Church And Dark Side, Religion and Dark Side

Church And Dark Side, Religion and Dark Side

In my conversations, people always refer back to religion, church, or ceremonies.

Our lives and our belief system has been shaped by religion more than anything else. In my case, I would dare say that the religion of matter over mind, the belief of it’s all random and accidental, ran my life for decades. 1

It is easier to see it on my brothers: one has a real hard time to see the back or their head, and belief is such: it is like seeing the back of your head, because it is ok, if you think it’s a belief, but what we think is not that, we think and know that it is the truth.

“Superstition is only a superstition when it’s not, and it isn’t when it is”

This statement has confused millions of people, in spite of the fact that it is true, and it’s simple, but yet.

Superstition is a belief. Like the superstition that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck. If you live and behave consistent with that, then it is a superstition. But if you are able to see that it has a pull for you to behave consistent with it, but you are strong to question it, then it isn’t a superstition.

The same is true with other beliefs.

Many believe that their parents, their boss, their spouse is in a certain way. But for them it is not a belief, it is the truth. How do I know? Their behavior belies their belief.

Let’s examine what religion teaches, all religion, I believe.

They teach that the path to the divine is through that religion. That that religion is the true religion. That using the people, the ceremonies, or the tools of that religion you can connect to that which will give you what you want.

If you know a religion that doesn’t have these three elements, please let me know.

What’s wrong with this teaching?


According to my conversations with Source, you need to connect directly to Source. It is a lot like sex. You won’t make love to a chaperon thinking that you just made love (connected) to the maiden!

Although, once you connect, you will know that is how it is, if you have never connected, so-called “spiritual experiences” will be the guiding post, and you can have that experience with LSD and a bunch of other drugs. You will have the illusion of having connected, but yet… your low vibration will belie the truth: you connected to an intermediary that benefits from your devotion to it.

And this takes me to the crux of the matter: All religious institutions, gurus, teachers, etc. are interested in keeping themselves in the loop, and denying you your birthright: connecting directly, without any help, to Source, and benefit from it yourself.

What’s in it for them? Simply put, power over you. I won’t even mention the money, the status, the significance, because it is immaterial from our point of view.

When you connect to Source: you have the power.
When you use someone or something to connect: they have the power.

And this is what I call Dark Side. It is not only religious institutions and teachers that are dark side, but they have been more influential than the rest.

In the 20th century the money magnets and the secret money societies have combined power with the religious institutions to completely enslave you.

They have done a good job.

I measured 10 days ago, and only 1,000 people were actually able to connect to Source at that time.
At this point there are only 3 people that regularly connect.
I am one of them.

You are next.

Once your full activation raises your vibration to the 299 level it is intended to do, You will be able to learn to connect and connect easily, at will… and get all the light you were meant to get, without any intermediary, without anyone or anything taking credit, taking power from you.

I anticipate that will take place after September 4.

I will create videos, as soon as I am freed up from the activations, so check back after the 4th.

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  1. I grew up in a communist country, child of founders of the Hungarian Communist Party

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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