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two-faced guruI am quite known for my “guru” reviews. I use my two unique faculties to do these reviews. I connect to Source. Then I connect to them, I feel their feelings, guilt, shame, anger, greed, breathing, etc. and then I muscle test their vibrations, the truth value of their teachings. It takes me 3-10 minutes on average.

The measurements I produce with this method are reliable and consistent.

Although it sounds simple, I haven’t met anyone who could duplicate it. Connecting to Source and not your mind is not easy. Connecting to another person is not easy. Feeling their feelings is not easy. Muscle testing without any involvement from the mind is not easy.

Oftentimes, simple muscle testing doesn’t give me the why and the how. Then I go deep into the material, and I use a different faculty: seeing with my awareness to decide if they are any good, and if they aren’t, what’s the issue with them.

I buy their material, I use it, I listen to their audios, watch their videos, do the exercises, and at some point I get clear, the waters part (lol) and I can see the errors of their ways. Or the errors in their ways… depending if they are innocently wrong, or are intending to mislead you.

I have done this with many modalities, the Healing Codes, Landmark Education, Theta Healing, Transcendental Mediation, Transcendental Analysis, Omega Shakti Systems, and more.

So, what is my process, how do I decide if a guru’s teaching is true of false without using muscle testing? Here are my steps:

  1. I make sure I don’t listen or read their stuff through the mind. I check if I have any preconceived notions, opinions, etc. I say them out loud, and put them aside. If I didn’t do that, I would be listening through these preconceived notions, i.e. through the mind. So it is mandatory to identify what is there already, so it can be clear that I am not listening through that.
  2. I bring as much trust and innocence to the listening as I can. I consider everything valid until proven invalid, false, fraudulent, or criminal.
  3. I stay aware. I catch inconsistencies, but don’t jump into conclusions.
  4. I allow the guru to trip themselves up. So far every one of them has… it only takes time. They will say one thing that makes the whole construct, the whole story, a lie.

You can’t do that with the mind. You have to use your whole apparatus, all 9 faculties… or you will miss it.

What are the nine faculties or aspects of you?

  • body
  • mind
  • awareness
  • attention
  • soul
  • ego
  • subconscious
  • heart
  • Self

When you identify yourself with the mind, when you live in your mind, you don’t have access to the other faculties… only through the mind.

I approach the topic with my attention or with my awareness. The mind thinks it is the same as attention, the mind thinks it is the same as awareness… The mind doesn’t know that there is such a thing as attention, awareness, self… the mind doesn’t know it.

You are screwed unless you get out of the mind. The mind is part of the horizontal plane, the plane of the “out there” and prevents you from connecting to your vertical Self, which is your real self. The mind chatters, has an opinion about everything, finds everything scary, too easy, too hard, too late, too early, judges your every move… and there goes your peace of mind, your motivation, your self-confidence, your growth, your life.

I offer you the Avatar State Audios as activators of your faculties. Every single activator’s main job is to get you out of your mind, and into the faculties that you have been ignoring.

Let me measure your vibration?
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