Your eating style can keep you strong and clearheaded

your eating style

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Eating style is not how you eat, it is how you SHOULD eat to be clear-headed, healthy, and energetic…

That is why I don’t trust questionnaires. They rely on what you know, and what you know is low truth value, even if, by accident, you are trying to be honest.

But you can’t lie to me, or to Source, because I am an empath… and Source is Source…

I use a direct method to determine your eating style. While I am connected to you, I can measure nearly anything inner about you. Not what you think, not how you look, not what you did… No, only inside stuff.

I connect to you and also connect to Source, and in that triangle I muscle test. Muscle testing is Source and I talk. It is a yes/no/maybe/not-quite way to talk. Very accurate. Not a theory, reality! A snapshot.

If you are interested, for a limited time only, I am going to test YOUR eating style: what style of eating will allow you to have energy to live, digest your food best, and not get fat just because you eat the wrong way. I’ll also check if you need to eat meat, fat, or need to eat to fullness to feel satiated.

My results are 95% accurate, while Human Design’s system gives you only 30% accurate results.

In my experience, there is quite a large segment of the population who should eat when they have TRUE HUNGER… as opposed to the feeling of hunger that is more often than not indigestion or thirst. That may be you… and HD doesn’t have that on their list of eating styles.

The test is only $10. I need a picture of you with your eyes open. I connect to your insides through your eyes… 

This is the second most visited page of my site…

Why? I guess because people are trying to live and eat according to their nature… or because how they are eating now is not quite working, making them fat, bloated, have heartburn, or give them not enough energy? That is why I, myself, originally, went to Human Design to get my eating style checked. I paid $97… and what I got was a 15 minute audio in a ‘spiritual’ voice… telling me what has been proven to be wrong… or at least half wrong.

Consecutive appetite human design vs Alternating

The ‘diagnosis’ was that I should eat by appetite, and I should only have one thing in my mouth at the same time.

All the symptoms I had before continued… so I turned to Source, and asked for guidance. By then I had established my connection to Source… just hadn’t thought of asking this question.

The answer was: I have to keep 10-20-30 minutes between different food items. This resulting in me eating one thing per meal…

… and when I keep it, even if just 60% of the time I have no problems, no heartburn, no weakness, no weight gain.

But it’s hard… In those 60% of the time I eat like the Mongols of Genghis Khan, who had no agriculture, and were mostly on their horses, pillaging… lol.

I started to offer this service to people, and it seems that my method is more accurate than what Human Design has developed through your time of birth.

Now it is years later, and I am eating by true hunger and by the alternating method… combined.

Finally I am starting to shed all the fat I don’t need.

What is the ‘Eat by true hunger’ style of eating?

To eat in this eating style you need to learn to tell real hunger from emotions, indigestion, thirst.

How do you do it?

You place your palm against your stomach and feel into it. When your hand is there, you can feel hunger, but can’t feel the other feelings masquerading as hunger.

Also, hunger shows up intermittently. It comes and goes. If the feeling you feel as hunger is continuous: it is indigestion, not hunger.

Here are just two of the many feedbacks I have gotten

Ah interesting, my HD type is appetite alternating which has never really resonated. I always sniff things before I eat them too and like I fat so I reckon you’re spot on. I’ll order the full foods list soon. 

Thanks very much 
Emma (Great Britain)
This, eating by appetite fits more with me… HD said I should eat when there is a crowd… That is so much against my private nature… This is why I came to you. And I’ll stay for all the stuff you can do for me.
Thank you
M (Germany)

With regards to your health, what you eat is important. You all know that. We have heard it a thousand times. You’ve also heard to eat a good breakfast, a light supper… blah blah blah.

But when you eat, what environment you eat in, and how you eat what you eat seems to be as important, or maybe even more important than what you eat.

I just bought and watched two videos on “how to eat according to your type” or the style of eating that seems to be crucial for a sense of well-being, especially for brain health.

I have known my own “style” of eating for a while, and it has made a big difference. Most people in the world eat stews, or meats with side dishes, or salads with a lot of ingredients, but a good 20% of the world, with the most ancient style DNA needs to eat like people ate when they didn’t have dishes: one thing at a time. Like a Neanderthal…

Go to step 2 to get your eating style

consecutive eating styleI have this most ancient DNA,

…seemingly no intermarriage, no mixing with other nationalities, or other groups. So I do best, my stomach, my digestion, my emotional well-being, when I just eat one-ingredient dishes. When I eat meat, I just eat meat. When I eat, let’s say, cabbage, I just eat cabbage. I am finding out that even just adding onions to the cabbage or to the meat makes me not that well… I can now feel it. Who would have thought it!

One thing per meal.

OK… fat, onions, and garlic go with anything, and it is still considered one food. I have been testing for, I don’t know, ten years?

consecutive appetite human designAs a child I felt it.

I would move the meat off the sandwich, I would remove the fruits from the cake, I would eat the sour cream meant to be used in a vegetable dish… I got punished. And I got beaten to submission: by age nine I was ‘homogenized’ onto eating like everyone else, and got fat and sick. Unfortunately society, family frowns at you being an individual and having individual needs, no matter who you are, no matter how your family seems.

The second most ancient eating style, from digestion’s point of view is the style called “consecutive”… I have three clients like that: all got well when they started to eat one thing at a time, but they can eat 10 minutes later something else. I can’t.

closed taste human designNo soups, no stews, no side dishes. No cookies, no bread, no chocolate, no candy, nothing with ingredients. In that regard she is like me. But she can eat her next one-thing ten minutes later, I have to wait at least one hour.

