Updated: Your Money And Your Higher Vibrational Frequency: What Is The Connection?

your money and your higher vibration

Your Money

I wrote this article four years ago. To my surprise I had little to update. Here you go

One of the major issues people, you, deal with is money. You want more of it.

Let me share my personal situation with you: I dropped my car off at the shop on Wednesday. I heard some noises, and the car didn’t like me to turn as much as it used to.

At 4 pm I got a call that the repairs will cost 3,000 dollars. Wow. I don’t have that kind of money lying around. I went into a familiar mode: worry… but I saw that it is useless, so I pulled out of it.

I kicked it around in my head, then called a friend to have someone listen.

I saw that I had two sources of potential revenue that I could activate with just a few emails.

I sent out an email offering a discount on one of my products, but I botched up the email: I got angry emails back, and almost no money. Oops. Let’s look before we leap, OK? I told myself. This is where I am at now, and writing this article is designed for myself as much as for you: to force thinking. Let’s begin, OK?

Money is energy, money is in essence, light coming from All-of-it. Your money is light you got from the Creator… through other people.

Let’s examine if having more money, or getting more money is going to be different after the activation… after you raise your vibration… said in another way, if your ability to make your money is higher with a higher vibration.

Is your ability to make your money is higher with a higher vibration

The most important things, like laws and agreements won’t change. Let’s look at them first.

Kabbalah says that just before the physical universe sprang into existence, we said to the Light: “We want to earn our light. We want to be like you!”

Because that request was accepted, we are bound to it as an agreement. We agreed that no light will come to us, unless we earn it.

But how do you earn light? Is it a simple deal, like I scratch your back and you give me a dollar for it? Or is it a little more complicated?

History has taught us that the rules of the invisible universe may be different from what we think they should be.

One major difference is time. For example, 2-3 years ago I taught a course for a friend who needed someone to do the work. She was ready and willing to pay me, but I chose to do it for free, because I so appreciated the opportunity to have to do it, even though I wasn’t quite knowledgeable enough, neither technically, nor people-skills-wise. It was extremely tough, I spent around 20 hours each week for a year.

I got no money paid in those 52 weeks.

The past two months I get a few paypal notifications a day, that someone bought a product I created as part of that teaching assignment. I have no ads running, I’ve sent no emails.

But I did some important things that most people would not. I created those products, and I made sales pages, paypal buttons, and delivery pages for those digital products. 1

There is something really important to learn from my example: Without offering something that others find valuable, your chances of making money are nil.

Most people, maybe you, are waiting for your money to come to you in other ways than an energy exchange.

Said in another way, you don’t understand that we agreed that we wanted to earn our light. Money is a form of light. Got it? You need to earn it. You need to give for it something of equal or greater value.

Your time, your expertise, your product. Something that the other person considers valuable enough to part from their money.

But what about those worthless courses that you have bought? Some people pay for excitement. It has value for them. Maybe that is what you paid for? Or hope? Or distraction? Or and excuse… “I tried”… pitiful but understandable.

And that leads us to the main question: how is making money going to be different after your activation completes itself… i.e. your vibration reaches the level of 299, the level of gratitude and appreciation?

A lot of what the Law of Attraction people teach is true. They also all agree that you need to have true gratitude and appreciation for what you have, to be able to activate that law.

Before the activation there were only 100 people on the planet at or above the vibrational level of 299.

What were the results? Sporadic, unpredictable, dismal.

So what is it going to be like at 299?

But beware: the foundation of our relationship to Source is still the original one: we said we wanted to earn the light of the Creator.

No free lunch. No money tree.

You will need to become someone who has value to offer and offers it actively and willingly. Someone who knows how to offer that value for sale, and who has a “paypal button,” a way to be paid for your value.

The good thing, it is going to be harder to be delusional about the value you offer. It is going to be easier to take corrections from rejection, or failure. And it is going to be easier to become an expanding human being.

After all the full activation increases your overall intelligence. Not just what IQ tests measure, but your ability to know what’s valuable, your ability to communicate, your ability to listen, your ability to set boundaries, your ability to take calculated risks, your ability to say no to mundane entertainment, like television, your ability to say no to the desire to just survive life.

Your money will be a great way to track to what degree you are playing by the rules.


  1. I would have never done that, by the way, without offering all that work for free… The lesson here is hidden: if you want to learn something really well, learn through doing work for another, not on your own stuff. Surgeons don’t practice surgery on their family… they do it for other people..

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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