Why is your vibration so low… A few more words about your vibration

swimming-upstreamA few more words about your vibration… and why it’s so low

We all have preferences, we all have standards, ideals, how things should be. No human is an exception, unfortunately.

Why unfortunately? Because every standard is a point of pain, every standard is a source of misery.

A-pet-cat-dressed-as-Litt-001Most people know the difference between a dog and a cat, and see that dogs and cats are a different species and they will behave according to their own DNA… ok, I lied, lots of people do not know… and therefore we see all the moronic, unfortunate and miserable people treating their cats as if they were dogs… not accepting that cats are independent, coming to you only when they want something from you, whereas dogs are your secondhanders in human terms: they entirely live through you. And you are forced to live outwardly, as the owner: the dog is running your life. A typical pet for a typical secondhander.

pigs-on-leashI am a cat person. Although I can enjoy a dog for a few minutes in the street, but I would never want to have one.

But this rare acceptance and wisdom stops with your pets (if it ever started) and isn’t expanded to people in your life, especially not to your children or your spouse.

Your whole attitude is that you know how people should be, and how they are is wrong.

You also don’t accept how things are, the weather, for example, is a sore spot for most people I know.

Now, how you clash with reality, i.e. how you make it wrong, how you try to force it, change it, or simply resist it, is pretty much your soul correction issue.

Each soul correction has one major way they resist, and many minor ways.

When we look, the different desires often contradict each other… you want to be held but you don’t want to be smothered, controlled, dominated, whatever you call your biggest trigger for resistance.

dog-memeYour unwillingness to accept the world, reality, the way it is, makes you powerless, in spite of all the forcing you do. You are out of the flow, you are out of sync, you are in the way, and life seems to jerk you around… and probably that is what it does. It wants to get you out of its hair…

The more you resist the lower your vibration. It is as simple as that.

Some people resist by force, by clenching their jaws, by tightening their muscles, others resist by taking themselves out of the game, going into a stupor-like state, or depression, or insanity, or just la-la land.

Most people, that want to learn meditation, have that la-la land escape in mind, thinking that it’s in the direction of higher vibration, but in fact exactly the opposite is true.

The way to become free of all the tension, all the jerky feelings, all the anxiety, anguish, fear, and sadness is to face all the areas, all the ways that you live out of a model you made up, in your head, and it doesn’t match reality, and that drives you crazy.

When you are able and willing to drop all the ways you are trying to tell Life how it should be, you are on the path to enlightenment, to bliss, to a productive and effective life.

This is where the Avatar State Activators come in: they trigger and put the light on all the way you resist life, resist how it is.

It is a communication from Life, direct and personally to you, showing you what you need to accept, what you need to chuck, what you need to embrace.

It is simple. It is not easy. Your whole machine fights for its right to swim against the tide, to suffer, and to be right about it.

You want life to be according to your plan… good luck.

If you can see that your aspirations for dominating life are doomed to fail and make you miserable in the process, then please join me at the pebble webinar series, so I can teach you a thing or two.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Why is your vibration so low… A few more words about your vibration”

  1. Sophie,

    I need help. I am trying hard to be present. But I am not, 99% of the time. I’m a good listener, and I can fake it pretty well, but I cannot fool myself. I stopped meditating a little while ago, because I was only doing a BS, place-holder version of it, waiting for the time to really sit and quiet my mind.

    I need to way to connect to my own higher self, or higher wisdom, or heart or soul. I have not been doing very well connecting to Source recently. Can I do a Source-connection meditation? Just connect and allow?

    I do not feel connected to my own life. Ugh, looking for a way out, or to separate myself. Soul Correction: Finish what you start….an almost constant struggle.

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