The Pebble in your shoes: the invisible switch of the machine that is your life

broken-chains1This is the second part of this series about the pebble in your shoe… The one that cramps your style, spoils your efforts, and leaves you with less than you started, no results, no joy, no satisfaction.

So what is the pebble? Here is my definition, the result of a lot of looking, pondering… The Pebble is what you take as self-evident, therefore it’s invisible for you: it’s the concealed switch of the machine that you are…

It is what Ayn Rand refers to in Atlas Shrugged… Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.

Check your premises” is an injunction that runs as a subtheme through Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged , and it is a phrase that seems to be growing more pertinent every day. The meaning of the phrase is this: If you seem to be confronting a contradiction, then at least one of your relevant beliefs is false

Example: I’ve taken as self-evident that the error is in a web based software I am using. Last night I got an answer to my support request that suggested that I check if my account logins are correct. Lo and behold, they weren’t…

I never thought of checking my base axiom: it is always the software that’s wrong… I, on the other hand, can’t be wrong.

Now, this is NOT the pebble. So why did I share it? Because often you can’t get to the pebble unless you start peeling the layers back right above it. You will need to find your weird mannerisms, your weird repetitive mistakes, to get in the neighborhood of the pebble.

The “real” pebble is underneath this base axiom: ‘it is always the software that is wrong. Or the customer. Or the student. Or…’ in my case.

What it hides, a few layers below, is my core issue, my soul correction issue. My soul correction is titled: Forget Thyself aka lack of trust, i.e. I can’t trust anyone. Which means: remove yourself from the picture, your input, your everything and then look again. If you can forget your self-importance, your self-significance, your entitled-ness, you can start to see that all those are there to cover up that often life works (life actually works and is better off) without you, that you are trying to force life to go your way… and you don’t even know it.

Don’t you hate that? I do… you have to find the layer that “fundamentally” pokes a hole in your bubble. In my case: if I behave like I know it all, if I behave like I have no faults, if I trust no one, then I don’t make a difference, in fact, the world would be better off without me… Not what you wanted me to discover? I understand, but this is what has been hiding there, running the show, running your life, at the root of your misery.

For a moment, I am willing to abandon that it is always the software that is wrong. I look to see what I have taken for granted, and voila, the software works. Darn.

Every person has a pebble (an invisible attitude), and each soul correction comes with a typical pebble for that soul correction.

For example, Memories, which is a soul correction, has the pebble that says: I should be treated as special… It is often covered up with “It’s not fair!” but that statement sits squarely on the top of the pebble.

The pebble is a world view… invisible, untested, uncontested.

It’s the attitude that says how it is supposed to be…

….and everything in the world is arguing that it isn’t not how it is… therefore it is not supposed to be so.

Things are supposed to be the way they are… this is the key to power.

It is very difficult to locate the pebble, it is difficult to find it under all the layers that hide it from your view: the mind does not want you to see it. The ego does not want you to see it. Your whole identity is sitting on it…

How? That pebble is not a thing… it is a dynamic. It is a switch… the switch that starts the whole machine of the ego, of self-sabotage into action.

Why? I don’t know. It is a vicious design. What maintains it? The fact that it is invisible makes it pretty safe from anyone, from you, to disengage the machine.

When you finally see it, for the sinister purpose it has, you’ll be excited, you’ll be angry, you’ll cry, but you’ll, finally, have the beginnings of power.

So what should you do next?

My recommendation:

Put yourself into my search-and-destroy type of webinar… “The pebble in your shoes.” It’s a live webinar, a workshop, and you can choose to speak or not… but you don’t have a choice about participating or not. My webinars are interactive… no lurkers.

We’ll spend about hours working on finding and distinguishing YOUR pebble. Depending on how many people come to the call, it may go longer. No one will be left out, unless you request… but why would you?

Summary: you base your actions, your complaints, your success on premises that are not true. They are invisible to you: to you they are the truth… the only hint you have that there is something there, is that life isn’t working for you, not well, not seamlessly, and most of your dreams and plans don’t come true.

To find the unreality, the untruth, the false premises you base your life on takes a lengthy digging with someone who is not you… who doesn’t see the world as you do… or you will, probably consider the same untruth true.

In the Pebble webinars

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