as a reference to the original Ranters, nonconformist dissidents, one of many radical groups in seventeenth century England. We live in similarly turbulent times.

This article will probably offend you. I apologize if it does… though that just proves my point, lol, not funny. My intent isn’t to offend you, my intent to move you out of your smugness, your sureness, your “I already know” attitude… So hopefully you can learn something new.

It is hard to have compassion for the person who is frustrated with you, who is angry at you. It requires you to be able to move, at will, from your periphery, where you live, to your real self, to your core… And that is exactly what you have been unable to do… So you will be offended… but now you know why…

So, here is the rant:

Most people will never learn to muscle-test accurately. Why? Because when you unconsciously, unawares live in your mind, you will muscle test from the mind, and that is as good as a guess, you don’t need to muscle test. Whatever the mind knows is useless… for the purposes of deciding truth or false. Works or doesn’t… Should you buy or should you not.

What is this mind-thing? Most people (you) live in their mind most of the time, you equate yourself with your mind, you run the whole business of living from your mind. Your results are the results consistent with using the mind to live your life.

To the extent that you live in your mind, to the extent that you are miserable, ineffective, disappointed in life, people, relationship, etc.

Let me use an analogy: It’s like this: you wouldn’t identify yourself with your car, you use your car. You use it to get from place to place.

If you identified yourself with your car, you would have to stay in the car all the time. Can you see that most of what life has to offer would not be available to you? Nature, good food, love, intelligence. You would be imprisoned, and at a disadvantage with people that can leave their cars and can use them only as they need them.

When you live in your mind, your cup is always full. You live in your memory, you listen from your memory, and no new thing can really enter.

Most people only use 1-3% of their brain for anything useful. What this statement means that they don’t use their brain in a creative, productive way. They mostly use about 40% of their brain, but they use it for their mind… unproductive, uncreative, repetitive, fear-based processing of the same things the mind processed yesterday.

When I talk to you, you get up to 2% of what I say accurately, the rest must go through the filter of the mind, and gets altered there, to fit what is already stored in that mind.

Half of what I say, about 50% is totally new to the mind, so the mind filters it out. It won’t allow you to hear it. 98% of it.

Our conversations are a lot like a conversation between a normal person and a deaf person that can’t even read lips. Frustrating, to say the least.

How do I know it? Two ways:

  1. I can feel where the information is going: I can feel your mind doing the activity, and I know enough about the mind to know that you can only get what I say if and when you are not listening from the mind.I don’t speak from the mind, probably ever.
  2. When I watch what you do with what I say, it is even clearer… you didn’t understand it, you didn’t get it.

When your vibration rises, the main work that was done is that you re-claimed yourself from the mind to a degree. The more of you is available outside of the mind, the more intelligent, the more perceptive, the more high vibration you become.

No one can take you out of your mind. I cannot do it for you. I can provide you with the energies that prompt you to pay attention, but it is up to you what you do… and most people don’t do much, and even if they do, it is the same thing that they notice, not the different, not the new.

My ultimate challenge is to develop exercises that, combined with the activators, create some distance between you and your mind. Very difficult, especially because the whole world is talking about mind-power, the power of your mind, positive thinking, negativity, blah blah blah… all suggesting to you that you need to make changes in the mind… as if you had nothing else.

But you have seven or eight aspects outside of the mind… all unused, all intelligent, all neglected, unidentified, leaving you highly controllable.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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  1. hah, you want me to do your work for you? Inquiring minds want to know…

    what about doing some intelligent thinking? Or find it on my site. search for “aspects of a human”

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