Is Sophie something special? Has special powers?

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Am I special? Do I have special powers?

Why is it that all the sages, mystics, saints didn’t see and therefore didn’t teach what I teach?

Am I better? Am I special?

I am going to share with you what I see may be the reason. Is it the truth? I’ll check, sentence by sentence, with muscle testing, if it is true. And so only what was checked and double-checked will remain in this article.

I know this is a question foremost in your mind. I know it because people I speak with, ask the same question, with a sly all-knowing smile on their face. they are humoring me… kind of.

After all I am an old woman with an accent, nothing special about me, nothing that meets the eye. I deliberately underdress. and I as much as my own soul-correction permits I make sure that everyone understands that I don’t think myself superior or special in any way.

So what is it that allows me to see things that others don’t? Because I do…

I have been called a seismograph, which is a very sensitive instrument at detecting subtle changes in vibration

In my teens I was an accomplished mime. a mime does pantomime, which is a kind of dance, where you don’t talk yet tell a story. A mime must have superior awareness and control over most of their muscles. In pantomime all muscles need to be moved separately. Most people have no idea what muscles they are using. there is no awareness, no distinctions, they just do what they do.

The other requirement to be a mime is the power of observation in an empathic way. I didn’t know I was an empath. but obviously that is why I could learn it so easily and effectively. I could observe and feel, in my own body. the muscles that moved in the observed person’s body.

I was also an accomplished musician, a good gymnast, a superb mathematician, spoke six languages fluently. so my range of training is wide and deep.

As an architect, my claim to “fame” was to feel what the environment wanted. What the environment wanted a building to be (I know it is weird and wacky!). other architects asked for my advice because I was so astute and precise at feeling it. This practice strengthened my relationship with the vibration of things. the connection I could establish with whole communities, with plants, with physical environments.

As a structural engineer I could feel the inner workings of structures and could “know” the dimensions without ever calculating. not quite legal, but fast and in my case, it was eerily accurate.

I became a coach because I felt what the world wanted and that was useful for people who wanted to start businesses.

And although I am predominantly a kinesthetic person, i.e. I approach the world through feeling, tastes, and sensations, I learned to see and hear the connection between what I see and what I feel, between what I hear and what I feel.

special powersI immersed myself, completely and without any resistance, in many “modalities” of healing, coaching, energies, and experienced through the many different feelings I had mastered previous to that. Things look much different from the inside than from the outside, believe me.

A few years ago, I realized that I can consciously connect to Source (whatever that is…) I started to have accuracy and consistency in my muscle testing results. and thus today I conduct effective, rich, and long conversations with “Source.”

You could say that being the way I am is a curse to me. and in fact, you are right.

You see, feeling what I feel, knowing that most of it isn’t mine, isn’t pleasant. But obviously the lemon and lemonade story is my saving grace: If I can turn the unpleasantness, the curse, into a useful tool, then at least I am useful for something while I suffer.

special powersThere has been one other true empath before me, but she used her abilities differently, and besides she lived in an age where women could not have any authority. The person, a woman, died at age 40, though she was a historical figure, about 1,100 years ago. Maybe I’ll find the person, when I have a little downtime…

So, given the infrequency of true empaths, we could say that I am a freak of nature with a freakish insistence on being useful and develop capacities beyond the ones I was born with.

Werner Erhard in his early yearsWerner Erhard vs me

One of my teachers, Werner Erhard aka Jack Rosenberg, was, for a long time, my model of who I could become. But I have surpassed him years ago. How? Three ways:

  1. he learned and deduced everything he teaches. he only uses his brain to create. I use my whole being.
  2. he distinguishes, mainly in others, I distinguish mainly and principally in myself. and I can tell you, the view and the conclusions are very different.
  3. He is interested in being main-stream. I am not able/willing to be mainstream. People in the mainstream are all possessed by the mind. they are the majority, and the majority is always wrong. I have nothing to say to those people that interests them or would make a difference. And I am not interested in spinning my wheels, even if I get paid for it.

So now that you know how it stands, you can choose to come to my events or you can choose not to.

My experience has been that people are mortally afraid to be seen into… and I understand.

You have been building layer after layer of pretense, and you yourself don’t know who you are, what you are, under the layers.

I have a secret for you: under the layers you are a great person, innocent, eager to learn, and able to love, feel, and enjoy… Under the layers.

michelangelo moses, michelangelo methodAll my programs are ‘peel away the layers’ programs. I also call that the Michelangelo method. There you chip away all the things that are not you. This way you can return to that original state, but retain all the wisdom and experience that age has given you.

I have a secret for you: under the layers you are a great person. innocent, eager to learn, and able to love, feel, and enjoy… Under the layers.

How is that for a good deal?

Starting with my current RECORDED workshop you will be able to decide if this is for you…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Is Sophie something special? Has special powers?”

  1. Would like to know secrets of aura, i am currently expanding or trying to expand practice on mind over matter, currently practicing but small almost negligible results , perhaps a different approach i might need, aura seems to me an energy of the body..

  2. Thank you for this article. The energetic and practical feedback from all my interactions with you confirms that you do have an extraordinary ability to sense, to feel, and to see what is really going on.

    I have peeled off/seen through more layers in 2 months of working with you, than I did in the 11 years of meditation and inquiry that preceded it (although this time was very useful to see through some deluded beliefs and lay the groundwork for what I am now learning).

    Your directness (as painful as it can be) is the perfect reflection of where the energies are stuck, or the beliefs fixed and in machine-mode. I have found, that the greater the defense and panic I have in response to one of your comments, the deeper the cover-up that is taking place within.

    What an opportunity to see it in action! And it all takes place within the container that you build; the context of experiencing life consciously.

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