Case Study: Indian Man, Vik

11:44:29 AM, August 4, 2011
Vik: hi
Sophie Maven: hold Vikur, I am in the middle of something
Vik: how r u doing
Vik: k
Sophie Maven: I removed another attachment, it is your wife’s family, didn’t get a lock on who, personally. it was on the other side
Sophie Maven: you need to learn to cloak yourself
Vik: who could it be?
Sophie Maven: it is mostly a female
Vik: ok..what is this exactly…
Vik: is it some kind of a black magic?
Sophie Maven: energy vampires

Sophie Maven: no. they, the person, don’t know what they are doing. they just feel that they need you. and start sucking your energy
Sophie Maven: I have a few like that in my environment, I am just cloaking myself
Vik: ok…should be my sister in law…
Sophie Maven: I am sensitive enough to tell when they start attaching
Sophie Maven: don’t hate them. once their energy builds up, they won’t need you
Sophie Maven: though one of my “suckers” has 295… but it is his nature to be a parasite
Sophie Maven: your wife is up to 250
Sophie Maven: you are at 290
Sophie Maven: in a few days time it will be hard again. the transition from 295 and 299 is dramatic
Vik: k..
Sophie Maven: one of my clients is there, she was throwing up yesterday
Vik: k..
Sophie Maven: it is different, though, more in the gut than in the head
Vik: but there is no change in my wife’s behaviour..
Sophie Maven: she doesn’t know how to live with her higher vibration. Give her time and don’t take anything personally. She will get the message
Sophie Maven: Is it important for Indians that the wife loves her husband?
Vik: yeah…sort of..:)
Sophie Maven: well, she does not love you. But CAN love you. You need to court her
Sophie Maven: you need to win her over
Sophie Maven: she WILL love you if you start loving her
Vik: why do you say so?
Sophie Maven: when you start loving her
Sophie Maven: my muscle test shows that YOU don’t love HER
Sophie Maven: either
Sophie Maven: it is, now, a marriage of convenience
Sophie Maven: only expectations
Vik: yeah…..lot of family stress strained our relationship…
Vik: ours was a love marriage
Vik: but we come different cultures
Sophie Maven: it can go back there… but it’s up to you
Vik: and she could not adjust to my culture
Sophie Maven: what culture does she come from?
Vik: and then lot of strain in her relationship with my family
Vik: she comes from northern part of india
Vik: i come from southern/western part of india
Sophie Maven: you need to start loving her, instead of expecting her to be different
Vik: we are culturally quite apart
Sophie Maven: love her exactly the way she is
Vik: the love came back
Vik: and then again when we went to my place last month she had fight with my mother
Sophie Maven: then don’t go
Sophie Maven: for a little while
Vik: how can i desert my family…
Vik: ok
Sophie Maven: until they both complete their upgrade… I’ll let you know
Vik: my father is into his last day or maybe years
Sophie Maven: just a few weeks
Vik: he is not keeping well…
Sophie Maven: let me check on your parents
Vik: he would not like me to come home alone with his daughter in law..he is more of a family family person
Vik: k…
Vik: my father is a great soul
Sophie Maven: your mother’s activation didn’t happen… she was refusing when I did India. I did her personally now… it will take a little time
Vik: ok how abt my father…
Vik: we are all worried about our mother..she has become very insecure and very sensitive..she is behaving weird for the past few years…
Sophie Maven: your dead was invaded by your mother, sorry to say. I have removed the parasite, and the muscle test say that he can recover. Your mother was over on the dark side.
Sophie Maven: but she accepted the download, and she is willing to come back to the light
Vik: but can you tell me if someone has done black magic on our family and our business
Sophie Maven: I will check on your father tomorrow
Vik: it has never recovered since 1998
Sophie Maven: there is no black magic, it is all energy drain.
Sophie Maven: it all came from your mother
Sophie Maven: all the bad stuff
Vik: but where from has she got it?
Sophie Maven: life is very tough
Sophie Maven: it is a bad though that starts it
Sophie Maven: thoughts are powerful
Sophie Maven: my mother didn’t want me, and she wished me dead. I was deadly ill till she died and even after that for another 5 years.
Vik: ok
Sophie Maven: the I spoke to her soul and allowed it to go back home. Then I recovered. I have only one thing remained from a chronic and serious illness of almost 60 years
Vik: but you think relationship between my wife and family will improve
Sophie Maven: yes
Sophie Maven: you are the catalyst. you MUST act lovingly, and accept them the way they are. That allows them to relax and allow the vibrational activation to start taking hold. Like yeast in bread…
Sophie Maven: rise
Vik: ok
Vik: i will do…
Vik: there has been too much of strain between my wife and family…will try my best…
Vik: my parents refused to come and stay with us…
Sophie Maven: it’s ok. start with your wife. I’ll take care of your dad
Vik: ours was a love marriage…
Vik: 3 years..
Vik: we have a beautiful daughter who is 15 months old…
Sophie Maven: I don’t need to know the detail. Just start accepting her exactly the way she is. And contain your sexual desire: she needs to initiate for her to love you again
Vik: k
Vik: will do…
Sophie Maven: ok, I need to go. talk tomorrow
Vik: k
Vik: thanks
Vik: bye

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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