Arrogance, appreciation, Sherlock, myself and your pebble

Arrogance, appreciation, Sherlock, myself and your pebble

If you have attended one of my Pebble webinars, you know that your pebble is your dominant desire that the world at large frowns at.

I have seen, on the calls, the desire to be significant, the desire to be different, the desire to belong, to be accepted, the desire to be untied, unburdened, allowed to be yourself, the desire to live on Easy Street, and the desire to do something that really matters.

There are more, but these are the desires that have been represented on the calls already. We have a lot more calls scheduled, so there is a chance that we’ll see a lot more.

The desire, when you look at it, is legitimate. You may have the same desire. Unfortunately to you, your dominant desire was not honored as valid, not honored as legitimate by your parents, your siblings, your teachers, your church, your peers.

One way or another, they made you wrong for having that desire. Not because they were inherently bad people, but because that is how society works, they suppress you so you become sheep, obedient and miserable.

Why? I think that society as we know it, is a power struggle, it is based on “either you or me” and although that is a mistaken perception, although that is a myopic perception, you can’t convince a person that it is not the truth, it comes at them from all directions.

If you become significant by fulfilling your desire to be significant, for the other, through the “distinction: either you or me” the meaning is obvious, if you are significant than you have used up all significance and that means none is left for them. They must satisfy themselves with no significance, even insignificance.

Thus are the mistaken dynamics of society and you are a puppet in that society… if you watch your thinking, you’ll see that this is true for you… even though you will want to lie about it: it doesn’t make you look good and generous and a good person.

But there is no such thing as good or bad person, there is only “puppet person” and “individual” in reality.

Individual knows that what you do, what you have, who you be has nothing to do with the other, you are not connected, and there is no scarcity: qualities are not like a pizza pie… that you can take the last slice.

But chances are that you are not an individual with the capacities, clarity and wisdom of an individual, chances are that you have been indoctrinated, effectively, into this world of scarcity, right and wrong, good and bad way of world view, and that you have made others miserable, you’ve made them feel guilty about what’s great about them, exactly the same way others have done it to you.

You have been taught to look for the flaws of people, and to not notice excellence, value, quality of person or results, smarts, or anything that would make you feel less than the person you are looking at.

You are unaware of it, but you are like a little kid who thinks of adults as a little bit bigger than them… can’t see any other difference. Just like they can’t see much above the adult’s kneecap, they can’t see brilliance, wisdom, etc.

People, you, measure with a yardstick that you consider yourself a yard, and everybody else is either less than you, or a little bit bigger than you.

The reason you can’t see big, really big, is because you cannot confront your smallness.

And when you meet a genius, a giant, and they say, about themselves, the truth, you need to make them wrong, just like you made everyone else wrong for saying who they are, just like you were made wrong for who you were as a little kid.

So you call Sherlock Holmes an arrogant prick, and that’s that. He may be smart, but that doesn’t concern you, he is arrogant, and that makes you feel good about yourself: you are not the intellectual midget next to him, you are now the bigger one: you are not arrogant…

Once you get the cost to you and the world of the pebble you cause in your shoes and others’ shoes, some of you will acquire the ability to appreciate greatness.

Your size as a human being can be defined by what and how much inspires you.

Oops, did that show you your real size? I apologize. I didn’t mean to offend you, I meant to tell you the truth.

The way out of smallness is to manage your pebble… your dominant core desire… No one has ever seen that before… but you could. You could have a glimpse at what has robbed you of your humanity, what rendered you a puppet, a machine, and what still keeps you enslaved, and miserable.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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1 thought on “Arrogance, appreciation, Sherlock, myself and your pebble”

  1. I have been spending time time just trying to “be with” and allow all that is around me. Life goes much more smoothly when I can accept things the way they are.

    I was a little smart-alecky with a small annoyance today. I was clever at a cost to myself and my possible connectedness to another person. Yuck. Seeing other things unfolding very slowly and gently. No big pronouncements or insights, just a different way if seeing.

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