Why do the 67 steps inside a coaching program, instead of just reading articles, watching youtube videos, or reading books?

This is a question I always expect to get, but I have never gotten.

Why do the 67 steps inside a coaching program, instead of just reading articles, watching youtube videos, or reading books, whatever seems to be interesting at the time?

The truth is: you could get the principles and the knowledge Tai disseminates by reading… for about 30 years.

Now, let’s put aside the fact that you would have to read 5-6 hours a day for a week or more, to get just one session together. Let’s put aside the problem that you would not know where to look, and how to cover nearly every principle and guidance a human may need to lead him or her to a life that they can love.

Let’s look at just one thing: the dynamic that dictates your actions, your mindset, your attitude, once you buy into the coaching program.

But before we can examine that, let’s look at you buying the 67 steps program, 67 measly bucks for at least 40 hours of wisdom, and attempting doing it on your own. 170 thousand people did that…

You listen to the first step and you are excited. You can’t get to the next step until you post your answers, so you listen. You do this with slightly less enthusiasm the next day…

According to the statistics on the site, 170 thousand people have bought the program. 170,000.

37 thousand posted their answers to the first step…
By step 15 the number of answers dwindles down to 10 thousand
and by the last step: 3200.

78% never got started… they blew their enthusiasm, all of it, on buying the program. Cheap pleasure.
98% didn’t get through the program.

The program is designed to do continuously for 18 months. 5-7 steps a week… (552 days. 394-552 steps,  6-7 rounds. I am on my 6th round, step 42.)

Why? Why is the result so puny? Why don’t more people take advantage of the wisdom found in these steps?

Because of two things:

  • 1. There is really no echo… you are doing the program in vacuum. You don’t get feedback… The results you may achieve are so subtle, you won’t notice them for a long long time.
  • Your cryptic answers are answers to Tai’s cookie cutter Tree of Knowledge questions, that are worded creating a lot of undue pressure: the program is done best with no pressure. Neither from the questions, nor from the leader or the coach. This is true for any education: it is hard to learn anything under the gun.

My coaching program provides the two missing pieces. I only expect you to keep your consciousness open so you can see stuff you would never see without this program.

I just came back from my daily stair climbing session. On my way back I saw something weird, so I investigated.

I saw a personal trainer. He had a tool, a cross between a fire hose and a jumping rope.

He uses it to force his clients to move their arms in ways they would not think of moving them.

The same is happening in my oldies’ exercise class. I have become someone who now doesn’t need a chiropractor. I saw a chiropractor, I had to, for the 29 years previous to my enrolling in this class.

I even went to the gym most of those 29 years. I walked, I hiked… and my back hurt.

The movements the class “forces” me to take took away the back pain. I would have never expected that. Never.

The 67 step coaching works the same way. It forces you to go to places and ponder things you would never regularly ponder on your own.

It uses brain “muscles” you didn’t even know you had.

Now, there is another aspect I must mention: the field.

Accountability, doing what you said you would do, even when you don’t want to, even when you don’t feel like it, even when you don’t know how to do it, because you said you would…

That accountability can only live in certain “fields”.

In a field where not doing what you said you would do will be more painful that doing the hard stuff.

Angelo D'Amelio Forum LeaderI once knew a Forum Leader who had this management style: Make it harder to face me and tell me they didn’t do it, than actually doing it.

I learned it from him, and I swear by it. Thank you Angelo D’Amelio. I owe you a lot.

But… but…

I can say whatever I want to say, you can promise whatever you want to promise, unless the communication happens in “father-child”, my word has no power. And neither does yours.

A number of my students live in mother-child and think that I am their mother. So if they don’t do what they said they would do, they beat themselves up, complain, expect compassion and care and that’s that. Done. No results. No power. Nothing got done.

I have no authority with them.

I haven’t been able to move them to the field: “father-child” where I’d have power with them, and they would be able to be held to account.

Instead they complain that I am a bad mother…

They will never be able to honor me, respect me, and do what they promised to do, unless they shift to father-child.

It is really not up to me. There is nothing that I can say that would be able to change their mind: they need to volunteer and move to father-child where they give me the power to take them to where they said they wanted to go.

Stupid, wouldn’t you say?

Regardless of how they define mother, mother is ineffective.

Unless there is fear, reverence, they will not be able to learn anything. Because accountability is a cause and effect thing… result or pain. Result or punishment.

It is more important to me that you get what you want than a loving relationship, lovey dovey, nurturing, and all the other nice things in mother-child. Because of this reason I screen new people responding their inquiries in father child.

82% of the people who contact me hate me, some complain to me, some complain to anyone who is willing to listen.

Many preach to me that I need to change, get kind and loving… but they only express the reasons why I don’t and won’t work with them.

I have never known an effective teacher who was effective in mother-child or in playmate-sibling, another field wholly unsuited for accountability.

Each field is very specific what kind of conversations can happen inside them.

If you live in mother-child, you have no one in your life who would be the wind under your wings… and you’ll never fly.

Mother Teresa was anything but mother. Her words “Write big numbers!” in her fundraisings, would have been completely ignored, had she approached life inside mother-child.

She was a ruthless frontman for the Catholic Church, and that is all she was interested in. Not in the welfare of the poor, the orphans, or any such thing… No, she was interested in increasing the power and the reach of her church.

She was very effective. I hate what she stood for, but I admire her willingness and ability to command…

I command, and I command that you do what will make you ultimately happy, healthy, loved, and fulfilled.

And while you work on that, you’ll surely raise your vibration

Except you won’t, if you stay in mother-child.


Now, without knowing what the fields are, you can’t switch fields.

I am teaching that, so far unsuccessfully, in the From Upset to Communication course.

So when you contact me, my main question is: are you able to interact with me in the field father-child, so I can be accountable for your results and hold you to account.

As you see, I am making the filter finer and finer… to eventually get to 100% results.

Instead of the 0-2% results most good teachers produce.

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