Can You Learn Remote Viewing, See Energies, See Auras, Get Guidance? Seeing things that you can’t see?

learn remote viewingThere is gold in them hills... Remote viewing, guidance, energies...

People are fascinated with remote viewing. They want to learn remote viewing to see ahead in time, and they want to see stuff that they are not supposed to see, or can't see.

I think that people have a thousand and one reasons, so they buy these courses, to learn remote viewing.

A friend of mine also bought two learn remote viewing courses, and I have borrowed them. I didn't think it possible, but I managed to see the stuff that I wanted to see. He could not.

This was a year or two ago, and it has always bothered me why one person would see something and another would not. Why one person would see auras, be able to predict your actions, read your mind, see balance, see energy, and another, the majority would not.

So, this morning I was experimenting.

2ir6ywmYesterday, in an impromptu little conversation with two of my students, I mentioned an exercise I used to do in my coaching, years ago, but I abandoned it because so few people were willing to do it. You'll see why in a moment.

The exercise was to see that which you can't see. Already sounds difficult, near impossible, right? If you can't see, then how can you see it? But you see, that is what remote viewing is, and thousands of people are learning it every day, and they never think of it this way: they are learning to see what they can't see.

Energy is such a thing: you know it's there, but you don't have the slightest notion what it looks like, especially after all those fake gurus are giving you false clues, and that is what they are, false clues. Energy does not look that way to me.

Anyway, if you are willing to do the exercise until you start seeing that which you can't see, then you mounted the first obstacle of remote viewing.

Now, I personally don't think that seeing the future is useful, unless it's the numbers of the next lottery drawings, or events that you can prevent.

I, personally don't want to see that far. I, on the other hand, enjoy having guidance, and that is what I "use" this skill for.

It's a skill. You are not born with it, though some people are able to set their minds aside easier and therefore use their inborn faculties more readily than others.

The culprit of why YOU can't use guidance is the enemy of nature, the tool that you use most often, and you cherish: is your mind.

The mind fancies itself smart, but even great thinkers need more than just a mind... and you aren't even a great thinker. Forgive me if I am mistaken about you.

see-auras-remote-viewingWhen you look through the mind, you are in the mind. None of the things that you want to see, energy, aura, future, hidden objects are IN THE MIND, the mind only knows about things that are past, and you want to see those things because you haven't seen them, right?

So your first step to learn seeing stuff that you can't see is to get out of your mind.

I don't mean go crazy. When I observe myself being out of the mind, I can also see that the mind is still working, doing mind-stuff. But it isn't the mind that doing the work at hand, and I don't expect it to do so. I am not trying to stop the mind, I let it do its useless treading water stuff, but I, myself, am not in the mind. I get out of the mind, just like you get out of your office, and you don't want to carry the office with you to wherever you go.

Living in the mind means carrying it everywhere, and never having a moment for yourself. But just like you don't expect the office to stop working just because you went home, you should not expect the mind to stop working... just get out of it.

In many of my meditation, connection drill classes we practiced getting out of the mind, with mixed results. One move was called "stepping back" when you allowed the mind to stay in the front, but you, yourself, stepped back to create a little distance.

Most people reported great results in their lives from that little step, better interactions with difficult people, keeping sane in difficult situations where before they would feel powerless.

I now give you access to those recordings. But because there are about a 100 of them in the membership area, I recommend that you start with the precise category: "Get Out Of Your Mind".

Go to the training site, and register. The link is there.

Now, before you begin, let me give you one essential advice: your mind will want to force getting out of your mind. But the only part of you that is ever forces anything is the mind... and you can't use the mind to get out of itself, like you can't turn yourself inside out... can you.

The way to get out of the mind is to relax, release, become unconcerned, and then slip out, undetected by the mind.

Every effort comes from the mind, all ease, all love, all joy, all heaven is outside of the mind...

So listen carefully: no effort, no pressure, no force... relax, release, become unconcerned and then slip out.

Now, falling asleep or into a reverie is not what I am talking about. Stay alert, but alertness is NOT a mind function, it is the function of awareness, which is not in the mind.

Let me know how you are doing by commenting on those videos.

Once you succeed, and you'll know it the moment you do, it will be clear to you, because you are going to SEE the mind from the outside!, practice. With time you'll be able to learn remote viewing, and even participate in my high level courses... until then: good luck. You can do it. I trust you.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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