The One thing: The who, the how, and the role of rest?

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working 7 days a weekWhile context is decisive, the One thing, the way I teach it is as decisive regarding your life as context.

This is how it works:

Let’s say you invent for yourself and for your life to be consistent. That is your One Thing.

And then you use that one thing to do the same things you’ve been doing, but now you do them differently.

You become consistent in lying, pretending, self-concern… or doing only the easy things that make absolutely no difference for Life, for others, for you.

So you see, context is still missing. Because if you force your one thing to work in your default context, it won’t make your life 10x better.

I know, I know, the book doesn’t say that. I haven’t said that… but here I am, observing five people who did just what I am describing here…

And I can see that unless they design their context also for that 10x growth, it won’t happen.

So using ‘consistency’, the how… again.

What kind of context would pair with that to cause a 10x growth.

We could use almost all ‘how’ and get the same insights… Powerfully, purposefully, committedly, deliberately, with discipline. These are all from this past week from actual students.

I can now see, that like any machine, or process, you cannot just change a part and make the whole work brilliantly.

You need to adjust all the elements that depend on each others.

Let me help you look at another scenario where this is obvious.

You invent the context of becoming rich. It’s an OK context… not the best, but OK.

Then your bring your DEFAULT how to every action you take…

If your default how is, for example, stingy, or resistant, needy, entitled, or arrogant, you can see that suddenly your invented context won’t be able to make you happy, take you to the future ‘becoming rich’. Instead your default how will keep you at the same place.

So what I am saying is this: you need both an empowering context AND a how, your one thing, that can and will take you, reliably, to where you want to go.

It’s a dance…

So if our example person who invented ‘consistency’ as their One Thing invented a context, a direction or a who, for example, ‘I am in harmony with Life’, or one of my favorites: ‘What I want for myself I want for everyone’, the combination of the two elements make every action happen in the right attitude in the right direction in the right way.

This is what Wallace D. Wattles means by ‘The Certain Way‘. He doesn’t elaborate. I guess a hundred years ago all these distinctions, context, one thing, who and how, weren’t used or maybe didn’t exist.

By the way, some students are from countries where the language still doesn’t have these words.

Moreover, when I came to the United States 37 years ago, I didn’t have these words either.

This is one of the 1000’s, Ludwig Wittgenstein said about language:

words are tools that we use to play different games, not intended, of course, in a literal sense, but more as patterns of intention

or elsewhere he said

‘The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.’

If you don’t have the word you can’t have the concept, you can’t be it, you can’t see it.

I instinctively knew this, so I consider it my primary job after coming to the USA to learn the complete and real meanings of the beingness words, like generosity, authenticity, compassion, love, caring… way beyond how common people use it.

When I ask Source to what degree this diligent and uncompromising activity of clarifying words has been at the root of me raising my vibration, the answer is surprisingly high: 70%

When you take on being in some new way, the first thing that happens is you see all the ways you are not that.

The longer time you are willing to spend there, in seeing all the ways neither you nor others being that way, the closer to get to clearly distinguishing that way of being…

Most people spend a day, maybe, and then pretend… and their vibration never rises.

If you, for example, invented to be caring as a context, after that confronting day when you saw you weren’t… you switch to a new context: pretend to be caring.

I have clients who want to be liked… So they pretend to be likable… Ugh.

Speed, haste, hurry will keep you on the competitive plane of existence… the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

A system cannot be taught in on session, in one book, even if it is long. Any system needs to be broken up to bite size pieces.

This is what I am attempting to do when I teach ‘intention’…

Intention is a state-changer. It is like turning on the light: it goes from dark to light… It is another thing to keep on the light… that is a whole other step.

Today is the 3rd attempt to teach people to turn on the Intention-switch. The workshop is at 4 pm my time… EDT… daytime. New York. Today.

Learn to operate the Intention-switch
One registration admits you to any and all of my intention workshops, as long as I am offering them.

PS: Back to the One Thing book:

Here is another thing I found in that book: schedule your ‘one thing’ times and your life around your breaks, around your vacations.

I read it last night.

It is the most shocking thing. Breaks? Vacation?

Ever since age 17 when I decided to become a high achiever, I never planned breaks, never planned vacations, never even planned for weekends without work.

I had unplanned breaks, when I collapsed from exhaustion… or got ill. but planning for breaks? Never.

Without this new context I would never have shared this with you. I would not even think of it, this is just how it is.


For some time now I have been off-kilter. Not quite as brimming with enthusiasm as normally. Symptoms of burnout, running on empty.

I was going to force myself to work… but it wasn’t going well.

So I started to watch Netflix… guilty pleasure…

So about an hour or two ago it occurred to me, that although I didn’t plan for it, maybe what I need is recreation time. Just sitting and resting. Or lying down and resting. Or maybe walking and resting.

But not working.

Resting. Consciously.

Rest is the price we pay for being rested… sounds outlandish to me. And refreshing at the same time. I am laughing.

A total paradigm shift.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “The One thing: The who, the how, and the role of rest?”

  1. Surprise, Sophie! Recharging your batteries serves you well — and all of us too! Congratulations on enjoying yourself.
    Even though he was a non-stop workaholic, who was finally halted by his biggest fear (dying alone, in pain), Thomas used to talk about his considerable time spent working as “Enjoying his creativity.”
    I’m feeling very happy for you today!
    — Blair

  2. Reading about Tomas Leonard’s last days recalled my mother to mind. Arrogance. Everyone should be not trusted. A typical “Finish What You Start”, Thomas Leonard. Chasing the mirage.

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