Acidity, Cholesterol, Spirituality: Fixing: the number one way the mind leads you astray. If you are a fixer, know that fixing is stupid

Fixing: the number one way the mind leads you astray. If you are a fixer, know that fixing is stupid

colin wilson mind parasitesBackground: One of my favorite books is Colin Wilson’s Mind Parasites. I read it a few times, and it was, maybe, the first time I was alerted to the fact that the mind may not be your friend.

Of course it’s a novel, and it is on the level where Colin Wilson is, which is: not a lot of insights into the different aspects and the inner dynamics of a human being. Nevertheless it was very useful.

I found a sequel, one of the fans wrote a sequel to the original book, and I started to read it yesterday. And although the world view both books represent is childish and not even vaguely similar to how it is really, it triggered me to write this article.

This article is going to be about fixing…

I will pick the area of health and well being, given that this area is so wrought with misinformation and fixing, that it could be said that the fixes cause more mischief than the original problems they claim to fix.

Issue #1: acidity

There is an ideal range of acidity, or ph, that the different parts of the body have when you are well. When I measure acidity, I test the saliva and the urine… and make deductions from that.

Most people, when they are confronted with something that the body does, ask the simple question: what makes the body acidic?

And the simple-minded human answers: I must be putting acidic stuff in my body. Make sense, right? When I ask: does it make sense, the question means: does what you have in your mind agree with that? And it does, doesn’t it? But it is an answer that has created billion dollar industries that don’t do much more than further destroy your health.

If you think that what you put in your mouth is acidic, then you are going to look for alkaline food. You are going to get alkaline water. You are going to pop alkalinizing mineral supplements, won’t you?

And it is great business… now you are fixated on that particular point of view, and won’t notice anything else. You won’t eat stuff that your mind says is bad for you, blah blah blah blah.

But acidity happens on a whole different level of the biology. It comes from the activity of the micro organisms that inhabit your gut.

You have heard about good bacteria and bad bacteria, but you have no idea what that means, and you have no idea what they do. You may know that eating sugar does something to bad bacteria, especially Candida, which is not a bacteria (it’s a yeast, a fungus).

You only know about it because of thrush, or itching, otherwise it is a non-existent thing… who cares.

Except that what causes acidity is the slow shift in the gut from a balanced and life-affirming ph to a murderous acidic ph: it wreaks havoc in your whole physiology.

When you are acidic, your muscles don’t hold, your nerves are oversensitive and over-react. Your whole body craves more of the bad bugs crave, and you give in. Your skin breaks out, or it’s rough, or it’s too dry, too greasy. Your hair thins, becomes brittle, or you get gray prematurely. Your period becomes painful. You may not be able to get pregnant, or you abort your pregnancy. You are developing the ideal conditions for chronic diseases.

You are trying to change the symptoms because your mind is looking there… but the cause, the root is NOT there.

When you say: processed foods are at the root, you are largely correct, but not quite. So are the frequent and improper use of antibiotics, the proliferation of cheap juices that people think are good for them and their children, the fructose you are now probably intolerant to, and stress… which becomes worse and worse, not from the outside, but because of your inability to deal with it: your overacidic body makes you react and overreact to everything that comes your way.

I have written about GAPS, which is a combinations of symptoms that are associated with aberrated gut flora.

Because the mind doesn’t know anything about the gut (and doesn’t care) when we start having symptoms, we are too far gone, and a simple change in diet won’t help.

You actually need to rebuild your gut… if you want what you are doing to make a difference.

But even if you aren’t willing to go cold turkey, using good quality probiotics, fermented fish and fermented vegetables regularly, will be able to make a huge difference.

It won’t make you well, but it will arrest your death-sentence. Because you have an early death predictable, and a miserable life in between.

Issue #2: Spirituality

You can come to me and want to become spiritual: if your body is not well, if you are overreacting, your spirituality will be a pretense spirituality: you will not be able to get away from your mind: and Spirituality simply means: going beyond the mind.

Spirituality simply means: going beyond the mind

Did you think you can get to what’s beyond the mind through the mind?

What comes to mind is the episode in Star Trek: Next Generation… with Moriarty coming out of the holodeck… there is no coming out if you were generated by the holodeck… just like you can imagine being out of the mind, but what you are imagining with is the mind…

All imagining, all imagery, all visualization happens in the mind. In another word, the organ of visualization is the mind. All those meditation cd’s, videos, methods that you have been practicing are keeping you in the mind, forever unspiritual, thinking that you are…

All those meditation cd’s, videos, methods that you have been practicing are keeping you in the mind, forever unspiritual, thinking that you are…(spiritual)

Issue #3: Cholesterol

Another are of your health where you are making the same mistake: cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a foamy fatty substance manufactured by the liver. It is to protect your blood vessels from being harmed by the acidic, corrosive blood. The blood is more corrosive when you eat a lot of salt… but acidity is as important as the salt. It is much like a vaseline that you put on your hands to protect it from wind and the weather so you can have smooth skin on it.

You need it, and the more acidic, more corrosive your blood is, the more cholesterol you need.

A large proportion of strokes, heart attacks, aneurysm happen because the walls of the blood vessels are brittle from oxidation. Oxidation, or course, is accelerated by emotional and physical stress, worry, and smoking… I am not trying to say that it is only what you eat… and what your body does with it.

What you want to learn from this article is this: your number one enemy is your mind and the mind of the people that claim to take care of you and your health.

They are either stupid, or stupid and sinister…

What is the solution? Get your gut well before anything can work

Once your guts are in reasonable state, I’d like you to learn to get out of the mind, and into your different aspects, your feelings, your body, using your attention and your awareness.

That is when you will have a chance to be well, and start your journey where it is not all misery between now and your death…

…and no, your smiling sages are miserable too. Every one of them.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “Acidity, Cholesterol, Spirituality: Fixing: the number one way the mind leads you astray. If you are a fixer, know that fixing is stupid”

  1. Thanks Sophie I love this article. My mind creates much stress in my body but I am curious – can your thoughts actually contribute to acidity? I am very acidic and have been for a long time. I have made a number of small changes over many months – and I could definitely make more. I just wonder if I made all the changes to my diet and exercise but still had toxic thoughts – would there be any real change?

  2. The observation that ‘the solution to the problem creates more problems’ has come up in many situations where before I was susceptible to sales pitches and packaged solutions. Instead, more and more, I try to lean in and name the discomfort that is causing me to look for a easy fix…even though sometimes it’s @#$% hard. I appreciate everything you are doing.

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