The 3 Categories Of Gurus Mirrored In The Three Types Of Seekers

guru-worshipThere are three categories of gurus and three types of seekers that fit each other as glove and hand

  1. Guru Category 1. The Hopeful Path: Naive, pliable, hopeful. Hoping that what you are doing is going to take you out of the misery: having feelings, and a constant battle inside between the aspects of a human being, each pulling in a different direction.You really really really want to be enlightened! Really… lol. But you know you aren’t. There is shame and guilt and sadness in your emotions, and often anguish: the fear of being caught. Ultimately you “do” this spirituality stuff to get away from being human. You fail. There is no escape… you are human, with all that comes with that territory.You are doing it all to fix a problem, and all solutions will become the next and bigger problem. You cannot fix being human… and that’s a problem for you. The mystical experiences are few and far between, and you need to keep up appearances… but your life is boring, it’s miserable, you can’t do what a “normal” human can do: change directions, listen to your soul… you are stuck on a path that is not yours to sit on. You can’t go forward and you can’t go backward… it will look bad, and your followers will question your attainment, so you are stuck.Accomplishment, fulfillment is not possible on this path, except intermittently. Although you seem to be living inward, what decided, what defines your being is appearances, other people’s opinion.

    In the relationship master/disciple, student, follower, the strings are all in the disciple’s hand. I have studied the Master (Dominant)/submissive relationship where the situation is the same: the submissive will decide what can and should be done, when and how. The submissive can leave the Master can’t.

    You, the “guru” is now stuck, and can only sweeten your pot by adding some drugs, sex, alcohol, your choice

  2. guru-the-worst-second-handerCategory 2. The Criminal Path: this is the most frequent. They can read scripts that you can’t. They can wear clothes that you can’t. They can dupe you like nobody’s business. Having an accent, an exotic look, incense, entourage, is a great help. They are in it for the money, the power over others, world dominance. True second-handers and looters. Most Indian gurus are in this category.
  3. Category 3: The True Path. One in every 500+ years or so a true master is born. Unconcerned, unattached, unguru-like. They are the “trees” of humanity that grow till they die. They are mostly considered eccentrics… and mostly they have no or few followers… unless they turn into category 1 or 2 gurus.

OK, now, is this also true about healers and such?

I think so. And it is also true about other types of teachers.

The true guru, the third type, changes its teaching and behavior, and practices, as new developments, new experiential knowledge, their own discoveries! come to light. Were you around them they involve you on their path, because there is no such a thing as being truly realized: when you are, you die… a human cannot survive the “there is no place to go, nothing to do” state, it is against LIFE.

The moment the True Guru starts to teach only instead of working on themselves, growing, struggling, they re-categorize themselves to either the first or the second category, i. e. they become defined by what they said (periphery) or they become criminal.

With that said: I will continue my vibrational reviews, but please be mindful of the above distinctions.

UPDATE 1: The reason these “gurus” are so screwed is because you are unwilling to be human either, my dear reader. Religion, family, and society have trained you to look for protection, light, nourishment, etc. from entities higher than yourself. You, from inside of your own being, you know how puny you are (not true, by the way!) and therefore how puny another “mortal” “ordinary” person must be (projection) so you are looking for super-human beings. You have gobbled up the notion that there is such a person… in fact, you gobbled it up that you can become one.

But the highest state of a human is to be powerful AS A HUMAN BEING, this is the highest possible state, at this point, that human consciousness is able to reach. No guru is higher, or can be higher than that.

If you’ve been tracking my vibrational reviews, you can see that the average vibration of a so-called guru is really low, while mine, a non-guru, is higher. The Original Design has no allowance for gurus, only for self-determination, clarity, myriads of distinctions, being present, out of the mind, and working through all the human faculties. In another word: intelligence. Nothing mystical, nothing special: all of us can be that: this is our blueprint… not some enlightenment b. s.

The statement: you are a spiritual being having a human experience, is b. s. but makes you live in a delusion that guarantees that you’ll never raise your vibration, you never elevate your consciousness… it is by design… not the Original Design… it is by the design of the marketeers you also call gurus.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “The 3 Categories Of Gurus Mirrored In The Three Types Of Seekers”

  1. Thank you Sophie,

    One of your best posts to date. Clearly I am a sucker for mystic smoke and mirrors, the consolation of those who are too weak to really live. Something must change. You are helping, but not enabling.

  2. Finally … This article helped sheds some light on understanding gurus . For me the most powerful insight was your statement ” the highest state of a human is to be powerful as a human being” it’s like hearing for the first time it’s not only okay to be a human being but you should be. When did we start needing permission… but we do.!

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