The tyranny of the right and wrong… your vibration is low if you are under the tyranny

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Because of the filters on the Tree of Knowledge, one thing, the fundamental difference between the two trees isn’t getting through, I haven’t been able to teach it effectively.

The Tree of Knowledge was called, in the Old Testament, The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil… if my bible knowledge is accurate.

In that paradigm of good and evil there is no neutral. There is no other option but pick one.

Life is fundamentally different from that narrow view of life.

Anyone and everyone who views the world through that kind of filter: positive/negative, good/bad, true/false, right/wrong, etc. is low vibration, low intelligence, and low everything.


Because you think the filter is the world.



Your vibration is an indicator, a number very closely correlated to the accuracy of your world view.

World view is how you see the world. The more what you see matches how it is, reality, the more accurate your world view.

No one’s world view is 100% accurate. The average world view mirrors the average vibration, which is at this time 130. That is a 7% accuracy. Which means 93% of everything you think of, agree with, condone, support, like, hate, “know” is not true, not so, not even close.

Why so low? Partially it is because you look at the world through the distinctions of the Tree of Knowledge. God is tree of knowledge. Magic, miracles, angels, Jesus, karma, law of attraction, manifestation, oneness, enlightenment, spirits, entities… all tree of knowledge.

On the tree of life things are not fixed, things are not subject of “the power of the mind”, and you get to the truth by experimentation.

It is my observation that when you look at the world, when you look at yourself, you are looking at the world and you are looking at yourself through right and wrong.

Now, let us talk a little bit about right and wrong.

Let’s say you are fat, double chin, soft dough flesh.

Is that wrong that you are fat? Some people will say yes, others will say no.

Some people will cringe when they look at you, others will fill your facebook wall with “beautiful girl” comments.

Both are tree of knowledge. It is neither right nor wrong. It is just what is… you are fat, you have double chin, and you have soft dough flesh.

Your husband loves it, you hate it. It is hard on your feet, it is hard to shop for clothes, and your heart is telling you that the weight it needs to carry is too much.

But in spite of all that, it is neither right nor wrong.

Unless you can free yourself from the tyranny of wrong, your vibration cannot go up, and you cannot get happier.

Every action you’ll take will be taken inside the context of right and wrong: and there will be no you, because you’ll be a puppet on a string pulled by right and wrong this way and that.

Your actions will be getting more of the right and maybe fix the wrong.

All miserable, all wretched, and all reactive.

Obviously you can live totally under the tyranny, or hardly at all.

It is a scale.

I have had students who got this to some degree, and to the degree they got it and can bring it to life, to the same degree their satisfaction with their life, their productivity, and their happiness increased.

And maybe even their vibration.

And I have had students who could never get any of this.

One of the best indicator of success in life is your ability to change your behavior, change your mind, change your attitude, change what you say.

I have been checking if the horoscope sign is any indicator of who is going to be able and willing to change and who won’t.

So far I am getting mixed messages. The sign that is supposed to be changeable is more like slippery… with no change. Pisces.

Capricorn, true to form, is not willing to change.

Virgo is changeable.
Sagittarius seems to be changeable.

My experience is a mixed bag… sometimes agreeing with astrology, sometimes not.

But even if you were born in a sign that is a “fixed” sign… you always have the freedom of choice. It just will be harder for you.

The coaching program I have, asks you to redirect your attention preferably every day, to a different principle, a different way of looking at life.

The more you are willing and able to do that, the more chances you have to raise your vibration, and unhook yourself from the culture that doesn’t like you to be happy, to achieve, to be fulfilled.

The job is not to consider the principles, the rules, the perspectives true… or right… and the rest wrong. That will keep you on the Tree of Knowledge.

The job is to practice being flexible, change your perspective, learn to be adaptable.

Darwin said that the most adaptable species are the species that survive for a long time.

It is, somewhat, possibly, true about humans living today.

If you can adapt, if you are light on your feet, if you can look at the same thing through many lenses, if you this way can tell if something is useful for you or not… then your chances to live a life worth living, and maybe even leave a mark… although that is not mandatory for a life worth living.


PS: I struggled with this article. I bet it comes through.

It is near impossible to teach something screaming across a wide divide, like a river. And teaching this feels that way…. sigh.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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