Once you get used to it, you’ll love it.

The styles by Human Design are these:

  1. eating for quantity style of eatingHot – Thirst – eat all food and beverages at body temperature or warmer…
  2. Cold – Thirst – eat and drink cold food
  3. Low – sound – only eat in low sound environment… Noise prevents you from developing an appetite
  4. High – sound – only eat when the environment is noisy, TV, family, restaurant, or music on the ears.
  5. Nervous – Touch – eat only when the environment, inner and outer, are busy… like family bustle. My hunch is that this “touch” is a sensory thing: your food needs to be chewy, but I might be wrong.
  6. Calm – Touch – eat only when the environment, inner and outer, are calm
  7. Alternating – Appetite – my diet. one ingredient dishes… separated by time
  8. Consecutive – Appetite– my clients’ diet above
  9. Direct – light – should eat only during the day
  10. Indirect – light – should eat at night
  11. Open – Taste… eat a varied diet chosen for their taste… If you like the food it is easier to have an appetite for it.
  12. Closed – Taste… eat a monotonous diet, for most people it’s the staple diet of their ancestry, very different by seasons.
  13. Should you eat meat? Fat? to feel satiated… if you violate this one, you’ll be always hungry
  14. Should you eat filling stuff?
  15. Should you eat sugar? and how…

eating by appetiteeI just did the whole testing work for a woman from my Over 60 exercise class. She is 80, lives alone, and her only complaint is wicked seasonal allergies.

I give away at least one product or service every month, so I quickly muscle tested her before the class started, and the muscle test says that she eats the wrong foods, and she eats the wrong way.

I offered my services and she accepted.

When you have an 80 year old woman, you don’t know what to expect.

This 80 year old woman is a lot healthier than most of my clients are when they first come to me. But…

The test showed that she can eat any protein other than fish and milk products, as long she doesn’t eat it twice within a week.

She has been eating exclusively fish.

eating style tasteThe test showed that she can eat any grain as long as she doesn’t repeat it within a week. Same with all the vegetables.

And she can’t eat any fruits, not even lemons…

She was so happy. She immediately found examples in her family for people who got better once they stopped eating fish.

This was probably the most rewarding health session I have ever had.

A full health evaluation session is normally $250, and you need to commit to a follow-up session as well.

But because the part regarding the eating styles is in experimental stage… at least in my practice, has been around and proven effective for the clients of “The Human Design Primary Health System” consultants.

I paid $97 for my report 10 or so years ago. I have seen prices starting at $55… They use the Human Design “science” that I myself am not trained in, even though I have studied it, but I don’t have complete confidence in.

The eating style report I got has proven not accurate… It diagnosed me as a one thing per mouthful… but allowed me to eat another thing next mouthful. Turned out: I am really best when I eat one thing per meal… with some elements added, like fat, salt, onions or garlic… that seem to integrate with almost any food.

To the degree I eat that way, to the same degree I am slim, energetic, painless, and coherent. It is not easy, but it’s worth it.

But you can get it for 10 bucks… if…

If you want me to test you for the style, THERE ARE 12, plus the three what questions… for the styles that are best for your body, you can ask me to measure you.

I need to be able to connect to you.

The process is the same as with the Starting Point Measurements: I need a picture and I need your date of birth. The full date. No hour is necessary.

I am curious… please measure me for my eating style or styles. I’d like to experience eating according to my style and be well, energetic, coherent, and clearheaded… Wow… What would that be like?” Yeah, you are curious? Here is the button to order…

Go to step 2 to get your eating style
PS: There is another way to categorize your eating style: the style of the dog and the cat… I probably would be the squirrel… lol.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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8 thoughts on “Your eating style can keep you strong and clearheaded”

  1. it is. please don’t be mistaken, I am not a Human Design operator selling you the $97 report for $5… I muscle test them instead. It’s just as accurate, but my approach is different.

  2. Hi there, i have been experimenting with the wonderful human design system the last year or so. Everything in it has been quite eye opening. Until i came upon the only info i could find about food types here. I too am appetite alternating and can not relate to it. I have no idea how i will be able to maintain such a diet of eating only one thing per meal. How do you do it? I am happy to pay you 1 $ or 10 $ for your advice.

  3. you must have paid money to find out your eating style, I know I paid $97 about a decade ago.

    What they don’t tell you that some foods are a natural companion foods. fat goes with everything. so do onions. garlic. so you can make simple and yet tasty dishes that leave you not deprived.

    For example I make dishes in bulk and freeze them portion size: sorghum with fried onions, lentils with onions, etc. And half of my daily food needs are covered.

    Then I eat lamb roasted or fried… another meal.

    fried eggs… a third meal.

    It is your stingy unbending nature that keeps you from following what your body wants.

  4. How does the muscle test work? Is it still available? My HD reading said I was direct light but I have food cravings at night. Could I be indirect light?

  5. I am not trained in HD… aka Human Design and I am not even versed in the terminology. So I don’t know. On the other hand I can muscle test the eating style… so far the feedback is that it’s accurate and helps people be well, avoid indigestion, and maybe even lose weight if that is your concern.

    To get your eating style tested by me, it’s $10, got to this page

  6. Can you do this type of testing on an infant with food sensitivities? He is 9 months…

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